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So Little Time, So Many Needs How Technology Can Help Differentiate.

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1 So Little Time, So Many Needs How Technology Can Help Differentiate

2 Today’s Outcomes Leave with at least 1 idea you can use in the classroom now Leave with the motivation to dive into another site and learn it Leave with lots of resources to help you meet the needs of your diverse learners

3 Topics Google Earth creating placemarks Scrapbook Blogs Podcasts by GCast Online Stories Writeboard

4 What is Differentiated Instruction?

5 What is differentiated instruction? Curriculum designed to meet individual needs of students by modifying: –Content –Process –Product –Learning Environment

6 Joining Curriculum and Learning Thomlinson, 1999, p 45

7 Principles of a Differentiated Classroom The teacher: –Focuses on what is essential in curriculum –Understands, appreciates and nurtures differences in students –Adjusts content, process and product according to student readiness, interests and learning profiles

8 The students –All participate in respectful and authentic work –Collaborate with each other and the teacher in learning Principles of a Differentiated Classroom

9 The classroom climate –Demonstrates interdependence of assessment and instruction –Demonstrates flexibility –Nurtures goals which maximize growth and individual successes

10 Why Use Technology to Differentiate? Accommodates differences in student experience and ability Provides motivation to most all students Offers flexible learning opportunities Provides students the chance to learn 21st century skills needed for the real world

11 Google Earth Tours

12 Adding Place Markers Right click on My Places and Add a new folder Find your location Right click on the folder you added and then Add a Placemark Repeat for each placemark you want in your tour

13 Creating a Tour Once you have all your locations in your folder, right click and Save As Save to wherever your students can access it Google Earth Webinar (for more info) – dinginfo.php?RecordID=10111647 dinginfo.php?RecordID=10111647 – 6/02/goolge_earth_an.html 6/02/goolge_earth_an.html –Password= Discovery

14 Scrapblog and GCast

15 Scrapblog and Smilebox Allows for online scrapbooking/ journaling Can be embedded into teacher blog Ideas include: –pictures of math manipulatives to visually show a math problem –Pictures of field trip to document learning –Pictures from history to tell a story –Drawn pictures in Kid Pix, become a story

16 GCast An easy way to podcast Either upload audio saved with Audacity or call by phone 1-888-65-GCAST to record Ideas include: –Reader’s Theater for an online podcast –Review of what they learned for the day –Create poetry and read it –

17 Online Stories and Writeboard

18 Online Stories Tumble Books- Online books that are read to you with text highlighting StoryLine- Actors reading stories online KidzClub- Leveled readers with online stories and printable stories Read-On Audio Stories- ries/index.html ries/index.html Links to many stories all with audio

19 Writeboard A way to collaborate with many people on one document Ideas include: –Copy child’s story to Writeboard to allow parents/ professional to edit –Write stories together with parents, community members, or other students –Have daily math problems that parents/ community members could solve and explain their solutions

20 More Resources and Ideas

21 Math Resources Digital Camera scavenger hunts for geometry terms or shapes Use digital camera to take pictures to explain math problem (i.e. picture of 4 dice, picture of 2 dice and then picture of 6 dice to show 4+2=6) T-Charts/ Venn Diagrams using Kid Pix, Inspiration, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher Graphs using Excel, Max Count, or Kid Pix, Create a Graph Online Online geoboards Math Activities, glossary and resources such as online manipulatives K-6 Glyphs using Kid Pix Online Money Geogebra-free download-6-12 Math Casts-watch or create Sketchup free 3-D modeling program and once models are built they can be placed into Google Earth Lego Program

22 Reading Resources Internet Children’s Public Library Do location search when studying other countries Read real product reviews and write/record spoken voice of recommendations based on what they find (any shopping site- such as Read Please Text Reader- free download of program that reads text from any source Text Aloud converts written text to MP3 format for iPod Natural Reader Uses the AT&T natural voices and converts the text to MP3 format for use on iPods Audacity free program to record voices- readers theater, book reviews, review of what you learned for the day and email to parents Annenburg videos- free online videos on many different subject areas and topics Read, Write, Think website full of ideas and online materials/ activities for the language arts curriculum Librivox- volunteer to read stories and record online as well as listen to stories online

23 Writing Resources Use Writeboard to have editors collaborate Use digital cameras to tell a story, embellish a preexisting story, or help explain problems through still pictures or through live video Use an online note tool to help groups collect notes together quickly and easily Participate in the Internet projects SpringDoo A video email system where students could send video responses to the community on books read, current events, etc. More Writing Resources –Tiddlywiki: –Zoho Writer –Wikispace http://www.wikispaces.org

24 Social Studies Resources Have students read an article, use Audacity to record a response to the article Create a blog to document how history is being written everyday through the current events Google Earth tours of historical places with website links for more information Internet Children’s Public Library Do location search when studying other countries and read literature from that country Google Earth game Try Scholastic online activities –Social Studies/News/Content Area Reading –If you were president game game.asp game.asp

25 Science Ideas Use digital camera and PowerPoint handout view (Under Print choose Handouts) to take pictures of steps in experiment and then have students write was happened. Foss Web Online science activities Online Microscope Don’t know the answer to a scientific question? Ask Science Bob or Dr. CRAM Online telescope that you can control from your computer http://mo- BBC Science AOL Jr Science

26 Teacher Management Ideas Quiz Star- online quizzes that can include multimedia Assign-a-day- Create your own online assignment calendars with links to resources Study Shack Create your own study cards or self-quizzing system or use some of the thousands already created Rubistar Create your own rubrics for saving or printing PBL checklist Create your own checklists so that students can see what needs to be done for a project United Streaming Digital content for digital learners. Create online assignments that combine multimedia and web sites.

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