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JJ Supply Company, Inc. 419-255-6300 Store- Room Services Store- Room Services.

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1 JJ Supply Company, Inc. 419-255-6300 Store- Room Services Store- Room Services

2 Store Room Solutions Established Min/Max. Personally Re-Stock Shelves and Bins Process Improvement We Taylor our Processes to Your Needs E-Commerce/Internet Solutions

3 Establish Min/Max We Will Establish Minimums and Maximums to Aid in Reducing OVERHEAD Reducing Overhead Makes the Budget Look Better, Which Makes You Look Better Decreased Stock-Outs We Help Identify What You Should be Receiving and When

4 Personally Re-Stock Your Inventory Each Time We Bring Items to Re- Stock, We Will Personally Put the Items in the Correct Bins and Shelves. This Reduces Time Spent in Upkeep for Your Store-Room You Will Not Have To Pull Someone From Production To Put the Items Away.

5 Improved Processes VMI Will Provide a Closer Relationship With JJ Supply and You Better Understanding of Your Needs Will Provide Better Service Shorter Lead Times Virtually Paperless Transactions via AMEX, Visa, MC Once or Twice a Month Invoicing Enable YOU to Focus on Other Issues by Freeing up Your TIME Saved TIME is saved MONEY!

6 Adaptability We are Always Open to New Ideas and Suggestions That You May Have to Improve our Relationship and Streamline Your Processes. We examine your needs closely and provide service accordingly. We Have Three Large Warehouses To Stock for Your Convenience. Local Proximity is a Major Asset for Emergency Situations.

7 E-commerce / Internet Solutions Powerful and secure web-enabled application that links you to our FACTS inventory system by Internet Customer Identification Item Lookup Detailed Item description with graphic image of item Item Detail Page Ordering Site

8 In Summary Improved delivery performance Decreased stock-outs Higher service-levels Closer vendor/ customer relationships Increased information transparency Decreased inventory write-offs/ write-downs Dramatically decreased inventory carrying costs Shorter lead-times Less effort and TIME spent for you!

9 Service is our Product Add JJ Supply to your toolbox! Almost all Products are available in Domestic or Import material Call 419-255-6300 Fax 419-242-4977 We will respond immediately with a competitive quote!

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