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City of Mount Vernon Department of Planning and Community Development FY 2009 Community Development Block Grant Application Information Session August.

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1 City of Mount Vernon Department of Planning and Community Development FY 2009 Community Development Block Grant Application Information Session August 6, 2008 Clinton I. Young, Jr. Mayor

2 What is CDBG? Entitlement status is a designation for local communities generally with a population over 50,000. The City of Mount Vernon, New York was designated as an Entitlement Community under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Because of this designation, the City receives a grant on an annual basis contingent upon Congress approval of the Federal budget. The City’s CDBG Entitlement allocation for FY2008 is $1,795,504. Allocations have decreased; typically we receive more applications than we can fund.

3 Questions to Ask Is the project eligible? Is the project serving Target Area residents? Does my project meet a priority? How will I measure the success of the project?

4 CDBG Target Area Mount Vernon The Bronx Yonkers Pelham Bronxville Eastchester 8

5 CDBG Target Area – close up 8 Mount Vernon

6 FY 2009 Applications Project Benefit Eligible Activities National Objective Performance Measurements Environmental Review Design Considerations Application Submission

7 Project Benefit Target Areas Per 2000 Census HUD data Limited Clientele (LMC) Special Populations Intake surveys

8 Examples of Eligible Activities Affordable Housing Projects Homeowner’s assistance, rental and/or homeowner rehabilitation activities, lead based paint testing abatement, etc. Public Improvement Projects Acquisition, installation, construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure; acquisition, construction or rehab of neighborhood facilities for persons with special needs, etc. Public Service Projects Job training and employment services, healthcare, substance abuse services, childcare, services for seniors, education programs, etc.

9 Ineligible Activities Buildings for the general conduct of government (e.g., city hall); General government expenses; and Political activities. The following activities may not be assisted with CDBG funds unless authorized as a special economic development activity or when carried out by a CBDO: Purchase of construction equipment or furnishings and personal property; Operating and maintenance expenses (of public facilities, improvements, and services), except for operating and maintenance expenses associated with public service activities, interim assistance, and office space for program staff employed in carrying out the CDBG Program. New housing construction, except under certain conditions or when carried out by a CBDO; and Income payments.


11 Performance Measurements HUD has implemented new performance measurements for all federally funded programs as follows: OBJECTIVES Create Suitable Living Environment Provide Decent and Affordable Housing Initiate Economic Opportunities OUTCOMES Availability/Accessibility Affordability Sustainability

12 Affordable Housing Including Activities that Affirmatively Further Fair Housing Services that Address Overcrowded and Unsafe Housing Services that Provide Better Access for the Disabled Services that Address Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Expand Opportunities for Veterans

13 Public Improvements Including Energy Conservation to Public Facilities & Centers Storm water Management that Mitigates Flood Conditions Replacement/Upgrade of Aging Infrastructure Pedestrian Friendly Improvements for Livable Downtowns

14 Public Service Including Job Training and Employment Services Services that provide Health care and Substance Abuse assistance Offer Child Care Scholarships Services for Senior Citizens Create or Expand Youth Programs Crime Prevention activities

15 Performance Measurements Indicators Public Facilities & Improvement Projects Of the number of persons to be assisted, how many will have:  New Access to a Public Facility or Infrastructure Benefit  Improved Access to a Public Facility or Infrastructure Benefit  Public Facility or Infrastructure that is NO longer substandard Public Service Activities Of the number of persons to be assisted, how many will have:  New Access to a Service  Improved Access to a Service  Service or benefit that is NO longer substandard

16 Environmental Considerations Review for potential impacts Factors to consider: Floodplains Wetlands Historic Resources Timing for Reviews

17 Historic Preservation National Register Listed Eligible Secretary of Interior’s Standards Review by NYS Historic Preservation Office

18 Design Considerations Required permits Preliminary cost estimates/plans Documentation of problematic infrastructure (water and storm lines) Leveraged funding source and timing

19 Davis-Bacon Wage Rate Compliance Must pay Prevailing Wage Rates as per HUD Projects Over $2,000 except materials only Types of Projects Construction - New/Rehabilitation Sidewalks/Street/Sewer Improvements Landscaping Improvements Park/Playground Improvements

20 Application Submission Name Your Project Carefully Application can be mailed or delivered Retain a copy for your records Application copies will not be made by the Planning Department You may request a confirmation of the receipt of your application

21 Application




25 Application Sample



28 Application Deadline 4:30 p.m. Friday, August 29, 2008 Applications received after this date and time will not be considered. Delivered to: Carmen Sylvester Dept. of Planning - Second Floor City Hall – Roosevelt Square Mount Vernon, New York 10550

29 Funding Considerations Formula Review by HUD FY2009 Funding Allocation for the City of Mount Vernon Competitiveness

30 Community Meetings Thursday, August 7, 2008 at 6 P.M. To discuss housing and community development needs Tuesday, September 18, 2008 at 6 P.M. Public hearing to discuss proposed use of CDBG funds Meetings Held at City Hall Council Chambers - 2nd Floor

31 Then What Happens?? CDBG Committee Reviews Mayoral Review Announcement of CBDG FY2009 Grantees Grantee Workshop

32 Information available on the Web Mount Vernon CDBG application: HUD CDBG program overview: HUD CDBG guidebooks

33 Mount Vernon website - CDBG

34 HUD website – CDBG overview

35 HUD website – CDBG Guidebooks

36 Questions & Thank You! Department of Planning & Community Development Mount Vernon Urban Renewal Agency Jeffrey Williams, Commissioner Carmen Sylvester, Executive Director Daniella Jackson, Research & Grants Administrator 914.699.7230 914.699.1435 fax

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