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Evernote LBSC795 - Hall of Fame/Shame Rajan K. Zachariah1.

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1 Evernote LBSC795 - Hall of Fame/Shame Rajan K. Zachariah1

2 What is Evernote  Note taking cloud-application  Save texts, pictures, audio/video, anything  Desktop, Web and Mobile App  Addons for IE, Eirefox and Chrome  Access anywhere

3 Features  Share on facebook, twitter  Share notes via email  Add/delete attachments  Uploads are fast/ fast-sync  Auto-save to prevent user errors  Can use camera/mic to gather data

4 Interface - HomePage clearly states the goals of the site

5 Interface – Work Area Work area of the app on web

6 Interface – Divided Work Area Divide work – area into groups for easy browsing Three Groups

7 Interface – In place Edit No need to open a new window or page to edit. The contents could be modified right there Allows in-place editing

8 Interface – AutoSave Allows auto-save to save note. Autosave could be turned off as well AutoSave ONAutoSave OFF

9 Interface – Non obtrusive ads Non-obtrusive Ads Ads / Link to upgrade

10 Interface – Search Search your notes Search functionality

11 Interface – Frequent Menu Common actions are easily accessible Allows Edit/Share/Delete and Print

12 Interface – History Keeps a track of chnages like in subversion, but needs premium account. History option for Premium users only

13 Interface – Prevent errors1 Keeps a trash can for deleted items Trash to keep deleted items

14 Interface – Prevent errors 2 Popup when the user closes the bwoser window or tab

15 Conclusion  Overall the site is designed to be pretty useful.  Gives a good indication of what is happening.  Integrates nicely with desktop and mobile apps.  Prevents basic, but common human errors.  Lacks Undo/Redo options(undo avialable in premium).

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