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He Usually Drive Carefully

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1 He Usually Drive Carefully
LESSON EIGHT He Usually Drive Carefully

2 He Usually Drive Carefully
Dialogue He Usually Drive Carefully A: Where is Hamid today? B: He’s in hospital. A:Why? B: He has a car accident yesterday. A: That’s too bad. Is he a careless driver? B: No, he usually drives carefully.

3 He usually Drives Carefully
A: Was he driving carelessly yesterday? B: Yes, he was driving fast.

4 Understanding 1.Hamid is a careless driver.
2.He sometimes drives carefully. 3.He had an accident yesterday. 4.He was driving fast yesterday. 5.He never drives fast.

5 Reading Mr Kamali and his family are from Tehran. they now live in Birjand. They have a difficult life in Tehran. They thing people in small towns have a happy life. They don’t have many of the problem that people have in big cities. They are not many cars in the streets. And they don’t spend a lot of times in the heavy traffic every day. They can get the things they need easily and fast.

6 Reading People are not always in a hurry. They have a lot of free time. They can visit their relatives and friends. People are not busy in small towns And they help you when you need them.

7 New words And Expressions
accident badly busy careful carefully careless carelessly city difficult driver

8 New Word And Expressions
easily fast (adj)(adv) free time handwriting hospital hurry life player problem

9 New Word And Expressions
quick quickly reader relative runner slow slowly speaker

10 New word And Expressions
tennis that town traffic when word worker writer guess

11 New Word and Expressions
run spend think be in hurry have a difficult life have an accident heavy traffic

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