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IDLE NO MORE High Tech High Touch Social Movement of Indigenous Revitalization

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1 IDLE NO MORE High Tech High Touch Social Movement of Indigenous Revitalization

2 WHAT IS THE MOVEMENT ABOUT  According to the media:  Reaction to Bill C-45  Protesting governmental actions  Due to constraints of time and/or word limits:  It is unreasonable to expect that there is anyway the media can provide the entire story  According to those acting on the ground:  Spiritual and Cultural Revitalization  Healing the relationship between Indigenous people and Settler Society  Retelling the history of Canada  Educating mainstream Canada on governmental actions that are common concerns for everyone

3 THE HIGH TECH OF IDLE NO MORE Un-silencing those historically kept on the margins

4 GETTING THE WORD OUT Idle No More Official Website Information on Idle No Mission Database of Articles Registry of Upcoming Events 1.Teach-Ins- Workshops 2.Calls to Action- Rallies, Round Dances Official and Local Pages Allows communication and event planning Used to set up events and calls to action Sharing of videos and pictures #idlenomore Allows for up to the minute communication of what is taking place on the ground 1.Especially instrumental when violence occurs Last minute calls for action communications

5 OTHER TECHNOLOGIES USED  Instagram  Webinars (Google Hangouts)  Smartphones  Cameras, messaging, videos  E-mail  Tumblr  Vlogs, videos, blogs  Personal Blogs  Skype  Flickr  Pinterest

6 THE HIGH TOUCH OF IDLE NO MORE Contemporary Revitalization of Spirituality to Heal Relationships


8 DANCING IN PROTEST  Why do we dance?  Historically dances helped to heal relationships  It is difficult to be angry when you are dancing together  Dancing to heal the water  Dancing to heal relationships  The Round Dance is a ceremonial dance given to us by the Anishinabeg people  It’s purpose is to heal  It is a prayer to the Creator for healing  It asks our ancestors for the wisdom to reveal what we need to do to heal

9 UNITY SONG Song was given to the Indigenous people of North America by those involved in the American Indian Movement AIM started in 1968 as an Indigenous Advocacy Group The song was given to unify Native Americans in their common concerns. The song is spiritual It cannot be recorded because it is a sacred song It represents a different way of resisting than the Idle No More round dance song

10 IDLE NO MORE ROUND DANCE This song calls people from all nations to come together to dance It is meant to include both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people “We are all facing threats to our survival if we do not stand together. Our water and lands must be protected for our future generations. For this reason, we must be Idle No More” “We did not inherent this land from our ancestors, we only borrow it from our children” “If we do not heal our relationship with settler society, then we will remain divided, allowing others to choose our fate for us” This song and dance can be recorded

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