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Extended Modular Program The Program at a Glance.

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1 Extended Modular Program The Program at a Glance

2 2008 NARS 2 nd Edition 14 SEP 2008 Program needs to be  Outcome based  System Integrated  Problem Oriented 12 MAY 2009 Program Aims & ILOs 12DEC 2009 Credit Hours Rule+ Content selection & Allocation within modules Time line… 08 NOV 2008 Approved a General frame based on System based modules May 2012 Professor A. Fayez died in a car accident SEP 2010 Proposed New Bylaws Rejected March 2012 SharJa Visit 2014 Faculty Council & University councils approvals of ney bylaws 2014 Sector Committee &SCU approvals

3 The Extended Modular Program is a-6-year Program Core content addressing personal and professional development for ALL students Optional summer courses :  Health Profession Education  Health Care Management  Health Care Q.A.

4 System-Based Modules Temporal coordination

5 First Three Years First year 1 st semesterFoundations 2 nd semesterFoundations Second year 1 st semesterModules 2 nd semesterModules Third year 1 st semesterModules 2 nd semesterModules PPD

6 First Three Years First year 1 st semesterFoundations 2 nd semesterFoundations Second year 1 st semesterModules 2 nd semesterModules Third year 1 st semesterModules 2 nd semesterModules PPD Disciplines sharing in modules: 1.Anatomy 2.Physiology 3.Histology 4.Biochemistry 5.Pathology 6.Pharmacology 7.Microbiology 8.Parasitology 9.Relevant clinical Systems: 1.Integumentary / Locomotor 2.Blood/ Lymphatic 3.CVS 4.Respiratory 5.Digestive- Nutrition - 6.Urinary 7.Genital 8.Endocrine - Metabolism 9.Nervous 10.Infection & Immunity 11.Multisystem

7 Last Three Years Fourth year 1.Medicine 1 2.Surgery 1 3.Pediatrics 1 4.Ob/Gyn 1 Systems Fifth year 1.Medicine 2 2.Surgery 2 3.Pediatrics 2 4.Ob/Gyn 2 5.ENT 6.Ophthalmology Specials Sixth year 1.Medicine 3 2.Surgery 3 3.Emergency 4.Forensic/ Toxicology Preparation for practice Epidemiology Systems: 1.CVS 2.Respiratory 3.Digestive 4.Urinary 5.Genital 6.Endocrine 7.Integumentary 8.Locomotor 9.Blood/ Lymphatic 10.Nervous

8 Last Year Final Semester = Pre-internship 4 major subjects revisited in a longitudinal integrated clerkship

9 Core Personal Development Topics Year 1How do we learn? Learning skills (eg. critical thinking, creative thinking, communicating, and collaborating. ) Time Management Presentation skills Group Dynamics Year 2Problem solving skills Basic concepts in Medical Education Mind Mapping (concept) Introduction to communication skills Year 3Project Management Team Building Leadership Skills Evidence Based Medicine (concept) Year 4Communication skills for health care professionals (written, verbal, consultation request & reply, referral letter, medical report) Year 5Training in Cochrane collaboration regional office Year 6Principles of Health Care Finance, Health Care Marketing Change Management

10 This program is designed for ambitious students who are willing to be actively engaged in their education process taking increasing responsibilities regarding their own learning

11 The EMP aims to prepare a medical graduate who is… Motivated life long learner Equipped with adequate integrated knowledge, professional and generic skills Acquainted with the modern health care facilities and problems Acquired the bases of professional attitude Ready to engage as an active member of the health care provider team

12 Educational concepts underpinning the program Help students to form their own mental network Active engagement of students in their own learning Encouraging group activitiesEarly clinical exposureLearning by Doing

13 We Have A Strategy To Develop A Motivated, Life Long Learner? Engage him/her in the educational session Text books use mentoring & guidance Provide a variety of learning activities for students with different learning styles Monitoring students’ progress

14 Contact hours will be used to Explain global concepts and important relations, Give examples to apply knowledge gained Engage students actively within the learning activity Stimulate students to explore more knowledge on their own (Directed self learning) Assessing that students are engaged in the educational activities assigned Correct students misconception

15 Our Instructors are trained to… Be open minded Mentor and guide Accept new ideas Generate new ideas Cooperate with each others Be an integral part of the whole picture

16 Its is hoped that… The Extended Modular Program would lead the advancement of medical education, not only in Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine but also in the whole region through a holistic vision of the medical graduate attributes suitable to face the medical practice challenges of the present and future.


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