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1 NetLink Ka Private Networks Confidential. Agenda –Introductions –Overview of Broad Sky Networks –Partnership with Hughes –NetLink Ka Private Network.

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1 1 NetLink Ka Private Networks Confidential

2 Agenda –Introductions –Overview of Broad Sky Networks –Partnership with Hughes –NetLink Ka Private Network 2

3 The Market Who are we targeting What specific requirements or problems do we fulfill or resolve How do we compare to the competition The NetLink Ka Private Solution What is it The Benefits Plans and Pricing Broad Sky Private and Meshed Satellite Scenarios Summary 3

4 The Problem Expensive, long-loop T1’s are the only broadband option at some percentage of a company’s locations In non-urban locations, long-loop T1 access is typically >$500/mo and can often be as much as $1000/mo. The Market - Who experiences this situation? 1) Those converting from a legacy Frame or Leased-line network. They will likely not be able to get cost-effective broadband to all locations. 2) Those with existing MPLS networks with a small percentage of sites contributing a significant portion of network costs due to long-loop T1 charges 3) Those on dial-up in underserved areas who need a private, broadband network but don’t want to pay expensive, long-loop T1 charges The Solution Why pay for expensive long-loop T1’s at underserved locations when there is a BETTER alternative… NetLink Ka Private Networks MPLS-like performance starting as low as $39.95*/mo no matter where your sites are located *Not including HQ/Data center service 4

5 The Problem(s) Network availability is of paramount importance and needs to be improved A second land-line as backup often goes down at the same time as the primary land-line. Network speed and performance needs to be improved and you can’t get anymore from your existing technology You need more bandwidth - new applications require more bandwidth The Market - Who experiences this situation? Those with IP-VPN (MPLS, DSL and other) networks seeking to improve network availability and performance by adding a truly path diverse, private network to backup the primary and load-share The Solution: Why implement a backup network with the same wireline technologies used for the primary network when you can get true path diversity and improved performance with a BETTER alternative… Broad Sky NetLink Ka Private Networks Dramatically improve speed and availability for as little as $39.95/mo 5

6 The Solution – NetLink Ka Private Networks 6

7 7 Premise Equipment NetLink Ka professional-grade satellite router and antenna plus professional installation for all sites, branch sites and data center Connectivity Broadband Secure Full mesh QoS for sensitive traffic like VoIP and Video Direct Internet access (optional) Data rates Upstream rates up to 2mbps Downstream rates up to 8mbps Usage-based, rate connections up to 1.5mbps Network Management Proactive monitoring 24x7 Business-grade technical support Enterprise Field Maintenance up to 24x7 coverage D100 NetLink 256 + NetLink 1200 D500H Internet 128 kbps VPN 256 kbps VPN 128 kbps Internet 2 Mbps VPN BSN NetLink Ka Private Networks Architecture.98 meter antenna 2-watt radio HN9500 Router

8 8 Private Networks for ANY Enterprise location Security - A non-Internet-based private network that protects your company's sensitive data Savings - Save 30% on network costs vs Frame Relay and Private Line networks Performance - Speeds up to 8Mb with QoS for those critical applications. Bandwidth on Demand! Reliability - Proactive monitoring and 24x7 support for optimum network uptime Nationwide Coverage - Connect locations with flat-rate pricing, no matter where they are located Simplicity - One technology, one provider, one management system for all locations Flexibility - Mesh connectivity for virtually any network configuration Scalability - Upgrade and downgrade service plans on a per-site basis. Future-proof your network Convergence - Support voice and video applications with QoS guarantees Data Center Internet 512 kbps Private 256 kbps Private 128k/1m Internet 2 Mbps Private Branch Site

9 End-to-End Class of Service Delivering optimum application performance Regular Web, email, and intranet traffic set to normal priority Mission-critical applications set to high-priority Point-of-Sale (POS) traffic set to low latency setting Voice and video conferencing applications set to Constant-Bit-Rate Prioritize applications for the best performance possible 9

10 NetLink Ka Private Network Service Plan Pricing Primary Access Remote Plans Speeds are “burstable” speeds Data Center Plans Upstream capacity is dedicated for data center plans Downstream speeds are up to 8mbps for all plans Equipment Standard equipment is.98m 2w and applies to all remote plans Data center plans may require larger antenna assemblies Standard Enterprise Installation is not included 10 Private, full-time use plans for your entire network

11 11  Add Internet on a site by site basis to any site in a private network  Maintains security of private network traffic while delivering broadband Internet performance –Upstream: Up to 200 Kbps –Downstream: Up 1.2 Mbps Offloads Internet traffic from the corporate network Internet Access Overlay Option Broadband service that maintains network security Internet Access Option Headquarters Branch Location Branch Location Internet

12 NetLink Ka Private Networks for SMBs Service Plan Pricing – Internet Overlay Internet Overlay plans can be added to remote or data center Private Network plans on per site basis. Pricing is additive and not offered as standalone service without a Private Network plan. Internet access is provided by direct communication with the Broad Sky NetLink Ka Network Operations Center (NOC) which interfaces to the Internet Speeds indicate upstream and downstream speeds, respectively and are “best efforts” speeds Speeds are additive to the Private Network speeds and do not take away from the Private Network capacity Internet access direct to each site Don’t let Internet traffic congest your corporate network 12

13 (1)Next Business Day (9x5) On-Site Maintenance includes next business day coverage, 8 am to 5 pm local time, Monday through Friday included at no additional charge. 13 Service & Repair included – Support & Field Maintenance Service and Repair- Around the clock first level support so you can focus on your business, not your network Enterprise-grade on-site maintenance with 24x7 coverage Next Business Day Repair provided at no additional charge

14 NetLink Ka Private Networks 25-Site Pro-Forma Example for a Primary Network A Regional Bank Requires a Primary Private Network for 25 locations for –Transaction processing –File transfers –Email –Security Video –Intranet Access –Internet/Extranet Access Network Requirements –Headquarters 1 Mbps dedicated link for backhaul into network Up to 128 Kbps/1 Mbps high-duty-cycle service for Internet & Extranet access On-demand security video Same-day On-Site Maintenance Monday through Saturday –4 medium branch locations 256 Kbps (upstream) service for private network access (up to 8 Mbps receive) Up to 128 Kbps/1 Mbps high-duty-cycle service for Internet & Extranet access On-demand security video Same-day On-Site Maintenance Monday through Saturday –20 small branch locations 128 Kbps (upstream) service for private network access (up to 8 Mbps receive) Up to 128 Kbps/1 Mbps low-duty-cycle service for Extranet access On-demand security video Same-day On-Site Maintenance Monday through Saturday 14

15 15 NetLink Ka Private Networks Economics 25-Site Pro-Forma Example for a Primary Network How we stack up with 100% coverage! *example does not include installation and shipping

16 Broad Sky NetLink Ka Applied Solution Scenarios 16

17 17 NetLink Ka Redundancy to an Existing Network PBR HughesNet MPLS Network Remote Location Store/Branch Devices HN9500 Router Policy Based Routing (PBR) selects the optimum data path based on application  Latency-sensitive applications transit terrestrial circuits  Other data transits satellite circuits Automatic failover to either link for the best in availability  Load share to get the most of available bandwidth  Highest possible network availability achieved with a totally path-diverse design  All of the benefits of a primary network with the advantage of path-diverse failover Flexible architecture and service plans on a site-by-site basis  Gracefully scale network capacity and functionality as network requirements evolve More bandwidth and higher availability at a lower cost !

18 18 NetLink Ka as Backup to an Existing Private Network Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) –Provides automatic failure detection and recovery of link and router –Delivers no-loss-of-data operation Maintains MPLS “class-of-service” tags (DiffServ) –Delivers data with proper class of service –End-to-end class of service ensures critical application performance Complete bypass of the terrestrial network to the primary and backup data center –True path diversity Very High Network Availability! LAN-Connected Devices HughesNet Existing MPLS Network HN9500 Router

19 19 Target Markets and Solutions - Summary Target MarketAlternativesThe Better Alternative Broad Sky NetLink Ka 1) FR/MPLS/T1 Networks non-Tier 1 areas - Replacement of Expensive T1 Access Long-loop T1’s at >$400/mo HughesNet Private Networks @ an average per site per month price of <$250/mo/site 2) Dark spots of DIY VPN – where dial-up and expensive T1 access is the DIY’er’s only option T1 @ >$400/mo Dial HughesNet Private Networks @ an average per site per month price of <$250/mo/site 3) Rural Networks – Companies with locations in non-urban areas T1 @ >$400/moHughesNet Private Networks @ an average per site per month price of <$250/mo/site 4) Companies in need of enhancing network performance – increase performance and reliability of existing wireline (e.g.MPLS) networks 2 nd T1 @ >$400/mo Ku @ ~$200/mo Load-sharing and backup: HughesNet Private Networks @ an average per site per month price of <$150/mo/site 5) Broadband Internet Access - Broadband access to underserved areas T1 @ >$400/moHughesNet Business Internet starting at $59.99/mo/site

20 Technology Comparison Better Price – Performance Value Feature/Service Internet VPN MPLS VPN NetLink Ka Private Network Meshed service  High upload speedLimited  High QoS (Quality of Service)   (w/overlay CBR plan) Various CoS (Class of Service)  High download speed  Depends on Configuration  Consistent nationwide pricing  Cost-effective remote TX at up to 2 Mbps  Cost-effective remote RX at up to 8 Mbps  Size ingress independent of egress  20

21  Add site-to-site private network bandwidth on-demand  Low-jitter circuits support constant- bit-rate applications –Voice calls –Video-conferencing  Standard Service Plans –Usage-based & Bundled plans –Voice-grade circuits at 32Kbps –Video-grade circuits at 384Kbps or 1.5mbps Pay only for the bandwidth required, when it’s required Constant Bit Rate (CBR) Overlay Option Voice & Video-grade circuits on demand Headquarters Constant Bit Rate Option Branch Location Branch Location Internet 21

22 Digital Signage and Distance Learning –Opportunities –Markets –Access Agnostic – Works with any broadband connection –Immediate opportunities with your existing customers 22

23 Managed Digital Media Services Training & Learning Corporate Communications Digital Signage Point-of-sale (POS) Point of purchase promotions Merchandise Promotions Advertising playlists Message/Ad insertion Kiosks Support for RSS feeds Hosted Solutions Live Training On Demand Training Interactive distance learning Self-directed learning Compliance & certification Product & Sales Training Product launches IPTV for Business Employee-Facing Signage Executive briefings Corporate & marketing communications Sensitive file distribution Financial Updates Private TV Networks Special Events 23

24 Automotive 9,000 sites – training/corp. comm 300 sites – training/digital signage Retail 1,200 sites – training/corp. comm. 2,000 sites – training/corp. comm. Finance 10,000 sites (in process) – training 25,000 users – corp. comm Government (SSA ) 1,000 sites – training/signage (DoD) 1,000 users – live training Service 400 sites – training/digital signage Education 17,000 users – eLearning 20,000 users – eLearning 4,000 users – eLearning Medical 4,500 users – eLearning 1,200 users – eLearning Health 9,000 users – eLearning 18,000 users – eLearning Featured Customers 24

25 Broad Sky - A Multimedia Platform POS/Back Office Cost saving Data exchange Credit Card Verification, SAP, etc. Digital Signage Solutions Queue management (Banks) New revenue streams (Retail) Engaging, entertaining & informing customers Business Continuity Backup to terrestrial network Increased network resilience Cost saving (fraud reduction) File Distribution Cost saving Consistent and confirmed delivery Customer satisfaction Front Office Sales Tools Re-invent your business processes Enhanced management options e-Learning/Training Cost saving Customer satisfaction & sales uplift Increases competitiveness LAN (optional) VSAT (optional) Can leverage existing Customer infrastructure 25

26 Broad Sky Networks - Digital Signage Solutions (DSS) MediaAuthor –Entry-Level Digital signage content authoring tool –Local Content Management –Automatically creates Flash output from PowerPoint® –Installs as a plug-in to PowerPoint® –PowerPoint® XP, 2003, and 2007 compatible –Economical Solution Starting at $2,499 includes: –MediaAuthor Software –Digital Signage Software –SST-Mi Player Device 26

27 Broad Sky Networks - Digital Signage Solutions (DSS) MediaSignage –Digital signage content management solution –Works over any IP connection (satellite, wireless, & broadband) –Web management interface –Suitable for large deployment across many locations –Multiple content types/sources (RSS, XML, Video, Flash, etc.) –Distributed Enterprise Solution Starting at $6,000 includes: –MediaGate Software –MediaGate Router –SST-Mi Player Device 27

28 Broad Sky Networks - Training & Learning Solutions Pointecast Publisher –Rapid eLearning authoring tool –Automatically converts PowerPoint® to Flash® –PowerPoint® XP, 2003, and 2007 compatible –Multiple outputs - Email, CD-ROM, Online, LMS,Podcast –Presentations easily viewed in a web browser –Record or import audio narration –Insert Flash video and graphics –Create interactive Flash quizzes and surveys Professional Edition: $599/author 28

29 Thank you for your interest. Contact Maureen Donovan at or 323-302-5209 29

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