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Using the OPR website create a Personal Development Plan

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1 Using the OPR website create a Personal Development Plan
Guide for Users Using the OPR website create a Personal Development Plan

2 Go to the OPR homepage:
Select your preferred language

3 Access:
Login: Enter your unique Global ID and password. Click OK. Your Global ID always begins with 2 letters which are related to your Zone: APAC – AP + ID number NA/Canada – NA + ID number NA/USA – NS + ID number CEE/Russia – RU + ID number CEE/Ukraine – UA + ID number WE – WE + ID number LAS – LS + ID number GHQ – HQ + ID number

4 Completing a PDP Click on Development Plan

5 Reviewing an old Development Plan
Click on PDP or PDP 2012 to view your old development plans from previous years

6 Starting a new Development Plan
Click on the first Development Plan tab to start a new Development plan in 2013

7 Completing a Development Plan
To get started, click onSpecific the Development Objective Select whether you will develop a Leadership Competency, Functional Competency or Technical Skill You will be able to add up to 3 development Objectives in your plan

8 Completing a Development Plan
If you selected Leadership Competency or Functional Competency, next click Type of Development Here you will select the specific competency you wish to develop (Leadership or Functional) IMPORTANT: You should only chose Functional Competency if you have been part of the roll out during 2013. Not all functional and not all employees from Sales, TD and Logistics are receiving this assessment this year. Click Save on the bottom of the screen as you progress!

9 Completing a Development Plan
If you selected Technical Skill as your Development Objective, then under Technical Skills write the specific technical skill you plan to develop. There is no drop down for this part. Is a free text that you will fill out Click Save on the bottom of the screen as you progress!

10 Describing a Development Objective
Next, describe the actions you will take to achieve this development objective. You can include multiple actions within the text box! Click Save on the bottom of the screen as you progress!

11 Weak Example Good Example
Describing a Development Objective When describing your development objective, be specific. Make sure that it has enough detail for your manager to understand how you will be working on this goal. What are you doing? How will you do it? Why is it important? If your Development Objective is to improve a Leadership Competency (Develop People), look at the examples below Weak Example Good Example I will work on developing people I will select one of my direct reports and provide coaching touch-points once per week starting in one month. I will ask for feedback after every meeting. This will help me practice my coaching skills and build it into my weekly routine! I will complete an e-learning module I will complete LMS module about ”building a high performance teams” within 1 month, create an action plan the key learnings and then apply them at my next team meeting in July Click Save on the bottom of the screen as you progress!

12 Completing a Development Plan
Next, add the resources you need to achieve the development objective, Start Date, and End Date The Start Date = the date you plan to start the Development Objective The End Date = your target deadline to complete this Development Objective (usually from 6 to 12 months) Click Save on the bottom of the screen as you progress!

13 Completing a Development Plan
As you work on your Development Objective, update your Status (Not Started, In progress, Completed or Canceled). Canceled should only occur if you have discussed and agreed this with your manager. Click Save on the bottom of the screen as you progress!

14 Completing a Development Plan
Finally, enter comments as you make progress against your development objective. Comments can include actions you are taking, obstacles you face and/or support needed. For example: “I have completed the LMS e-learning module, and am working on my action plan. I am working towards completing the analysis but have not been able to download the appropriate software. I have reached out to my managaer for approval of this tool

15 Adding another Development Objective
Once you have completed your first development objective, you can add another by clicking on Add another Development Objective You can include up to 3 development objectives; the system will block if you try to add more!

16 Finishing your Development Plan
Do not forget to click Save throughout this process The form will auto-save every 5 minutes but it is important to save your work as you go along By clicking Just Save, it will send the PDP to your manager to review

17 FOR MANAGERS: Once your employee has completed his/her PDP, you must review the PDP and make any necessary edits (based on the feedback meeting conversation had with the employee). To review the PDP, click on Direct Reports (from the Home Page) and click on the PDP 2012 icon

18 FOR MANAGERS: Review the direct reports PDP and make any edits necessary (based on the feedback meeting that took place). To save the PDP and return to the document later, click Just Save. Release to Direct Report: click here when you have made your edits and you want to release the PDP to the direct report for review (the direct report will be able to view & edit the PDP0. Release & Finish : click this once your direct report has reviewed your edits and you are ready to finalize the PDP. Note: this will make the document non-editable but viewable by you and the direct report. Print: simply prints the PDP.

19 Updating Your PDP Throughout the Year
Throughout the year you should regularly check and update your PDP. All fields in the PDP will be froze except for the Status and Comments sections. In the Comments box, you should track the progress you are making, any obstacles faced or resources needed

20 You have now completed your Personal Development Plan!
Who to contact if you have problems: Technical problems People Cycle questions, your local people managers Errors in your personal data: contact your People Manager and zone BSC to correct the data in SharpOPS

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