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APES Jeopardy- Rd Population Energy Ecosystem

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1 APES Jeopardy- Rd 2 10 20 30 40 50 Population Energy Ecosystem
Geo., Soil, Haz. Waste Water Pollution 10 20 30 40 50

2 What population pattern would you expect to find for rabbits and
coyotes in an undisturbed habitat Category

3 This type survivorship curve you would expect to find
for a mountain gorilla Category

4 The World Health Organization
initiated spraying in Borneo (Brunei) to

5 This age group implies the greatest
built-in momentum for population growth

6 During demographic transitions,
birth rates of a population are high during these two stages

7 The fuel used in a nuclear reactor is

8 This can be defined as has
mass and occupies space

9 Crude oil components are
separated by

10 The most common moderator
used in nuclear reactors is

11 1President who created the
first wildlife refuge and the Forest Service

12 1.Group of organisms that
resemble one another in appearance, behavior, chemical makeup and processes, and genetic structure

13 You are a microbiologist.
You observe a cell divide into two identical cells. You are most likely watching points

14 Organisms that feed on dead
organisms are called

15 1.      When natural selection results
in a shift toward one end of a normal range of traits, an evolutionary biologist would credit

16 1.      When natural selection results
in a shift toward the average of a range of genetic expressions for a particular trait, an evolutionary biologist would credit

17 2.      This rock is most likely to
be formed from compacted plant remains

18 The surface litter horizon
is described by the letter

19 Partially decomposed organic
matter is called

20 If you were a farmer, which
type of soil would you choose for your crops

21 2.    The greatest source of water pollution is

22 When occurs to water it causes algae
blooms, deplete water of oxygen and decreases water quality

23 This type of curve may occur
upstream from a sewage treatment plant

24 This is the last stage of cultural
eutrophication when these organisms appear

25 The largest estuary in the
United States is

26 The oil company responsible
for the oil spill of the Valdez was

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