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Baby Oil 2010 Program Recap 1.

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1 Baby Oil 2010 Program Recap 1

Increase market share and share of voice by communicating the relevancy of oil for adults Position JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil as a leader in moisturization – specifically targeting the African American consumer Strategies Launch overarching media program to drive awareness and coverage for oil and its beauty/alternative uses for adults Leverage “Girl Talk” strategic concept and tie in with a charity platform as a way to deliver strong media placements for Oil among media, bloggers and consumers Communicate economic value and alternative uses through strategic media relations 2 2

3 Tier 3 (now in progress):
Communications Approach The JOHNSON’S® Baby Marketing and PR Team developed a comprehensive, three-tiered program that includes: Tier 1: Partnership with ESSENCE magazine to create a program that resonates JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil with consumers and media “Girl Talk” included two in-market events in Washington, DC and New York City, featuring a leading panel discussion on beauty secrets with tips for using JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil products Collaboration with B-LINK, a women of color blogger network, to invite influential bloggers to live tweet at the events and post about the JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil products Tie-in with Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network on a charitable component to further drive press and create affinity with African American consumers Aggressive media outreach by both PR Teams Tier 2: Strategic relationship with leading celebrity makeup artist Tia Dantzler Tia’s high profile clients and work helps lend authenticity to our key message surrounding the skin needs of African American women while also increasing her bookability with press The relationship includes: Participation in Essence events Serving as a JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil spokesperson for media Inclusion of JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil usage tips in her upcoming beauty DVD Tier 3 (now in progress): Execution of JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil “Cause Parties” with beauty bloggers that will extend the “Girl Talk” program Generate additional posts and buzz on Baby Oil beauty tips Cause Parties will encourage support and awareness for local charities Results to come… 3 3

4 JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil / ESSENCE Partnership Program
4 4

5 What’s Your Beauty Secret?
OBJECTIVE To drive product awareness and engagement and position JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil as the leading beauty and personal care product among adult African American women. SOLUTION JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil partnered with ESSENCE in a 360° program to start the conversation about best kept beauty secrets and reveal JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil as perfect product to moisturize dry skin. PROGRAM ELEMENTS National Contest Announcement In-book Series Multi-market Event Series Digital & Promotional Extensions 5 5

6 What’s Your Beauty Secret?
PRINT: NATIONAL CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT To kick off the What’s Your Beauty Secret? program, ESSENCE and JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil announced a national contest in the March issue. Readers entered for a chance to win: An exciting trip to NY City to be featured in a JOHSNON’S® Baby Oil advertorial in the August and September ESSENCE issues Fabulous JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil gift basket 1/3 contest announcement 6

7 What’s Your Beauty Secret?
PRINT: ADVERTORIAL SERIES To reinforce JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil as a product that’s perfect to moisturize and soften adult skin to our audience of 8 million, ESSENCE featured JOHNSON’S® Beauty Consultant and celebrity makeup artist Tia Dantzler in an advertorial unit in the April issue. UPCOMING ADVERTORIALS This August and September ESSENCE will feature the What’s Your Beauty Secret? contest winners in a custom advertorial unit. Each winner will share her beauty secret and how she uses JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil as part of her beauty regimen. April full page advertorial 7

8 What’s Your Beauty Secret?
WASHINGTON, DC PANELISTS Cheryl Burgess, MD FAAD Board Certified Dermatologist, Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Georgetown University Tia Dantzler, JOHNSON’S® Beauty Consultant Joelle Lyons, Master Aesthetician/Skin Specialist Derrick Rutledge, Makeup Artist NEW YORK CITY PANELISTS Sam Fine, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Author Rosemarie Ingleton M.D., P.C., Dermatologist Lisa Wu Hartwell, Actor, Designer, Writer, Cast member, The Real Housewives of Atlanta MULTI-MARKET EVENT SERIES In March 2010, ESSENCE partnered with JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil to present a multi-market panel discussion of best beauty practices and products for African American women. Aligning JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil with some of the industry’s leading experts and celebrities, 375 readers indulged in a day of insider tips and advice from ESSENCE Beauty Editor at large, Mikki Taylor and guest panelists as well as complimentary spa services, makeup tips and brunch. EVENT DETAILS Saturday, March 20, 2010 at The St. Regis, Washington, DC - 500 RSVP’s; 200 attended Saturday, March 27, 2010 at the W, Union Sq., New York - 375 RSVP’s; 175 attended 8

9 What’s Your Beauty Secret?
DIGITAL & PROMOTIONAL EXTENSIONS The contest and multi-markets events were promoted via the following: Two (2) dedicated ESSENCE Access blasts JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil e-blast Custom direct mail pieces in each event market (600 total) Facebook posting Press release Media Outreach (in coordination with the JOHNSON’S® PR Team) 9

10 What’s Your Beauty Secret?
DIGITAL & PROMOTIONAL EXTENSIONS Banner ad DC event evite Contest landing page 10

11 What’s Your Beauty Secret?
READER RESPONSE What’s Your Beauty Secret? events were a huge success as both venues were filled to capacity. Here’s what a few attendees had to say via . - “I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for inviting me to this event, I was there and I had a blast!! I was pleased to get my manicure done, listen to the panelists especially Sam Fine and Tia with the different beauty tips, of course Dr. Ingleton and Lisa (I didn't know she was that small in size), she looks great. To Ms. Mikki Taylor, thanks a lot.” - “Once again, thanks Essence, You ROCK!!! Wishing my favorite magazine many more success.  I just renewed my subscription for another 2 years!!!” - “This was a wonderful event. I had a great time with my girls and learned a lot. When is the next one?” 11

12 What’s Your Beauty Secret?
ESSENCE IMPRESSIONS & RESULTS PRINT IMPRESSIONS March Advertorial – 7.5 million April Advertorial – 7.5 million CONTEST RESULTS 440 Entries 221 Opt-ins DIGITAL IMPRESSIONS Access e-blast – 72,792 Newsletter – 427,358 Co-branded banners – 137,796 (over delivery) 12

13 Public Relations Program
JOHNSON’S® Baby Public Relations Program 13 13

14 What’s Your Beauty Secret?
TIA DANTZLER PARTNERSHIP & OUTREACH: JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil partnered with celebrity makeup artist, Tia Dantzler, who has an extensive list of celebrity clients, including President Barack Obama, Ashanti, Chandra Wilson and Jennifer Hudson. The PR Team leveraged Tia’s celebrity status to secure coverage on a local Chicago TV station, WCIU, StyleLine Magazine, online feature on WEEN’s website and “The Pink Suite” on WEEN Radio Network. At the “What’s Your Beauty Secret?” events, Tia served on a panel of beauty experts, delivering messaging on Baby Oil and offering beauty consultations with attendees. As part of the PR spokesperson partnership, Tia was featured in a full-page JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil advertorial within the April issue of Essence magazine. Throughout the partnership, Tia has talked about the many uses of the JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil products via Twitter. Tia will provide beauty consultations and makeovers for the “Girl Talk Cause Party” winner’s “Makeover Party.” 14

15 What’s Your Beauty Secret?
BEAUTY BLOGGER PROGRAM WITH B-LINK: The PR Team partnered with B-LINK, a prominent blogger network for women of color, to secure attendees for the “What’s Your Beauty Secret?” events. Each blogger was encouraged to tweet during the event, post about the event and/or the alternative beauty uses of JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil products, and sign up to host a “Girl Talk Cause Party.” 21 bloggers attended and covered the events, including top beauty bloggers: O So Chic, This That Beauty and The Art of Accessories 15

16 What’s Your Beauty Secret?
CHARITABLE TIE-IN WITH WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT EMPOWERMENT NETWORK (WEEN): The PR Team worked with ESSENCE to source a relevant charity benefiting women of color—The Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN) — for added PR buzz. JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil presented WEEN with a $10,000 donation and will encourage further support of the organization through upcoming “Girl Talk Cause Parties” with bloggers. 16

17 What’s Your Beauty Secret?
JOHNSON’S® BABY OIL PR IMPRESSIONS & RESULTS: Total PR Media Impression To-Date: 688,058 @lisawuhartwell are a fun beauty panel!! LOL” -stylemom @samfinebeauty likes to prep body for red carpet w/baby oil and foundation. Then blot away to make it look like skin -ThisThatBeauty “At Johnson’s baby oil What’s Your Beauty Secret? Miki Taylor is fabulous in person #jbaby” -theaofa Good tip: Beauty Tip: Johnson & Johnson baby oil gel mixed with brozer to get a pretty glo #jbaby – fashionstbeauty “#jbaby Johnson’s is donating $10K to Women in Entertainment Empowerment! Three cheers for the positive media portrayal of women of color!” -templeofglam it was great seeing you and getting tips from you on the panel at the essence and J&J event #jbaby #dcween” –yummy411 “great multitasker products: johnson’s baby oil: makeup remover, hydrator & vaseline #jbaby” –Beblogalicious 17

18 What’s Your Beauty Secret?

19 What’s Your Beauty Secret?

20 What’s Your Beauty Secret?

21 What’s Your Beauty Secret?

22 What’s Your Beauty Secret?

23 What’s Your Beauty Secret?

24 What’s Your Beauty Secret?
JOHNSON’S® BABY OIL ADDITIONAL PR COVERAGE AOL BLACK VOICES WEEN Radio Network and StyleLine Magazine (pending for May) “Don’t forget babe, the Johnson’s Baby Oil is on the counter. Put 3 drops in his bathwater to keep his skin moisturized” 24

25 What’s Your Beauty Secret?
JOHNSON’S® BABY OIL BEAUTY SECRET BOARDS FROM EVENTS: Event attendees were invited to share their beauty secrets with one another by writing them on a card and adding to the JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil Beauty Secret board. Attendees were also able to enter a raffle to win a basket full of JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil products, including the new Creamy Oils. Washington, DC New York City, NY 25

26 What’s Your Beauty Secret?

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