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Literature and Movies Magazines and books become popular Radio and movies begin to takeover How did the film industry grow and change during the 1920s?

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2 Literature and Movies Magazines and books become popular Radio and movies begin to takeover How did the film industry grow and change during the 1920s? http://www.digitalhist ne/hollywood_history. cfm http://www.digitalhist ne/hollywood_history. cfm

3 Time Magazine “The International Magazine of Events” 1923 to the present Weekly news magazine What does the development of a weekly news magazine tell us about society at this time and the spread of information?

4 Winnie the Pooh 1926 A.A. Milne Characters named after son’s toys and son was named “Christopher Robin” “Pooh” merchandize brings in over a billion dollars for Disney each year! Do kids today know the story of Winnie the Pooh from books or TV? Is that a problem?

5 Music Identify the following Key Vocabulary in the video that follows. Cotton Club George Gershwin speakeasies The Charleston F. Scott Fitzgerald Answer the following question related to the video. What racial barriers still existed in the US during the jazz age?

6 MUSIC: Birth of the Jazz Age!

7 FADS, TRENDS, FASHION Who were they? Who were they? What did they wear? What did they wear? Why are they so significant to the 1920’s? Why are they so significant to the 1920’s? FLAPPERS! Warning--ATTENTION ALL BOYS: ON THE SLIDES THAT FOLLOW THERE ARE NUMEROUS PICTURES OF GORGEOUS, SCANDALLY CLAD FEMALES. PLEASE ENJOY BUT DO NOT FALL IN LOVE BECAUSE MANY OF THESE WOMEN HAVE ALREADY PASSED ON. ENJOY!

8 Drinking Hard Liquor—defying prohibition Smoking through holders Make up Bobbed hair style Flappers (British term for young birds that vainly try to leave the nest) Petting Parties (Physical intimacy without penetration) Beaded necklaces Dyed hair “jet green”

9 FLAPPER SLANG “snuggle up”—a man who frequents petting parties “handcuffed”—engagement or wedding ring “That’s so Jake!” or “That’s the bees knees” or “The cat’s pajamas”—fantastic “big cheese”—important person “to bump off”—murder “baloney”—nonsense “speakeasy”—illegal place to get liquor “hooch”—illegal liquor

10 Girls it is your turn to drool! Oxford Baggies Al Capone (The Original “Scarface”)

11 Prohibition and Gangsters


13 Bellwork Make a list of a few styles/trends that teenagers do today that adults hate. Example: Baggie Pants

14 Kennedy’s Camelot to the Most Conflicted Decade in American History

15 Generation Gap A fight between young and old over the Vietnam War Counterculture – a movement that rejected traditional values Long hair, torn blue jeans, Rock N’ Roll


17 Hippies “If it feels good and does not hurt anybody, do it!” -Bright colors, long hair, drugs, flowers, peace symbols, psychedelic designs, acid rock Gathered in communes or tribes Open sexuality and acceptance of different ethnicities Some became “weekend” hippies (fakes) Increased interest in Eastern philosophy and religion

18 Protest Songs Give Peace a Chance-Lennon Imagine-Lennon Happy Xmas (War is Over)-Lennon Have You Ever Seen the Rain?-CCR Fortunate Son-CCR Machine Gun-Hendrix Revolution-Beatles War Pigs-Black Sabbath The Times They Are A-Changin-Dylan Blowin in the Wind-Dylan

19 Assignment After listening to and reading lyrics of famous Vietnam War protest songs, you will write your own modern protest song about school in the same style. Poem must be at least 20 lines long.

20 The Draft All men must register at 18 years old Some believed if you stop the draft you can stop the war Protests of burning draft cards Congress made it illegal Draft Dodgers Question: Do you think the draft is a good idea? What problems could come up with soldiers who are drafted?


22 Doves vs. Hawks Doves – anti-war Hawks – pro-war “Is this war a mistake?” Anti-War movement quickly grows Soldiers that did serve Many were ethnic minorities Average age was 6 years younger than the soldiers in WWII

23 My Lai Massacre Death of 350-500 unarmed civilians in 1968 by US soldiers Huge cover up by military

24 Response in America Americans began to lose faith The Gov’t developed a credibility gap – fewer people trusted their statements Johnson ordered reevaluation of the war “new step towards peace,” Bombings stopped

25 Nixon’s New Plan Nixon wins election of 1968 “Peace with Honor” 1. Draft Reform 2. Vietnamization – South Vietnamese army would take over more of the fighting 3. More bombing in Cambodia and Laos Kept a secret to the American People Civil War

26 Protests Kent State Student burned down a military building 17 students shot – 4 killed, “Reasons that are unclear” Jackson state – police shot and killed 2



29 WOODSTOCK 1969 Where? Bethel, New York in a field Who? 400,000 people What? Celebrating rock music; open drug use, nudity, sex Why? Symbolized the 1960s emphasis on do what makes you happy and do not hurt others

30 Drugs and Alcohol Drugs and Alcohol become a teen leisure activity Drinking age established Marijuana was a felony at the beginning and a misdemeanor by the end Advertisements against teen smoking 1967: “Summer of Love” in San Francisco

31 Dating and Sex Standard dating practices still existed: boys asks girl, girl looks pretty, date is a movie or dinner, experimenting happens... Drugs and alcohol brought on more of a group atmosphere = dating becomes more casual 1960: birth control pill approved Education and economic status correlated to teen pregnancy rate (“No one told me where babies came from.”) This is not the 1960s but it does display the US pregnancies compared to other countries

32 Music Events Motown Records founded in 1960 Surfer music rises due to popularity of Beach Party Movies Grateful Dead-give rise to acid rock The Kinks establish first “hard rock” song with “You Really Got Me” Johnny Cash-releases “At Folsom Prison” in 1968 Led Zeppelin form in 1968 Altamont Music Festival 1969 The Who release 1 st rock opera-”Tommy” in 1969 The Beatles release 1 st concept album in 1967- “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

33 Music Bob Dylan The Doors Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin Simon and Garfunkel The Temptations The Supremes The Miracles

34 Latin Music Latin Boogaloo Latin music, African American R&B, Spanish and English lyrics Pete Rodriguez- “I Like it Like That” Santana becomes 1 st Rock star for Latinos after Woodstock performance

35 The Beatles… The Fab Four Arrive in America Feb 7, 1964 Instant pop celebrities Most successful group in history, not to mention the decade #1 Hit Songs-27 #1 Albums-19

36 …and the British Invasion The Who Rolling Stones Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd Black Sabbath The Animals The Yardbirds Herman’s Hermits

37 1960s Effects?


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