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DxWare AG - CH-6373 Ennetbürgen - VALUE IN COMMUNICATION.

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1 DxWare AG - CH-6373 Ennetbürgen - VALUE IN COMMUNICATION

2 DxWare AG - CH-6373 Ennetbürgen - Founded:2005 Location:Ennetbürgen, Switzerland Employees:5 (plus external) Business:Real Time Data Communication (50 man-years of experience) Product:DxNode ® Net (ready to run product) Company Profile DxWare AG VALUE IN COMMUNICATION

3 DxWare AG - CH-6373 Ennetbürgen - DxNode ® Net Platform independent data exchange network using nodes Open, neutral communication layer with functions Based on international standards TCP/IP, XML, Web Services DxNode Interfaces DxOPS.exe  DxNode OPC Server interface DxOPC.exe  DxNode OPC Client interface Other.exe …  DxNode interfaces for proprietary systems Linux …  DxNode Embedded Linux with different interfaces Other Services Driver and interface development Consulting communication concepts Coaching and workshop training courses Products and Services

4 DxWare AG - CH-6373 Ennetbürgen - Product Overview DxNode ® Net (Data eXchange Node Network) The independent network to interconnect any type of systems

5 DxWare AG - CH-6373 Ennetbürgen - individual Driver DCS y PLC z SCADA 1ERP/MES HMI x SCADA 2 SCADA n OPC Client/Server Server Client Server Client Server Client Server Client Driver cross connections Driver Classical: every interface requires its own driver … … the OPC standard is a relief however, it is not unified and, DCOM bears quite some limits … … cross connections require more drivers and add to the diversity of interfaces … maintenance or replacing a system may become expensive Example – Classical Connection of Systems

6 DxWare AG - CH-6373 Ennetbürgen - DxNode.NetDxNode.Net DCS y PLC z SCADA 1ERP/MES HMI x SCADA 2 SCADA n DxNode OPC XML OPC XML OPC XML TCP/IP Network DxNode … all DxNodes together form DxNode.Net … On every system, a DxNode is installed … … systems are connected via XML protocol or by OPC … the DxNodes are connected via the standard network … DxNode.Net – Communication Concept

7 DxWare AG - CH-6373 Ennetbürgen - Low impact between systems by separate communication layer Large/complex installations are maintainable (safeguard investment) Any system can exchange data with any other system (distributed DB) Applicable to Process/SCADA/MES/ERP systems incl. internet High availability and data consistence, even via internet Comfortable multi-user operation, even via internet Transparency by two address spaces for 1. network and 2. application Customized standard adaptable by XML Schema Supports OPC data models (value/time/quality) Simple XML interface incl. validation (XML Schema compliance test) Low cost for interfaces and maintenance DxNode.Net – Goals and Features

8 DxWare AG - CH-6373 Ennetbürgen - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Management Execution Systems (MES) Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) Process Control and Visualization Systems Building Control Systems Traffic Control Systems Facility Management Process Data Collection and Distribution General Data Processing DxNode.Net – Potential Applications DxNode.Net may be applied where ever real time data is exchanged e.g. in the following areas …

9 DxWare AG - CH-6373 Ennetbürgen - Traffic St. Gotthard / Seelisberg Tunnel - Ascom Systec AG, Audio Video SA, Cegelec SA, Lila System GmbH, Moelbert AG, Neumann AG, Securiton AG, Siemens AG, Sisag AG, Ticos AG, Weiss-Electronic GmbH Building Cegelec GmbH, Credit Suisse, Daimler Chrysler, Leicom AG, ScadaSoft AG, UBS AG, Viscom Engineering AG Other Research - Paul Scherrer Institute SCADA Interface - Citect, FactoryLink, PVSS II, Wizcon Embedded Linux Interfaces - diverse DxNode.Net – Installations / References

10 DxWare AG - CH-6373 Ennetbürgen - ? Ready to use installable product No Loss of Events thanks Store&Forward Transition indication for commands (Action=Reaction) Transmission and comfortable operation via Internet Customized data point renaming thanks two address spaces Client and Server functions are configurable (roles) Client or Server can establish connections Any Server-Server and/or Client/Server connections Supports x-fold redundant systems with automatic failover Unified function layer, unified configuration Supervision of connections (Alive), configurable data encryption Open source without platform restrictions DxNode.Net and OPC UA (Unified Architecture) DxNode.Net supports OPC with most of the features that are planned for the Unified Architecture however, DxNode provides some more …

11 DxWare AG - CH-6373 Ennetbürgen - Thank you for your attention VALUE IN COMMUNICATION

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