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Microsoft Works Suite 2003 Manufactured by Microsoft Corporation.

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1 Microsoft Works Suite 2003 Manufactured by Microsoft Corporation

2 Main Features The package comes with six CDs: – Word 2002, Works 7.0, Picture It! 7.0, Encarta Encyclopedia Standard 2003, Money 2003 Standard and Streets and Trips 2002. The software provides: A Web-style task launcher A simple spreadsheet and database A calendar and address book A good word processor Plus a mapping program, an encyclopedia, a personal finance program, and an image editor.

3 Use of Product This software fits the needs of a home PC. I do not see it improving business operations. A company would be better off using Oracle Small Business Suite to perform accounting functions. Outlook or Lotus for scheduling and calendars. And Excel, Access or SAS to accommodate spreadsheet and database requirements.

4 Strengths Weaknesses Package includes Microsoft Word 2002. A total of 6 CDs offered at an affordable price. A good starter kit to any home PC. Complete software library in one with industry-leading titles. No presentation maker. Requires more than a GB of disk space. Does not work on Windows 95, Mac, or Linux. Programs perform basic functions.

5 Purchase & Price Microsoft Works Suite 2003 can be purchased at any electronic retail store such as or It also can be purchased on-line at or The retail price is $99. On-line the lowest price seen is $69 including shipping.

6 Recommendations I recommend Microsoft Works Suite 2003 for a novice computer user or as a program supplement on a home PC. I would not recommend it for a business. The capabilities are not advanced enough to handle multiple users and high volume needs.

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