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0 -Kim hee sun HRD center -http://www.kshrd.com -02-543-5787, 3583.

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1 0 -Kim hee sun HRD center -http://www.kshrd.com , 3583

2 1 We readily see a company as a profit-pursuing entity, yet we have come to know that profit is only conditioned circumstances rather than a sole goal of an enterprise or management. We believe that main goal of business is to put out continuously new products or service equipped with new value and expand its market. Customers' needs can be satisfied with new products and service they purchase. Therefore It is Customer Satisfaction that every business should put first priority on. Numerous companies are eagerly seeking stable management and steady growth, but unfortunately the gate to business success is not open wide and accordingly chances to be successful one is not quite good. It can not be too exaggerated that in this discussion clients-issue should be put as a centerpiece replacing profit. The starting point of enterprise's aim and obligation should be pointed to Customers and enterprises are defined by the terms of customers.

3 Introduction Enterprise Social Personal - Kim Hee Sun HRD Center would like to help business to image its future. - I make efforts to make myself with good value system to be a mature citizen. - We are trying to make the world full of people, nature, challenge and humble minds.

4 Vision Mission Core Value Core Value " We wish to be a partner of your business by providing solutions for enhancing organization's performances and tapping individual's uncovered resources and we naturally believe that our efforts will assist desirable company circumstances to be rooted in education and training on site of companies and in the end this atmosphere company and customers are guided in win-win module." "Developing various potential of learners and creating knowledge contents through Coaching and Training." Consulting service for human resources development strategy and system Training program development for individual's and organization's. FAN program for harmony and unity among members of companies. Solutions for optimizing customers in given circumstances This institute's main concern is to provide top quality service. Our services are based on 3P - Passion, Pride and Professionalism We establish relationship with our clients so-called win-win partnership.

5 Assessment Solution Learning Solution Consulting Solution Performance Consulting Human Resources Development System Breeding Core Member System Modeling for Capability Training Program Development Training and Service Manual Development Leadership Change MGT ORG Development Team Building Human relationship Problem Solving CS Marketing Self Growth [NAMU] Consulting Leadership / Coaching Skill Checking Management Skill(50 unit) Service Self-checking Organization / Culture Checking / Teaching Checking Business Scope Kim Hee Sun HRD Center has provided Total Learning Solution, in which process we utilize networking, delivery power and other techniques gained in the previous projects and we diagnosis, analysis, and intervene for better outcome.

6 Kim hee sun HRD center program We supply HR Solution which is our clients needed by detail Curriculum NA program MU program NAMU coaching program NA program MU program NAMU coaching program -Fun management -Imitation business game -Business presentation -Rational solving problem -Development Creation -Effective conference operation method -Conflict / Time management -Team building -Vivid Organization -Fun management -Imitation business game -Business presentation -Rational solving problem -Development Creation -Effective conference operation method -Conflict / Time management -Team building -Vivid Organization -Officer Coaching / 1:! Coaching -Revolution leadership -Service leadership -Follow ship for successful employee -Officer Coaching / 1:! Coaching -Revolution leadership -Service leadership -Follow ship for successful employee -Customer impression service -Image making -Service skill -CRM(customer Relationship marketing) -CEM(Customer Experience marketing) -MOT(Moment of Truth) -Spot Clinic &Coaching -Success communication -Business manner -Handle complained customer -Customer impression service -Image making -Service skill -CRM(customer Relationship marketing) -CEM(Customer Experience marketing) -MOT(Moment of Truth) -Spot Clinic &Coaching -Success communication -Business manner -Handle complained customer Management revolution program NAMU program Leadership program CS (Customer Satisfaction)

7 Foundation of Ye Yeon Jae - Operate the manner camp in Korean folk village - Operate the Ye Ji Education - Lotte world Manner Camp - Operate the workshop for the principal of preschool - Operate the workshop Middle-High school teach -Change the name to Kim hee sun Academy - Introduce the company through EBS -Participated in KT employee materials for teaching - Operate KT plaza MOT -Operate the Service lecturer Training Course - STS [Service Training School] - PSE [Pro Service Instructor] - Leadership Strange Academy -Be the Bureau of Korea Lecturers Association - Kim Hee Sun HRD Center started under name of Ye Yeon Jae in Sep 2002 and Apr 2004 expanding business scope changes its title to the present name. -Kim Hee Sun HRD Center provide excellent Total Learning Solution aiming organization's performance improvement, efficiency enhance and growth of individual members by the means of human networking and best R & D. -We have a lot of experience of dispatching our high calibre staff to big business groups such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Lotte, SK and lots of government offices including National Assembly and many public companies. -Kim Hee Sun is considered to be one of the leading companies to assist growth and success of individuals and organizations through scientific diagnosis and capability- centered method. - We confidently suggest that you enjoy our success- guaranteed service provided by true professionals of Kim Hee Sun HRD Center in the era of limitless competition. Kim hee sun HRD center is

8 7 -Leadership Course for manager of the Givosteel -Leadership Course for Parliament Building Public officer -CS improve course for gyowon in service education institute employee -Dongbu Life CS Leader Training Course -CJ Food bill manager Skill Increase Course -Medipartner NLP Coaching Course -Woori Bank Consulting Skill Increase Course -Hospital Cha CS Leader Coaching Course -Welcome Credit Line All Employees CS Course -Nongshim Women Employee CS Course -Dabos Hospital All Employee Workshop & Cunsulting -Samhwa federation of savings banksWomen employee CS course -small and medium enterprises CEO API Course -Coex Aquarium Annual Aquarium 2005Thesecond - Recruit Strategy Academy - Specialty Lecturer Coaching - Operate the politic seminar of Kyunggydo City Council - Introduce by TV several times - Participate the CS consulting in domestic company -Parliament Building Lecturer Course -the Suwon physical and cultural center workshop -the SK Telecom Lecturer level up Course -the Success lecture in the Cooperation agency -basic literary education workshop -workshop for Leader Korea National Housing Corporation -politic seminar Anyang City Hall -Lecturer Coaching Academy Chungang University -Coaching Open Class about Increase Outcome -workshop for Seowon circulation new employee 2005 The first

9 The second 2006 The first -Arario CS Lecturer Increasing Course -Financial Supervisory Service New employee Manner Education -Korean Productivity Center SOHO CS Course -LG Card Consultants CS Course -Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology Women Employee CS Course -Handok Sales Person CS Course -Samhwa Paint CS Course -Samsung Semiconductor Service Mind Course -Dongbu Life All Employee CS Workshop -Lotter Shopping Service Leader Vision Lecture -VOV Corp All Employee CS Course -ACTS all employee CS Course -MYUNG HYUN SCHOOL teaching staff 21 centurial change renovation crash course -Small –middle construction group CEO API Lecture -Dongyang Life Insurance Branch Women employee CS Course -Hospital Cha Nurse Coaching Skill Course -Dabos Hospital All Employee CS Course -Dongbu Construction All Employee Transformation monitoring -MBC new employee Workshop -Esquire Sales Women employee CS Course -Hwarang Credit Union All Employee CRM Workshop & Consulting -KUMHO ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION "Korean Business Council for the Arts -Teaching staff Coaching pass progress -BOSCH Korea Branch CEO Branch Monitorring G &CS Course -ACE BED Sales Person CS Course -Hyundai Securities Secretary Course -DAEWOO E&C ll Employee International manner -National Assembly 5 class promotion person Renovation Leadership Lecture -SEIL TOUR ehicle Operation team CS Course -Abbott Korea All Employee Business Manner Course -BiONTECH Branch Annual Education for CEO - BOSCH Korea Branch chief CRM Workshop -DAESUNG TOTAL STEEL All Employee Organization Activation Course

10 The second 2006 The first -BiONTECH Branch Image Consulting for CEO -Kofeed Association All Employee Job Manners Course -ACE BED Sales person CS Course -Gyeongsang National University Human relation success strategic education -Seoul National University of Technology Preliminary worker Knowledge course -The judiciary corporation proper all employee Organized activation process -SEIL TOUR Customer satisfactory service renovation process progress -ACE BED Sale employee 3 subtracting CS course -KUMHO ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION all employee image consulting -Boatwhistle CS innovation course -CAN Car audio vision establishment practice process progress -MTV On music net work organization activation process progress -COEX workshop self-reform innovation course -Dongbu Life Insurance Nationwide branch Business power reinforcement improvement course -ITEMPOOL Telemarketer TM education progress -WON Grandmother bossam all manager of a branch office CS innovation course -KIBO STEEL annul lecture -BiONTECH all employee leadership course -Doosan clothes Noble marketing course -Sejong institute Golf course innovation course -AIG Life Insurance WIN-WIN communication course -SIDUS SL Business Increase Course -Dongbu Life Insurance Second half of the year Business power reinforcement course -SK Securitie Incoming partner enrollment process 1 progress -LG card head office all employee communication -Meritz Securities Business power Increase Course -National Assembly 8 class newly appointed manager leadership course -Actoz soft WIN-WIN communication course

11 The second -SK Securities Incoming partner enrollment course 2 progress -The young people the conference resting Worker knowledge education -Capitol 5 class newly appointed manager leadership course -Yokozuna usiness result improvement course -BiONTECH Sensitivity sales technique course -UP LOVE Communication activation course -Samsung Fire Insurance Lecture coaching course -Chungcheong Regional Communications Office Self-reform course -SAMSUNG ELECTRO MECHANICS Real estate investment strategic lecture -Dongguk University career woman image Consulting education -Ajou University Leadership Training Course -ENTRI Organized communication activation course -Korea productmty center Human network activation course -Nongshim newemployee Worker knowledge process -BiONTECH Sale technic course -High 1 One mind advance conference process -debut Hair shop self-reform process -SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Annual education -UANGEL All Employees Management innovation process -Welcome credit All Employees -Service renovation process --POSCO Ethical practical leader leadership workshop -KIBO STEEL The leader class Fun management course -Gyeongsang National University Human relation successful strategic process -The enterprise consumer specialist association dissatisfied customer catching -DAEWOO E&C Network activation course -Korean Film Council Image Consulting course -Speedmate Association CEO Chief executive officer course --Seoul medical School interview coaching - BiONTECH Agreement communication process -SAMSUNG ELECTRO MECHANICS Marriage making lecture

12 The second -SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS trategic communication lecture -Dongbu Fire Insurance Win-Win Agreement leadership course -Catholic Sangji College Successful strategic communication course -Suwon nurture facility The truth teacher rearing course --Sk telecom Asia business result improvement course --Interview preparation image consulting process --Movie promotion commission Result ability reinforcement process -HANGLAS Leadership ability reinforcement project progress - GYEONGI-DO Local public service worker educational circle CS activation course -Posco Public information thread ethical communication activation process -Ajou University Service leadership workshop -SIHWA CLINIC Practical leadership process -LEARNER KOREA Service coaching process -Jeonbuk University Hospital Fun management course -Nenpol Security team leader Service leadership course -DONGJIN COMPAY Administrative position objective self leadership renovation course -Bluedns all employee Vision renovation process -MYUNG HYUN SCHOOL teaching staff Win-Win communication course -ILSHIN CONSTRUCTION Service renovation process -SCOMMTECH new employee ability reinforcement process -SAMSUNG ELECTRO MECHANICS Organized communication lecture -SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Beauty care style lecture -SK Securities Incoming partner enrollment process 3 progress -KIBO Steel self leadership lecture -POSCO Public information thread ethical communication lecture -Bundang Cha Hospital lecture coaching course

13 The first -Shinsegae Department Store JUK JEON branch opening course -SK Securities Presentation Skill up course -Sidus Service renovation process -GD Machine 1:1 Mentoring corse -Samsung Fire Insurance Vision renovation process -Revis Service ability reinforcement process progress -National Assembly newly appointed businessman renovation leadership course -LEARNER KOREA Service coaching course -E&WIS Service leadership course -Shinsegae Department Store JUK JEON branch Service paradigm process -BMW KOREA VIP Marketing process 8 time character (March) progress -SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Condition training lecture -SAMSUNG Tesco service site coaching course -Samsung Fire Insurance vision renovation course -SAMSUNG ELECTRO MECHANICS condition training lecture course -Sihwa clinic Sensitivity leadership course -Parkland Service communication course -jou University Graduate school of business renovation leadership course -HDT Service ability reinforcement process -kimbeyonggap Alternative medicine center business consulting progress -Korea Airport Corporatio Sensitivity communication process 5 progress -HYUNDAI KIA MOTORS NAMYANG Laboratory Company internal lecturer cultivation course 1 secondary process progress -Korea Maritime University vision course -Korea Venture Industry Association Human network activation process -Hwarang Credit Union Advance monitoring process -Sidus Service renovation process -National Assembly Justice Research study station renovation leadership course -GYEONGI-DO Small and medium enterprise resources center successful strategic communication -Workshop course

14 The first -SAMSUNG ELECTRO MECHANICS englisg lecture -Nongshim Service leadership course -SK Securities All branch CS renovation course -KSD Service reinforcement course -BMW Korea VIP Marketing process 9 (April) progress -Dae Heung self-leadership lecture -SKtelecom Service leadership lecture -Hwarang Credit Union One mind one intention cheerful motion meeting -Korean Film CouncilCS Ability reinforcement process progress -Korea Electric Power Corporation First customer satisfaction skill improvement process -VOV worker manners education -BMW Korea VIP Marketing process 10 time (May) progress -Kimbeyonggap Alternative medicine center site coaching -[pusan] KAC Image Making course -Nongshim Customer satisfactory management process -[jeju] KAC Image Making course -SAMSUNG ELECTRO MECHANICS sasang constitutional lecture course -May ACE Bed Customer confrontation skill improvement process -KUMHO ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION Service success strategic education progress -CHOSUN UNIVERSITY Chief executive officer renovation leadership course -HANKOOK COSMETICS Company internal lecturer strong will skill improvement process -Gangdong-gu office CS Leader cultivation process -Hyundai capital NLP communication process -Korea Electric Power Corporation Secondary customer satisfaction skill improvement course -GYEONGI-DO Partial maintenance association chief executive officer process -GYEONGI-DOSmall and medium enterprise support center pro-salesman Business consultation & agreement technique -SK Securities Image Making & Business manner -KOREALIFE INSURANCE SM Ability reinforcement annual project progress -June ACE Bed Customer confrontation skill improvement process

15 Thesecond --Pusan Regional Communications Office CS Marketing Ability reinforcement process progress -DUKSUNG Followership course -Chungcheongbukdo Government employee 3rd kind service process -KAC Sensitivity communication process -Suwon banquet Service renovation course -Sidus SL Service leadership course -SSANGYOUNG MOTOR Company internal lecturer cultivation process -SCOMMTECH CS renovation course -Jeil Hospital Service lecturer cultivation process -DUKSUNG self-renovation course -Nowon chamber of commerce&industry CS education progress -Lotte Department Store multi presentation Production. Application process progress -LEARNER KOREA Secondary site service coaching specialist course -SK Securities Incoming partner business manner process -HYUNDAI KIA MOTORS NAMYANG Laboratory 3.4 company internal lecturer cultivation processes -KYUNGWOON university Interview image Making process -DUKSUNG ision & Organized communication process -KONGEUI INDUSTRY (must-be) Successful strategy communication process -LEARNER KOREA 3 site service coaching specialists course -Daejeon Educational Training Institute Teacher temperament improvement process -Modetour Sexual harassment & service education progress -Sidus CS Ability reinforcement process progress -boatwhistle Service education [Annual educational January ~ December] -SEIL TOUR all employee Service education -SK Securities Incoming partner education -Hyundai Securities secretary education -Dizironpia Service education -Hwarang Credit Union basic Service education

16 15 -Hwarang Credit Union basic Service education -SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Financial affairs education -Ajuautorental Company internal lecturer cultivation course -Nongshim Incoming partner education -Sky velly Service education -SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Cosmetics -Nongshim Officer driver Service education -KOREALife Insurance Service mind image making -SAMSUNG ELECTRO MECHANICS Cultural course every month progress -Hwarang Credit Union all employee Service education -TransPotaion Safety Industrial Complex Service leadership Service lecturer cultivation course - PESTO employee communication education -One Cashing TA communication Service coaching course 2008 The first -HANDOK PHARMACEUTICALS employee education 5days course -Seongbuk office Transformation reply CS leader cultivation process -Korean folk village all employee Service education three days course -SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS LCD women employee ability improvement process 16 time progress -KOREALIFE INSURANCE Team leader class service mind image making course -Pusan Regional Communications Office Director of a bureau leadership 10 days course -VOLVO Group SA Service education 10days course - VOLVO Group Reception & tech conduct manners education -Chungnam Transportation Training Institution Article service education 5 time -Suwon Womens College Interview lecture education -Seoul commtech Technical incoming partner education -SK Securities Newly entering women employee education -Korea Tourism College communication -Lexusprime Service education site coaching -Pyeongtaek Super (song tan) Service leadership -Pyeongtaek Super (anjung) Service Conduct manners education -Yonsei University Severance Hospital employee education -Chungnam Transportation Training Institution Service education

17 16 -Metrix presentation education -Abbott korea Job manners education -Pyeongteak City Office Service education Gyeongsang National University vision -Pyeongtaek Super (song tan) Service leadership -Pyeongtaek Super (anjung) Service conduct manners education -Yonsei University Severance Hospital employee education -Chungnam Transportation Training Institution Service education - Maehyang Information highschool vision education -SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS LCD Team leader class leadership education 10 times -TOYOTA Korea employee education -Dongil MOTORS service basic conduct -Hycell situation leadership - Metrix corporation communication -IMC The site service clinic coach method -Kdb Bank window women employee Service education -KOREALIFE INSURANCE Director of a bureau class image making education -Volvo Group SK,JK Dealer site clinic -COEX AQUARIUM Service education -COEX AQUARIUM Monitor and site coaching -HALLIM business manner -SAMSUNG ELECTRO MECHANICS Financial technology education -SK Securities Self innovation education -SWAROVSKI Service coaching education -Kyeonggi-do Small and medium enterprise era center meeting progress technique -LEANER KOREA Service coaching 16 hour process -kfq Service education -SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Office girl ability improvement process 16 time --Korea Airport Corporation Change management -Volvo Group Site clinic conduct deepening process -Welcome credit all employee Service education -KOREALIFE INSURANCE Business power improvement course -SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS LCD Department chief class Communication Three days Two night 10 times -SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS LCD Alternate class introspection Two days one night 12 progresses -Sihwa short-term general Hospital all employee Service education

18 17 -Korean leader academy leadership education -WOO WON M&C company manner education -Oceanic police academy service leadership education - Alternative medicine center all employee Service education -Seoyeon academy teacher objective consultation skill education -SK Securities Secretary education -E&I Service leadership -Hwarang Credit Union Service renovation course -KUMHO ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION Service Skill-up course - SK Securities 2 annual equation staff business manners -Ajou university beautiful change -DONGWEY Hospital all employee Service education -Meritz Securities Appearance dress/visit manners Business employee effective Consultation manners -Kyunghee University Highest specialist -SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS LCD women employee Change renovation two days one night course -SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Company internal lecturer lecture coaching process -Lions Clubs International beautiful success -Forest Service Kind service education-National Assembly incoming partner education -SK Securities Intern employee education -Small middle business center Meeting progress technique -Pyeongteak City Office communication course -Hycell Fun management -Sidus all employee education -Korean Film Council fun Leadership development Evaluation improvement communication image May king -Seoul commtech Technical intern employee staff education -SK Securities Incoming partner CS education -Nenpol Service basic hardening, -National Assembly department chief class leadership education -Seoul koreapost Service leadership education -Chrysler reception education -Bun dang Seoul University Hospital level-up course -Jeil Hospital Service coaching course -Metrix presentation coaching -KOiS Organization management

19 18 -AK Duty Free Monitoring execution -AK Duty Free Staff service education execution -GM (General motors) Dealer staff education -SEIL TOUR Junction staff consultation skill process -DiZiPiA all employee job manner lecture - Dongguk University interview lecture -Seoul Medical school interview -lecture -HYUNDAI –KIA MOTORS Company internal -lecturer lecture coaching process -ACE Bed sales employee Service education -HANDOK PHARMACEUTICALS Business manner education etc -Samsung SOCAP communication skill -LEANER KOREA August Service coaching course -Samsung LCD Business administration change TA -Chrysler women employee Service education -Samsung SOCAP communication skill -LEANER KOREA August Service coaching course -Samsung LCD Business administration change TA -Chrysler women employee Service education 2008 The first

20 Main Client School Dongguk University / Kyonggy University / Kangnung University University of Ulsan / Gyeongsang National University / Kunsan National University Cheongju University / Chungang University / Jangan College / The University of Suwon Ajou University MBA / Catholic Sangji College / Hanyang Womens College Inha University / Chosun University / Maritime University / Seoul National University of Technology Kyunghee University / Suwon Womens College / Korea Tourism College / Maehyang Information High School / Korea Coast Guard Academy Financial HANA Bank/ The Korea Development Bank/ industrial Bank of Korea / Jeil Bank/ Hyundai Swiss Mutual Savings Bank/ Hyundai Card /Woori Bank / Samhwa Mutual Savings Bank/ Hwarang Credit Union / Welcome Credit Line / Samsung Card / LG Card / Hyundai Card Capital / Dongyang Life Insurance / AIG Life Insurance / Daehan Life Insurance / Samsung Life Insurance Gyobo Life Insurance / Dongbu Life Insurance / Samsung Fire Insurance / Dongbu Fire Insurance SK Securities / Digi Loan Pia / Good Morning Shinhan Securities / Meritz Securities / Daishin Securities / Future Information Service / Woori Information Service / Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute / Korea Securities Depositary / Korea Credit Guarantee Fund / Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives / KCFA (Korea Customer Financial Associate) / One Cashing / NH Investment Securities / Hyundai Securities

21 Main Client Leisure Lotte World / Seoul Land / Korean Folk Village / Gangwon Land / Coex Aquarium Kal Hotel / Jeju Ramada Hotel / Seoguipo Resort Hotel / Bokwang Phoenix Park / Walkerhill Casino / Sejong Reserch Golf Club / South Country Club / HanTan River Country Club Sunhill Golf Club / Ildong Lake Golf Club / Edinburgh Country Club / Philos Golf Club / Lake Wood Golf Club / Pine Creek Golf Club / Sky velly Public Central Officials Training institute/ National Health Insurance Corporation / Korean Film Council Central Labor Institute / Chungcheongbuk-do Provincial Government Republic of Korea Bucheon Office of Education / Bucheon City Council / Incheon Province Official Seoul Post The National Assembly building Education Training Office / Sosagu Office / Chung Cheong Post KBS Broadcast / MBC Broadcast / Korea Racing Authority / Anyang City Council Gwacheon Sejong Street he Integrated Government Building / National Pension Service TransPotaion Safety Industrial Complex / Gyeonggido Human Resource Development Office Parliament Building / Daejeon Training Institution / Chungcheongbukdo Training Institution Nowon chamber of commerce and industry / Pusan Regional Communications Office Pyeongteak City Office / Korea Airport Corporation / Forest Service / Gangdonggu Office Chungnam Transportation Training Institution / Seongnam City Office / Songpagu Office

22 Distribution Lotte Department Store / Aekyung Department Store / Suwon Gallary Department Store New Core Department Store / Deagu Department Store / Hyundai Department Store Shinsegae Department Store / Dong-A Department Store / 63 City / Samsung C&T Corporation Hanjin a duty-free shop / E-Mart / Samsung Home Plus / Lotte Shopping HaiTai Distribution / Bokwang Family Mart/ AK a duty-free shop Hospital & Pharmaceutical Seoul University Hospital / Yonsei University Severance Hospital The Society of Korean Madison Obesity Research / Kangnam Marys Hospital Kyunghee University Medical Center / length and breadth an Oriental medicine clinic Inje University White Hospital/ Davos / Ajou university Hospital / Ulsan East River Hospital Phizer korea / Two Hand Hospital / humanity Hospital / Otsuka Korea / Astrazeneca Bundang Cha Hospital / Easyham Skin Clinic / Myungdong Bright World ophthalmology Apple tree Dental / Boramae Hospital / Sihwa short-term general Hospital / Asan Hospital Sinsa Central Hospital/ Giant Plastic Surgery / Bando Plastic Surgery / Samsung Jeil Hospital Kim young soo Plastic Surgery/ Bundang Seoul University Hospital / Medison / Byer Korea Slim Perfect / Yonsei Moa Hospital / Jeonbuk University Hospital / Jeil Hospital / Medimedia Kyunghee University traditional Oriental medicine / Dongwee Hospital / Hyundai Hospital

23 Information & Communication SK Telecom / KTF / / SK Networks (Global) / Shin Se Gae Comunication /Information Security Education Communication Circulation Industry / LG Telecom / Scomm Tech / HYUNDAI DIGITECH Food & Drink Sorrento / IPPOPTTAMUS / SINCHONSEOLUNGTANG / N SEOUL TOWER / VIPS SKYLARK / WON Grandmother bossam / Kahunaville / BR baskin robbins DUNKIN DONUTS / boatwhistle / Rebis / OUR Home / Yokozuna / Moguchon Car BMW Korea / Renault SAMSUNG Motors / SSANGYOUNG Motors/ HYUNDAI KIA Motors NAMYANG Laboratory / TOYOTA Korea / LEXUS PRIM Motor / PEUGEOT Korea DAIMLER / ajuautorental / Volvo Group / GM(General motors) /

24 Education A+ science world / ITEMPOOL / seoul medical school / General Seoyuon Academy Comingschoo MYUNGHYUN School / DAEKYO / korea leader academy IMC APEX Consulting Mentoring Solution Construction DAEWOO E&C / ILSHIN CONSTRUCTION / DaeHeung CRUSHER BUIL KEON WHA CO. LTD / DAEJOO.KC /BOSCH / DSME / DONGJIN COMPAY HANGLAS / Samsung Heavy Industries / DAESUNG TOTAL STEEL / KIBO STEEL / DUKSUNG / KUMHO ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION Nonprofit Organization SUWON Nurture facility / Korea association of the deaf / Kofeed Association / KOVA Korea Youth Shelter Associa / Korea technology assosiation / OCAP / KOYANARA

25 Software E&WIS /GD MACHINES / High1 / Blue dns / Actoz Soft / DiZiPiA ETC. SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS/ SAMSUNG ELECTRO MECHANICS / SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Heigh technology laboratory / SIDUS SL / KOGO KYOWON TRAINING INSTITUTE / UANGEL KOREA PRODUCTIMY CENTER / Daerim Corporation / CAN International / The wisdom Center ACE Bed Engineering laboratory / precious stone company/ Dollkor / Nenpol / MTV ON M. NET CHUGOKU SAMHWA PAINTS, LTD / MIRAE WEDDING CASTLE / KAI of Korea / Abbott Korea UP LOVEKPTA / HANYANG INTERNATIONALPATENT AND LAW FIRM /NONGSHIM / HP Korea BARUN LAW / PARKLAND / Cheil Industries / DOOSAN BG / Joyful Service / CHUNG FISHERIES ROYAL COPENHAGEN / Hyundai Oilbank / SEIL TOUR / Hae Yang City Gas / BiONTECH / kfq KUMHO BUSLINES / ASIANA AIRLINES / LG Chem / KONGEUI INDUSTRY (must-be) / Metrix The Republic of Korea National Red Cross / LEARNER KOREA / DONGIL MOTORS / Duomo& Co KOiS / SWAROVSKI / LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL DISTRLCT / HALLIM / HICEL / ST Micro E&I LANGUAGE SCHOOL / WooWON M&C / Pesto / POSCO / ACE Bed / KFI / HANDOK / STX Beuty Coreana / VOV / HANKOOK COSMETICS / benefit / debut hairshop / kimbeyonggap Alternative medicine center

26 25 Planning Consulting Capacity Sales & Marketing Sales Counsel R & D Management Leadership CS NLP Lecturer Leadership CS NLP Marketing Coaching CEO Organization

27 Thank you for giving me a chance to suggest. I will do my best to fulfill your needs. I wish this is totally adjusted about request and wish to be your partner Seoul Gangnam-gu Shinsa-dong Woohyun-building 6F TEL : 02) , 3583 FAX : 02) Kim hee sun HRD center Planning team

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