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1 #KWFR #KWRI FOLLOW TALK KW Wellness Initiative Alex Garland

2 Wellness The DefinitionThe Definition The ImportanceThe Importance Call to ActionCall to Action 2KW Wellness Initiative

3 #KWFR What Is Wellness? KW Wellness Initiative3

4 #KWFR Wellness: the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health. 4KW Wellness Initiative

5 Holistic View of Wellness PhysicalPhysical EmotionalEmotional IntellectualIntellectual FinancialFinancial 5 OccupationalOccupational SpiritualSpiritual SocialSocial EnvironmentalEnvironmental KW Wellness Initiative

6 #KWFR Why Do We Care? 6KW Wellness Initiative

7 Meet Tina 7KW Wellness Initiative

8 Benefits of a Wellness Program The Bottom LineThe Bottom Line The Business CaseThe Business Case Recruiting and RetainingRecruiting and Retaining Lives Worth LivingLives Worth Living KW Wellness Initiative8

9 The Bottom Line $1 Spent on Wellness = $5.81 Company Gain 9KW Wellness Initiative

10 The Business Case 26.8% Reduction in Sick-leave Absenteeism26.8% Reduction in Sick-leave Absenteeism 26% Reduction in Health Care Costs26% Reduction in Health Care Costs 32% Reduction in Worker’s Comp and Disability Claims32% Reduction in Worker’s Comp and Disability Claims 10KW Wellness Initiative

11 Recruit and Retain 51% Work Harder and Perform Better51% Work Harder and Perform Better 59% More Energy and More Productive59% More Energy and More Productive 43% Miss Fewer Days43% Miss Fewer Days 45% Retains45% Retains 11KW Wellness Initiative

12 Lives Worth Living Manage Chronic DiseasesManage Chronic Diseases Heart DiseaseHeart Disease StrokeStroke CancerCancer 12KW Wellness Initiative

13 Lives Worth Living Increased EnergyIncreased Energy Increased StaminaIncreased Stamina Better Coping SkillsBetter Coping Skills More Positive and Joyful LifeMore Positive and Joyful Life Greater Commitment to WorkGreater Commitment to Work More EnthusiasmMore Enthusiasm 13KW Wellness Initiative

14 #KWFR Call to Action 14KW Wellness Initiative

15 Educate 15 Financial and Retirement PlanningFinancial and Retirement Planning Skincare BasicsSkincare Basics Basic Legal KnowledgeBasic Legal Knowledge Healthy Eating TipsHealthy Eating Tips Stress Management & Mental HealthStress Management & Mental Health Meditation and BreathingMeditation and Breathing KW Wellness Initiative

16 Plan Activities Organize Walking GroupsOrganize Walking Groups Offer Weekly ClassesOffer Weekly Classes Plan Office CompetitionsPlan Office Competitions Participate in the 66 Day ChallengeParticipate in the 66 Day Challenge Designate “Use the Stairs” DayDesignate “Use the Stairs” Day Monthly Awareness DaysMonthly Awareness Days 16

17 Organize Special Treats Immunity Booster BarImmunity Booster Bar Apple a DayApple a Day Cucumber WaterCucumber Water Provide Gym DiscountsProvide Gym Discounts KW Wellness Initiative17

18 What Motivates Participants? Offer Health FairsOffer Health Fairs Promote Lifestyle ChangesPromote Lifestyle Changes Manage Specific Conditions EducationManage Specific Conditions Education Provide Farm to Work ServicesProvide Farm to Work Services KW Wellness Initiative18

19 How Can I Be Involved? Wellness AmbassadorWellness Ambassador Wellness CommitteeWellness Committee ParticipateParticipate KW Wellness Initiative19

20 KW Wellness Ambassador RequirementsRequirements Time CommitmentTime Commitment Be Ready to ImplementBe Ready to Implement KW Wellness Initiative20

21 KW Wellness Ambassador RequirementsRequirements Time CommitmentTime Commitment Be Ready to ImplementBe Ready to Implement KW Wellness Initiative21

22 Market Center Wellness Committee Solicit IdeasSolicit Ideas Gather FeedbackGather Feedback Implement IdeasImplement Ideas Participate in Company EventsParticipate in Company Events Find Speakers and EventsFind Speakers and Events Help Grow the ProgramHelp Grow the Program KW Wellness Initiative22

23 Sign Up! KW Wellness Initiative23 MyKW  Resources  KW Wellness

24 #KWFR Upcoming Events KW Wellness Initiative24

25 66 Day Challenges Use Current DrawingCurrent Drawing Pedometer ChallengePedometer Challenge Walk 10,000 steps a day from March 19 to May 23Walk 10,000 steps a day from March 19 to May 23 KW Wellness Initiative25

26 KW Wellness Day April 4, 2014 International KW Wellness DayApril 4, 2014 International KW Wellness Day 26 KW Wellness Initiative

27 Additional Upcoming Events 2014 Red Rally2014 Red Rally 2015 Walk to Family Reunion2015 Walk to Family Reunion KW Wellness Initiative27

28 Celebrate Success Celebrate Your AccomplishmentsCelebrate Your Accomplishments Share Your StoryShare Your Story #kwriwellness#kwriwellness KW Wellness Ambassadors Facebook PageKW Wellness Ambassadors Facebook Page KW Wellness Initiative28

29 We Are Here for You! Wellness BoothWellness Booth MyKW  Resources  KW WellnessMyKW  Resources  KW Wellness KW Wellness Initiative29

30 #KWFR “Wellness is a connection of paths: knowledge and action. KW Wellness Initiative30 – Joshua Welch

31 Please complete an evaluation form found in the back of your program guide. 31KW Wellness Initiative

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