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Cadet and AF Ranks SMSgt Warren.

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1 Cadet and AF Ranks SMSgt Warren


3 Airman Basic Cadet Airman Basic No Device Worn No Device Worn

4 Airman Cadet Airman One Stripe

5 Airman 1st Class Cadet Airman 1st Class Two Stripes

6 Senior Airman Cadet Senior Airman Three Stripes

7 NCO Tier Non-Commissioned Officer Tier

8 Staff Sergeant Cadet Staff Sergeant Four Stripes

9 Technical Sergeant Cadet Technical Sergeant Five Stripes

10 SNCO Tier Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Tier First Sergeants
It is a Position/Job; Not a Rank Has a “Diamond” in the Rank Command Chief Master Sergeants Has 2 Stars on the Rank Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Only One at Any Time; Highest Enlisted Person

11 Master Sergeant Cadet Master Sergeant Six Stripes 1 Up/5 Down

12 Senior Master Sergeant
Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Seven Stripes 2 Up/5 Down

13 Eight Stripes 3Up/5 Down Chief Master Sergeant
Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Eight Stripes 3Up/5 Down

14 Officer Ranks Company Grade Officers (CGO)

15 2nd Lieutenant Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Gold Bar 1 Skinny Stripe

16 1st Lieutenant Cadet 1st Lieutenant Silver Bar 2 Skinny Stripes

17 Captain Cadet Captain 2 Silver Bars 3 Skinny Stripes

18 Officer Ranks Field Grade Officers (FGO)

19 Major Cadet Major Gold Oak Leaf 1 Fat Stripe

20 1 Fat Stripe Silver Oak Leaf 1 Skinny Stripe Lieutenant Colonel
Cadet Lieutenant Colonel 1 Fat Stripe 1 Skinny Stripe Silver Oak Leaf

21 1 Fat Stripe Silver “Eagle” 2 Skinny Stripes Colonel Cadet Colonel
Highest Cadet Rank 1 Fat Stripe 2 Skinny Stripes Silver “Eagle”

22 Officer Ranks General Officers (GO)

23 Generals Be My Little General

24 Summary There are Three Enlisted Tiers
Airman, NCO, and SNCO Tiers First Sergeants, Command CMSgt’s, and CMSAF are Jobs There are Three Officer Groups CGOs, FGOs, and Gos Enlisted Cadet Rank Looks Similar to Active Duty Enlisted Rank Highest Cadet Rank is Cadet Colonel

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