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Advanced Micro Systems, Inc.

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1 Advanced Micro Systems, Inc.
AutoCAD LT® 2006 The world’s number one 2D drafting software AutoCAD LT 2006 Advanced Micro Systems, Inc. AutoCAD LT 2006

2 Overview Background Target Customers Key Benefits
What’s New in AutoCAD LT 2006 How to Sell AutoCAD LT Benefits of cross-grading to AutoCAD 2006 Resources AutoCAD LT 2006 AutoCAD LT 2006

3 What is AutoCAD LT? Background The world’s leading 2D design and drafting software . . . For design professionals, who require full DWG file format compatibility and.. …do not need to customize their software, through automation or third-party applications. AutoCAD LT 2006 “AutoCAD LT meets our needs fully as a 2D production drawing tool…”  Architect/IT Manager, Tate and Hindle “I decided that 3D and customization were not important for my daily work and purchased AutoCAD LT.”  Mark Grenell, Architect AutoCAD LT 2006

4 AutoCAD LT Background 1.78 million copies sold to date
Revenue second only to AutoCAD 11 languages More than 49 countries AutoCAD LT was initially released in 1993, so AutoCAD LT 2006 will be the eleventh version of Autodesk’s second most frequently purchased software. Almost 2 million AutoCAD LT copies have been sold worldwide. Available world wide (11 languages, more than 70 countries) The strength of the AutoCAD LT brand has been the driving factor behind AutoCAD LT sales in the last few years. In spite of an increasingly tough economic climate, revenue for AutoCAD LT increased 14% year to year from FY03-FY04, even more impressive was a 32% year to year increase from FY04-FY05. AutoCAD LT 2006

5 Target Customers Users Architects CAD Technicians Designers Engineers
Project Managers CAD/IT Managers Industries Building Manufacturing Geographical Information Systems AutoCAD LT users traditionally deliver CAD services to larger projects or corporations, and for them and their partners the digital design data and DWG-compatibility is business critical. Examples of target customers include: Professionals who add value to a design based on a very specific expertise Drafters who put the finishing touch to a design with annotations, links to online data, and verification of accuracy Contractors, suppliers, or operational professionals who need to review a drawing to extrapolate data specific to their business Principals and project leaders who need to review a drawing and monitor the progress AutoCAD LT is used in many industries, that require design data, including the building industry, manufacturing and mapping industry. AutoCAD LT 2006

6 Target Customers Design Professionals in all industries:
Manufacturing % Building % Mapping/Infrastructure/Civil 11% Other % AutoCAD LT customers work in all industries: Manufacturing % Building % Mapping/Infrastructure/Civil 11% Other % Results from the world-wide AutoCAD LT customer survey May-September 2002 AutoCAD LT 2006

7 Key Benefits Efficient Drafting Easy Sharing Simplified Plotting
New Features Workshop AutoCAD LT 2006 AutoCAD LT 2006

8 What’s New in AutoCAD LT 2006
New key features at a glance So, what’s new and improved in AutoCAD LT 2006? AutoCAD LT 2006

9 Heads-Up Design Dynamic Input & Pointer Input
Problem Heads-Up Design Dynamic Input & Pointer Input Split attention between graphics screen and command line New users require special training Experience users overlook unused options Customers design here Problem: The efficient use of AutoCAD LT requires a great deal of experience and carefully trained behavior that is not always intuitive. Designer is switching between the command line and the cursor. Dimensional information down at that command line is not connected to the graphic information in the center of the screen No instant feedback while designing “As a new user, I find it distracting to keep going back and forth from my design to the command line. It interrupts my train of thought.” AutoCAD LT asks for input here AutoCAD LT 2006

10 Heads-Up Design Dynamic Input & Pointer Input
Solution Heads-Up Design Dynamic Input & Pointer Input Modern intuitive interface Provides dimension and command option information Keeps focus on design Solution: Heads-Up Design Dimensions dynamically change while creating or editing geometry Command options shown at graphics cursor More intuitive for all users but particularly good for new users Pointer Input Command options are displayed at the graphics cursor reminding users what options are available Dynamic Dimensioning Dimensions are dynamically displayed on geometry as it is created or edited. New dimension values can be entered directly at the graphics cursor Gives immediate feedback on information as it is entered “I think this is totally in the right direction. I’ve always thought you need to get to the command line info without using the command line.”

11 Annotation Hatching Problem Time consuming to: Edit hatch boundaries
Set hatch origin Calculate hatch areas “You haven't really lived until you’ve had to determine the area of a 10 acre parking lot full of landscape islands (and leave out the islands).”  Problem: Hatch patterns are used extensively to define materials or illustrate boundaries between different portions of a design in a drawing. The current hatch command has some significant limitations: Difficult to control hatch origin Hard to change or look at design options No areas from hatches Currently have to use a time consuming workaround No way to hatch multiple areas with a single command No easy way to add and remove hatch boundaries

12 Annotation Hatching Solution Improved Hatching Hatch area
Hatch positioning “The ability to modify hatch position makes it easier to try out different design alternatives” Solution: Hatching Enhancements Button to easily select point for hatch origin Area as property of hatch Select single or multiple hatches and get cumulative area Dynamically displayed area value by using fields Easy hatching of multiple areas with a single hatch command Easy to add and remove hatch boundaries and adjust the origin of a hatch to improve its appearance in the drawing.

13 Annotation Dimensioning
Problem Annotation Dimensioning “It’s not possible to dimension on the extension line of an arc.” “We want to flip dimension arrow direction individually for both ends on each dimension.” “Support the initial length symbol for linear dimensions as shown.” “We need centerlines support for dimension extension lines…” Problem: Some dimensioning elements are limited DIN 406 Part 11, Figure 136

14 Annotation Dimensioning
Solution Annotation Dimensioning Arc Length dimensions Flip dimension arrows Initial Length Symbol Variable Extension Linetypes Solution: The dimensioning enhancements were put in place to update AutoCAD dimensioning to be complaint with the various drafting standards (ANSI, DIN, JIS)

15 Graphical Calculator Problem
Customers are not aware that CAL command exists If they are aware it exists, they do not understand its capabilities CAL functionality is not easily available in properties palette and other areas where it is needed Problem: CAL command difficult to use

16 Graphical Calculator Solution New GUI based calculator
Places calculated values into object properties or command options Use object properties for calculations Performs unit conversions Allows customers to store and use variables and constants Solution – New GUI based calculator

17 Customer Requests User Interface Tables Command Enhancements Text
GUI based engineer calculator Customizable workspaces Temporary overrides keys User customizable scale list Roll-over highlighting Toolbar and Tool Palette locking Added recent command input to right click Command Enhancements New Join command undo for copy, trim, extend, offset, chamfer and fillet Rotate and copy Scale and copy Trim and extend using crossing windows Offset to current layer Tables Sum/Ave/Count values across a row Sum/Ave/Count values down a column Mathematical expression support (+, -, /, *, ^, =) Cell mathematical formula based off of other cell values Copy & Paste table with formulas from Excel Text Mtext bullets MText numbering and lettering Improved In-place editing Width slider control Powerful drafting tools is the focus of this release, but that does not mean that AutoCAD LT 2006 stops there. AutoCAD LT 2006 is packed with a huge set of new features – the majority of which were defined by customers like you. AutoCAD LT 2006

18 AutoCAD LT Release Comparison Matrix
What’s New This is a great tool for customers who currently own a previous version of AutoCAD LT. It lets you quickly identify features that have been added to the product over releases. This information is also available in the “AutoCAD_LT_2006_Comparison_Matrix.pdf” available on OTW in the AutoCAD LT Sales Toolkit. AutoCAD LT 2006

19 AutoCAD LT Release Comparison Matrix (Continued)
What’s New AutoCAD LT 2006 AutoCAD LT 2006

20 The Autodesk Advantage
How to Sell Autodesk is one of the world’s leading digital design companies serving customers in industries where design is critical to success: building, infrastructure, digital media, and location services. Autodesk provides a broad range of solutions that combine industry-leading software with expert consulting and a network of dedicated developers and partners. That’s why our products and services have become essential tools for more than 6 million professionals in over 160 countries around the globe. AutoCAD LT users gain a competitive advantage. AutoCAD LT customers know that they will be able to share their drawings seamlessly, creating an efficient design process. Autodesk is the critical business partner keeping design information flowing smoothly throughout the enterprise. Drawing sharing is becomes critical as the customers’ product portfolios expand to include AutoCAD and other Autodesk vertical products. Autodesk is: The leading design software company One of the largest PC software companies in the world Products used by 6 million professionals around the globe. AutoCAD®, AutoCAD LT®, Autodesk Map®, Autodesk® Land Desktop, AutoCAD® Mechanical, Autodesk® Architectural Desktop and non-AutoCAD-based products, such as Autodesk® Revit®. AutoCAD LT 2006

21 The DWG Advantage How to Sell DWG file format compatibility is important to today’s design process in most companies AutoCAD LT customers know that they will be able to share their drawings seamlessly, creating an efficient design process. Autodesk drives the development of the DWG file format Many competitors cannot develop applications fast enough to maintain DWG compatibility. AutoCAD LT customers win with increased ROI Autodesk originated the DWG format and drives its development. Drawing sharing is becomes critical as the customers’ product portfolios expand to include AutoCAD and other Autodesk vertical products. AutoCAD LT software has the most up-to-date and optimized DWG format to ensure that its users have the competitive advantage in their design process. Imitation DWG files produced by IntelliCAD and other competitors are not guaranteed to work in ADSK-based products. The DWG file format is constantly being optimized to improve performance and user experience. AutoCAD LT 2006

22 Limited DWG Compatibility
The 2D CAD Market How to Sell DWG Compatibility AutoCAD LT stands apart! Basic Data Sharing Secure Data Sharing The key competitors here are: TurboCAD IntelliCAD Vectorworks None of these products have full DWG compatibility or secure data sharing using DWF and digital signatures. The next slide highlights the key differentiators between AutoCAD LT 2006 and these competitors. Another product shown on this graph is AutoSketch, which, in addition to AutoCAD LT, makes up the Autodesk retail product suite. Limited DWG Compatibility AutoCAD LT 2006

23 What you should tell your customers
How to Sell DWG is widely used world-wide for exchanging digital design data AutoCAD LT enables users to save their work in true native DWG file format It’s not about price, but about the value AutoCAD LT brings to customers and the compatibility of design data. So bottom line: It’s not about price, but about the value of our customers’ design information and the the compatibility of design data Our customers success in the market place depends on their design data. So why take the risk with business and design partners? AutoCAD LT 2006

24 Benefits of cross-grading to AutoCAD
AutoCAD LT 2006 AutoCAD LT 2006

25 AutoCAD 2006 / AutoCAD LT 2006 Cross-grade Feature AutoCAD AutoCAD LT
User interface enhancements (heads-up design) – New! Annotation (hatch, Mtext, dimensions) - New! QuickCalc - New! Dynamic Blocks viewing - New! Dynamic Block authoring - New! Attribute data extraction - New! Drawing set management (Sheet Set Manager) Customization (LISP, ARX, VBA, .NET) Presentation graphics With exception of Dynamic Block authoring and attribute extraction, AutoCAD LT gets the full compliment of drafting enhancements in this release. Note: The ATTEXT attribute extraction wizard still remains in AutoCAD LT, the table refers to an enhanced version of the EATTEXT wizard, which is not in AutoCAD LT. CAD standards management 3D modeling Network licensing AutoCAD LT 2006

26 AutoCAD 2006 offers additional functionality
Cross-grade Dynamic Block Authoring Data Extraction Wizard Sheet Set Manager Additional drawing productivity features Tools for the CAD Manager Tools for the IT Manager Drawing and system performance Customization 3D design capabilities Presentation graphics Sheet Set Manager —AutoCAD 2006 extends beyond single drawing productivity with the new Sheet Set Manager for the efficient creation, management, and sharing of sheet sets. In a single interface, you can access sheets, group them into logical categories, create a sheet index, manage sheet views, archive sheet sets, and share them with your project team using plots, eTransmit, or DWF files. AutoCAD LT 2006 application does not offer this capability. Drawing Productivity Features – AutoCAD 2006 software delivers additional tools for creating drawings easier and quicker. Fields, one click Sheet Index, and callouts are all features that take drafting productivity to the next level. AutoCAD LT 2006 software does not offer these capabilities. Tools for the CAD Manager—AutoCAD 2006 includes CAD Standards functionality that enables CAD managers to review and administer standards across the whole design team. Every file shared among your team members readily accrues expensive discrepancies and errors, if unchecked. Users need tools for administering standards that save them time and assure them of compliance in every respect. AutoCAD LT 2006 does not offer this capability. Tools for the IT Manager—AutoCAD 2006 network license management technology enables IT managers to maximize return on their company’s technology investment. AutoCAD LT 2006 does not offer advanced network license management features like the reporting and flexible license management tools included with the AutoCAD 2006 program. AutoCAD LT 2006 software only provides a tool to help deploy the product in a network environment. Drawing and System Performance—AutoCAD 2006 saves time for the everyday CAD user with functions like drawing caching for faster switching between tabs and the capability to use multiple processors on a single system. These are capabilities that AutoCAD LT 2006 cannot offer. Customization—The AutoCAD 2006 platform offers fully extensible drawing and application customization through APIs (application programming interfaces) such as Visual LISP™, VBA, and ActiveX® and .NET. AutoCAD LT 2006 is not an extensible product. 3D Design Capabilities—AutoCAD 2006 enables you to create, modify, render, and navigate 3D objects. AutoCAD LT 2004 does not. Presentation Graphics—AutoCAD 2006 has presentation graphics and gradient fills, including True Color, PANTONE® and RALTM color systems, to enhance a user’s design for presentation purposes. AutoCAD LT 2006

27 AutoCAD 2006 additional benefits
Cross-grade Wide array of niche applications to fit your design needs API for in-house customization Floating network licensing Additional benefits of cross-grading to AutoCAD Wide array of niche applications to fit your design needs API for in-house customization Floating network licensing AutoCAD LT 2006

28 Questions for Customers
Cross-grade Do you customize your software? Do you use 3D design tools? Do you use CAD standard tools to help control consistency in your drawings? Do you use color graphics in your presentations? Do you want to create your own Dynamic Blocks? Do you work in a single or multiple sheet environment? AutoCAD LT 2006 AutoCAD LT 2006

29 AutoCAD LT Additional Information
Advanced Micro Systems, Inc. AutoCAD LT 2006 AutoCAD LT 2006

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