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Ron Harrison Product Marketing Manager RF & Communications NI RF and Communications Platform Hardware and Software.

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1 Ron Harrison Product Marketing Manager RF & Communications NI RF and Communications Platform Hardware and Software

2 Increasing Bus Bandwidth Drives New Applications Number of Bits M100M1G10G Sample Rate (Samples/s) 1M 100G IF Communications PCI Express High Speed Imaging Multichannel Audio High Resolution Digitizers PCI Instrument Control ISA Data acquisition

3 Evolving Wireless Standards RFID GSM EDGE GPRS a u j i k j h g f e d b WiMAX – UWB TD-SCDMA UMTS cdma2000 HSDPA WiMAX – e AMPS IS95 IS136 IS54 ZigBee n

4 GSM Tester WLAN Tester Spectrum Radio Tester Power Meter RFID Tester All in one PXI Platform! Multi- Protocol UUT Virtual Instrumentation A Flexible, Reusable Approach to Test with Modular Hardware, Intuitive Software Lower cost Higher performance Smaller size Flexible Easily upgraded User-defined

5 132 MB/s PCI in an industrial form factor Standard Windows software Integrated timing and trigging –Trigger bus with 8 lines –Star Trigger with low-skew –10 MHz reference clock Open, multiple vendor standard PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation ( )

6 Performance Benchmarks NI PXI GHz RF Signal Analyzer Power in band: 30–200 times improvement

7 Traditional Solution: $82, ft 3 (.1734 m 3 ) NI Solution: $39, ft 3 (.019 m 3 ) PXI vs. GPIB Reduce system size by 90% and increase wallet size by 100% with the NI modular instrumentation.

8 Traditional Solution: $6, ft 3 (20,037 cm 3 ) NI Solution: $2, ft 3 (562 cm 3 ) PXI vs. GPIB Reduce system size by 97% and increase wallet size by 130% with the NI modular instrumentation.

9 Advances in PC Bus Technology

10 PXI Trigger Bus (8 TTL Triggers) System Controller System Timing Slot Peripheral Star Trigger Peripheral 10 MHz CLK 100 MHz Differential CLK Differential Star Triggers PXI PXI Express SYNC Control SYNC100

11 Compatibility of PXI and PXI Express Hybrid Slots Reserved Pins 64/66 PCI Local Bus (typically unused) Trigger Bus Star Trigger System Ref Clock 32/33 PCI (132 MB/s Per system) PXIPXI Express Hybrid x8 PCIe (up to 2 GB/s)

12 Flextronics Saves Millions with NI Test Platform Challenge : –Implementing standardized, scalable test stations to help test 500,000 products daily in 32 different countries. Products –TestStand, PXI, Modular Instruments Link to User Solution Application –With Flextronics Test Standardization (FTS), the use of common hardware and software platforms guarantee that the software runs smoothly regardless of which operator, location or product tested. –Using NIs test platform, Flextronics has significantly reduced costs while keeping pace with technology advances in test.

13 PXI Industry Adoption 16 of 20 top electronic business use PXI Electronic Business 300 – The Rankings Source (Rankings): Electronic Business, August 2003 Source (PXI Use): National Instruments, June 2004

14 Graphical Programming with NI LabVIEW Fast development with interactive configuration and graphical programming Tight integration of real-world I/O, measurement analysis, and data presentation Highly flexible engineering tool from desktop to RF manufacturing test

15 AM, FM, PM ASK, FSK, MSK, GMSK, PAM, PSK, QAM,… OFDM BER, burst timing, frequency deviation, MER, EVM, ρ(rho) Wireless Communication and Modulation A communication system comprises 3 components LabVIEW can be used to develop a communication system using the Modulation Toolkit Data compression Digital filters Custom VIs M-Script Custom dlls Hamming, Golay, Reed-Solomon, Bose-Chaudhari-Hocquenghem (BCH), Convolutional, Spreading Interleavers, Puncturing Equalization Source Coding Channel Coding Modulation Bits IQ Bit Generation Bit Generation Bits Galois PN Fibonacci PN Modulation

16 Wireless Communication and Modulation Software-Defined Radio (SDR) = Software-defined communications on reconfigurable HW LabVIEW can be used to develop any SDR Source Coding Channel Coding Modulation Bits IQ Bit Generation Bit Generation Bits Source Coding Channel Coding Modulation Bits IQ Bit Generation Bit Generation Bits

17 DAB Emission Block Diagram *Final Draft ETSI EN v1.4.1 ( ) Modulation Source CodingChannel Coding

18 Modulation Source Coding LabVIEW DAB Emission Block Diagram

19 Software-Defined Communication Applications MIMO Tire Pressure Monitoring SeaSolve AmFax MindReady VI Service Network Wineman Technologies Alphautomazione /Lyocom DAQTron NI PXI RF Hardware NI LabVIEW Communication Software

20 NI Instrumentation Platform for RF & Communications RF and Microwave Hardware RF Vector Signal Analyzer 2.7 GHz, 20 MHz RTB RF Vector Signal Generators 2.7 GHz, 20 MHz RTB Analog RF Signal Generators 6.6 GHz CW w/ analog modulation RF Preamplifier 3 GHz, 30 dB programmable gain RF & Microwave Switches Up to 26.5 GHz, MUX, GP Relays IF / Baseband Hardware High-Speed Digitizers Up to 24 bit, Up to 1 GS/s Signal Generators Up to 16 bit, Up to 300 MS/s High-Speed Digital I/O Up to 32 ch, 400 Mbps RF & Communications Software NI Modulation Toolkit Communications signal generation, analysis and test NI Spectral Measurements Toolkit Power in-band, ACPR, spectral analysis,...

21 Measurement Performance –250 kHz to 2.7 GHz –20 MHz Real-Time Bandwidth –-145 to +10 dBm power level –50 ppb frequency accuracy Flexible Modulation Software –ASK, FSK, MSK, GMSK, PSK, QPSK, /4 DQPSK, QAM, AM, FM, PM, OFDM, Custom Deep Onboard Memory –32, 256, and 512 MB memory options RF Vector Signal Generation NI PXI GHz Vector Signal Generator with Digital Upconversion

22 High-resolution frequency sweeping, hopping, and phase-continuous frequency sweeping -110 dBc/Hz phase noise at 1 GHz, 10 kHz offset FM, 2-FSK, OOK modulation Modulating waveforms include sine, triangle, square, 31-order PRBS, user-defined 1020-bit Applications Use as tunable local oscillator or clock source Use with NI PXI-5660 RF vector signal analyzer for stimulus response or tracking generator applications RF & Microwave Signal Generators NI PXI-565x 500kHz to 6.6GHz Signal Generators w/ DDS & Modulation

23 Measurement Performance –9 kHz to 2.7 GHz –20 MHz real-time bandwidth –Up to 80 dB SFDR –50 ppb frequency accuracy –14-bit resolution, 100 MS/s digitizer –64 or 256 MB memory –30% of size, weight of competing instruments Wide Range of Analysis –Modulation and Spectral Measurement Toolkits Measurement Throughput –30-200x faster RF measurements –> 100 MB/s transfer rates for real-time measurements RF Vector Signal Analyzer NI PXI GHz VSA w/ DDC

24 RF/Microwave Switches Multiplexer –PXI x1 500 MHz –PXI x1 1.3 GHz –PXI x1 4 GHz –PXI-2596 Dual 6x GHz –PXI x1 Terminated 26.5 GHz General-Purpose Relays –PXI-2598 Dual Transfer Switch 26.5 GHz –PXI-2599 Dual SPDT 26.5 GHz Matrix –PXI terminal sparse matrix 500 MHz

25 26.5 GHz PXI Switch Modules Four different modules –PXI-2596: Dual 6x1 mux –PXI-2597: 6x1 terminated mux –PXI-2598: Dual transfer switch –PXI-2599: Dual SPDT relay Specifications at 26.5 GHz –<0.7 dB insertion loss –>50 dB isolation –Even better at lower frequencies –Using Radiall relays (off the shelf)

26 Analog and Digital modulation formats –AM, FM, PM –ASK, FSK, MSK, GMSK, PAM, PSK, QAM –Custom Visualization –2D and 3D Eye, Trellis, Constellation Modulation Analysis –BER, MER, EVM, burst timing, frequency deviation, ρ (rho) Impairments –Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) –DC offset, Quadrature skew, IQ gain imbalance, phase noise Equalization, Channel Coding, Channel Models Modulation Toolkit 3.1

27 Generation with NI RF Vector Signal Generators Protocol Modulated Waveform Download to AWG Generate IF Upconvert To RF

28 RF Academic Bundle RF Measurement Fundamentals In-Class Demos Lab Templates Technology Specific Projects RF & Communications Academic Bundle From Theory To Technology TheoryDesignPrototypeDeploy

29 RF Fundamentals RF Measurement Fundamentals Spectral Analysis Spectral Meas (PIB, OB, ACP, PS) Dynamic Range Resolution Bandwidth Harmonic Distortion Noise Specifications Analog Modulation Amplitude Modulation Frequency Modulation Phase-Locked Looping Digital Modulation Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) Phase Shift Keying (PSK) QAM IQ Data Communication Systems Carrier Recovery Pulse-Shape Filtering Channel Coding OFDM Spread Spectrum Modulation Measurements EVM / MER Communication Standards DVB-T ZigBee WiMax RFID RDS WiFi (802.11g)

30 Example: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing RF Fundamentals

31 Maximizing Spectral Efficiency Multi-Channel Implementations Analog Modulation Physical Channel Limitations Digital Modulation Frequency Modulation Amplitude Modulation FSKQAMASKPSK Carrier Recovery Noise vs. M-ary Channel Coding Spectral Leakage Channel Bandwidth OFDM Phase-Locked Looping In-Class Demos

32 Introduction To Hardware Analog Modulation Transceivers Digital Modulation Transceivers Transceiver Calculations Transceivers With Custom Data RFSG,RFSAAM, FM QAM, FSK PN Sequence BER, EVM JPEG ASCII Lab Templates

33 X-10 Wireless (step-by-step) FM Radio (step-by-step) Killer RF On-line Video Demos –Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) –Digital Video Broadcast (DVB-T) –Radio Data System (RDS) –Frequency Modulation (FM) –Wireless (WIFI) –ZigBee Tech Specific Projects

34 Example : X10 Wireless Transmitter

35 LabVIEW & PXI-based Comms Lab University of California – Berkeley Dr. Ali Niknejad, UC Berkeley

36 Production test for Readers and Tags PXI RF Vector Signal Analyzer and Generator Acquire and Generate signals up to 2.7 GHz 9 kHz to 2.7 GHz analysis with 20 MHz real-time bandwidth Measurements performed in LabVIEW 250 kHz to 2.7 GHz generation with 22 MHz real-time bandwidth Waveforms created in LabVIEW and downloaded to instrument. Deep memory for long capture/play time Frequency RangeReal-time BandwidthMemory NI PXI kHz to 2.7 GHz20 MHz32 or 64 MB NI PXI kHz to 2.7 GHz22 MHz8, 32, or 256 MB

37 Modulation Toolkit - RFID ASK/FSK Demodulation Measurements – Frequency Offset – Frequency Drift – Phase Offset ASK/FSK Quadrature Impairments – DC Offset (Percent I, Percent Q, Origin Offset) – Magnitude Error (Percent RMS, Percent Peak, Peak Symbol Index, Individual Symbol Percents) – Phase Error (degrees) (RMS, Peak, Peak Symbol Index, Individual Symbol Percents) – EVM (Error Vector Magnitude) (Percent RMS, Percent Peak, Peak Symbol Index, Individual Symbol Percents) – MER (Modulation Error Ratio)

38 Full Simulation Test Reader Testing: RFSG + RFSA + SW Tag Testing: RFSG + RFSA + SW Reader Antenna Tag NI RFSA Software NI RFSG Antenna NI RFSA Software NI RFSG Antenna

39 Example Applications: RFID Reader Testing PXI Chassis PXI-5660 Vector Signal Analyzer PXI-5670/1 Vector Signal Generator RFID Reader Trigger Sent Advanced triggering capability between the PXI-5660 and PXI- 5670/1 to capture the response from the RFID reader Add impairments with the Modulation Toolkit to test reader sensitivity

40 Example Applications: Frequency Sweeping PXI Chassis PXI-5660 Vector Signal Analyzer PXI-5670/1 Vector Signal Generator Sweep frequencies for optimum tag vs. substrate vs. frequency combination Tag Palate or other Substrate Sweep X faster or more than traditional instruments

41 Demo: RFID HF Simulation & Analysis RFID Message Analysis RFID Signal RFID Tag NI RFSA & RFSG

42 Reader Emulation for Tag functionality verification and development PXI/PCI hybrid hardware platform ReaderTag Query + Power Response Class 1 Gen 2 UHF PXI/PCI system

43 Proposed PXI/PCI Hybrid system for Reader emulation PXI chassis with PXI modules and connection to NI5640R IF Input PXI-5610 RF 2.7GHZ Upconverter PXI-5600 RF 2.7GHz Downconverter Embedded PXI Controller NI PCI-5640R IF trasnceriver IF Output

44 FPGA NI PCI-5640R IF Transceiver: LabVIEW FPGA Platform for Communications 2 Analog Inputs (100 MS/s, 14-bit) 2 Analog Outputs (200 MS/s, 14-bit) Integrated DDC/DUC VirtexII Pro FPGA with 3M Gates Fast DMA data transfer to host. Timebase STC2 (DMA) PCI Bus ADC/DDC DAC/DUC AI 0 AI 1 AO 0 DAC/DUC AO 1 CLK TRIG 2MB SRAM Memory

45 NI PCI-5640R in the picture: proposed hardware emulator for RFID Reader ADCDDC DACDUC I/Q ASK and or PSK Demodulation Miller and or FM0 Decoding DSB-ASK,SSB-ASK, and or PR-ASK Modulation PIE Analysis, Decision making, Framing of data VirtexII Pro FPGA IF Ch 0 input Ch 0 output IF

46 PXI RFID Tester Connectivity

47 HF RFID Antenna





52 ZigBee Transmitter Testing and Analysis RF Measurements Power Spectral Density Occupied Bandwidth Power in Upper and Lower Bands Power in band (total power) Baseband Measurements IQ Plots Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) Constellation diagram Eye Diagram CCDF Data bits Analyzer is Capable of capturing signals, performing symbol synchronization, frequency synchronization and neutralizing front end non idealities

53 Signal Analysis Set Up Signal Analysis setup to test and analyze the transmitter characteristics of IEEE / ZigBee device

54 ZigBee Receiver Testing and Analysis Measurements IQ Plot ( First 100 Samples) Complete IQ Plot Constellation (Before & After Pulse Shaping) Power Spectrum plot Eye Diagram Data patterns – 5 types Mode of Transmission Continuous mode Burst mode Frame Types Data Frame Beacon Frame MAC Command Frame Acknowledgement Frame

55 Signal Generation Set Up Signal generation setup to test and analyze the receiver characteristics of IEEE / ZigBee device

56 Conclusion LabVIEW and PXI-based modular instruments for flexible, software-defined communication design and test LabVIEW modules for RF & Communications Spectral Measurements Modulation ToolkitAdvanced Signal Processing Toolkit Digital Filter Design Toolkit

57 Transmitter and Receiver Tests

58 Compliance Test Set Up

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