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Elektronika Daya Pekik Argo Dahono. Elektronika Daya Disiplin ilmu yang mempelajari penggunaan teknologi elektronika dalam konversi energi (daya) elektrik.

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Presentation on theme: "Elektronika Daya Pekik Argo Dahono. Elektronika Daya Disiplin ilmu yang mempelajari penggunaan teknologi elektronika dalam konversi energi (daya) elektrik."— Presentation transcript:

1 Elektronika Daya Pekik Argo Dahono

2 Elektronika Daya Disiplin ilmu yang mempelajari penggunaan teknologi elektronika dalam konversi energi (daya) elektrik. Mengapa energi (daya) elektrik perlu dikonversikan? Hampir semua peralatan listrik bekerja kurang efisien atau tidak bisa bekerja pada sumber energi (daya) elektrik yang tersedia. Banyak pembangkit energi (daya) elektrik nonkonvensional mempunyai bentuk yang tidak kompatibel dengan sumber energi (daya) elektrik lainnya. 2P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

3 Konverter Daya 3P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

4 Klasifikasi Konverter Daya Konverter DC-ke-DC (Chopper) Konverter AC-ke-DC (Penyearah) Konverter DC-ke-AC (Inverter) Konverter AC-ke-AC (Cycloconverter/Matrix) 4P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

5 Konverter Sinyal dan Daya 5P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya Efficiency is the key

6 Regulator tegangan 6P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya Efficiency is very low No ripples on the input and output sides

7 Switching Regulator 7P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya Efficiency is very high Ripples on the input and output sides

8 Linear and Switching Power Supplies 8P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya Linear Switching

9 Switching Mode Power Supplies Advantages: High efficient and small size DC filter capacitor is working at high voltage (Energy stored is high) The reactive component requirements are small. Disadvantages: Control is more complicated EMC problems 9P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

10 Power Supply Comparison Power DensityEfficiency Linear Power Supply <0.12 W/cm 3 <40% SMPS6W/cm 3 >95% 10P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

11 Power Electronic Applications in Power Generation Excitation system Automatic Voltage Regulator Variable Speed Power Generation (Hydro, Wind, Microturbine gas) Power Conditioners for Renewable Power Generation (Fuel cells, solar cells) Energy Storage 11P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

12 Excitation System in Brushless AC Generator 12P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

13 Renewable Energy System 13P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

14 Rote Island Hybrid Power System P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya14

15 Power Electronic Applications in Power Transmission High-Voltage Direct Current Transmission Static VAR Compensators Series Compensation Phase Shifters Dynamic Braking Flexible AC Transmission System High-Speed Circuit Breakers 15P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

16 Static VAR Compensator Improving power factor Reducing voltage drop and losses Increasing maximum power transfer Improving damping factor 16P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

17 HVDC Transmission System Asynchronous links Suitable for long distance transmission and underground cable transmission Improving damping factor 17P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

18 Power Electronic Applications in Power Distribution Static VAR Compensators Power Conditioners Active Filters Unified Power Conditioners Dynamic Voltage Restorers High-Speed Circuit Breakers Light High-Voltage Direct-Current Distribution Power conditioners for distributed power generation 18P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

19 Active Filter 19P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

20 Power Electronic Applications in Transportation Industries High-Speed Trains Electric vehicles Elevators Airplanes Ships Unmanned vehicles 20P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

21 PWM Inverter for Electric Traction 21P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

22 Shinkansen 22P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

23 Electric Traction P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya23

24 Electric Traction P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya24

25 Diesel Electric Locomotive P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya25

26 Toyota Prius P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya26

27 Ford Escape P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya27

28 Toyota Siena P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya28

29 Honda Accord P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya29

30 Hybrid Vehicles P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya30 parallel Split Series

31 Power Electronic Applications in Industries Rolling mills Variable speed pump systems Cement kilns Rolling ball mills Robotics Electrolysis 31P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

32 Variable Speed Drive Applications VSD Fixed Speed 32P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

33 Variable Speed Drives 33P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

34 Variable Speed Pumping System 34P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

35 Power Electronic Applications in Home Appliances Microwave heating Air conditioners Refrigerators Toasters Cookers Vacuum cleaners Wash machines 35P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

36 Power Electronic Applications in Information Industries DC power supplies Distributed power supplies Power conditioners Uninterruptible power supplies Battery chargers Voltage Regulator Modules 36P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

37 Is power electronics new technology? Power electronics have been developed since the beginning of 20 th century when mercury arc and vacuum tubes technology was emerged. Power conversion has been known for a long time by using a combination of electrical machinery. Power electronics development has grown very fast since the introduction of thyristor or SCR (Semiconductor controlled rectifier) in nineteen fifties. 37P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

38 Interdiciplinary nature of power electronics 38P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

39 Current Challenges Voltage regulator modules for microprocessors Embedded inverter for motor drives Intelligent power ICs Flexible AC power transmission systems Custom power distribution system Unified power conditioners Renewable energy power generation system 39P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

40 Microprocessor operating voltages 40P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

41 Laptop Power Supply System 41P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

42 Matriks saklar 42P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

43 Penyearah tak terkendali 43P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

44 Penyearah terkendali 44P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

45 AC regulator 45P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

46 Phase-Controlled AC-AC Cycloconverter 46P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

47 Konverter DC-ke-DC 47P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

48 Inverter PWM 48P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

49 Understanding Power Electronic Circuits Consider all power semiconductor switches as ideal switches Ideal switches have no voltage drop, no leakage current, and transition times are zero. Practical considerations are given in detailed design. Background on signal electronics is useful to understand power electronics. 49P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya

50 The End P. A. Dahono -- Elektronika Daya50

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