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K-5 Common Core Mathematics Teresa Hardin Amanda Tyner.

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1 K-5 Common Core Mathematics Teresa Hardin Amanda Tyner

2 2

3 Reading the Grade Level Standard www.brainybetty.com3

4 Crosswalk www.brainybetty.com4

5 Unpacking Document www.brainybetty.com5

6 Standards for Mathematical Practices 1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. 2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively. 3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. 4. Model with mathematics. 5. Use appropriate tools strategically. 6. Attend to precision. 7. Look for and make use of structure. 8. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. 6

7 7

8 Objectives Generate an understanding of Total Instructional Alignment by Lisa Carter: Clarifying Objectives Essential Questions Task Analysis Instructional Vocabulary Mathematical Practices Assessment Prompts 8

9 Overview of the Total Instructional Alignment (TIA)Document High Five Activity Discuss the document and find two items that look familiar and two items that you are unsure of. 9

10 What is Total Instructional Alignment (TIA)? It is a process developed by Lisa Carter. The process assures us that what we are teaching is also what we are assessing. 10

11 11

12 Clarifying Objectives 12 The standard is transformed into an easy to understand objective. Use simple terminology to describe what the student is expected to learn. –Now you and your shoulder buddy work to develop a clarifying objective for this standard.

13 Essential Questions 13

14 Mathematical Practices 14

15 Vocabulary 15

16 Task Analysis 16

17 TIA Document Work Session GradesFirst StandardSecond Standard KNBT.1K.G.4 1 st 1.OA.6NBT.4 2 nd 2.NBT.72.MD.9 3 rd 3.NF.2A3.MD 4th4.NBT.54.NF.1 5th5.NBT.65.NF.3 17

18 Common Core This Way.. aggleTube aggleTube 18

19 Common Core Math Assessment : Draw a Pie Chart www.brainybetty.com19

20 K-5 Changes Numeration and operation intensified, and introduced earlier –Early place value foundations in grade K –Regrouping as composing/decomposing in grade 2 –Decimals to hundredths in grade 4 © 2012 Jere Confrey 20

21 K-5 Changes All three types of measurement simultaneously. –Non-standard, English and Metric © Jere Confrey (NCSU) 21

22 K-5 Changes Emphasis on fractions as numbers Emphasis on number line as visualization/structure. © Jere Confrey (NCSU) 22

23 Sharing for four on a rectangle Jere Confrey (NCSU)23 a. b.c.d. e. f. g.h.i.j.

24 Read the following problems, and predict how students will solve it © 2012 Jere Confrey 24

25 Activity 1/3 divided by 5 25

26 1/3 divided by 5 26

27 Available Resources www.brainybetty.com27

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