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Utility As-Built Information Value Awareness

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1 Utility As-Built Information Value Awareness

2 Utility As-Built Presentation
Erik Smith – DTE Energy/Detroit Edison Rich Zielinski – Consumers Energy/Gas Doug Strauss – Alfred Benesch & Co ES Principle project manage RZ Technical analyst gas engineering coordination DS Senior Project manager

3 Utility As-Built Workshop
Share information that is currently being documented Share As-Built Practices Develop link between as-built records and designers Develop link between plan information with the needs of construction December 5th This is why the workshop was held.

4 Utility As-Built Workshop
Utility Companies, design firms, MDOT and contractors attended Presentations were given by each highlighting the work Attendees all agreed more needs to be done in the future Conducted December 5th Presenter's - DTE, AT&T, couple designers, MDOT utility permit engineers, contractors Results of the presentation showed that there was a wide variance in how as-built information was being gathered and that some weren’t even gathering the information. It was agreed that the as-built information is important So it was agreed to have this presentation today to let you all know what is being pursued.

5 Utility As-Built Workshop
GIS- Shows a location with size. Easy to read but no accuracy.

6 Utility As-Built Workshop
Provided info from a utility. Shows facilities only. No scale, no ties, no vertical, etc

7 Utility As-Built Workshop
Provided by utility shows size and offsets. Not sure where the offsets are from and are the accurate based on today’s condition. No vertical information.

8 Utility As-Built Information
Why are we here today?

9 Utility As-Built Information
The As-Built Process Accessibility to As-Built Data Construction Safety Cost Effectiveness

10 Utility As-Built Information
History Conditions, experiences and hurdles that exist in providing accurate information on older existing facilities. Gas, telephone, electric that is buried in today’s urban world and how we deal with it.

11 Utility As-Built - History
Most actual utility constructed locations were not collected and recorded Only Special Conditions are likely documented on distribution systems Each utility has their own system and requirements for what is to be recorded Drains, streams, large structures, etc that are documented during construction and placed on the as-built We have started in recent years spot data on a GIS grid

12 Utility As-Built - History
Recorded data is typically a mapped location or references physical features or ROW’s that have changed over time No system in place that maintains as-builts, permits, or field changes for utilities or owners of the ROW Recorded data is difficult to locate & found hard to read Decipher and relate to the project at had Leads to design problems A company or local agency can’t find permits or as-built information. Need to develop an order where things can be retrieved in the future

13 Utility As-Built - History
Collect in a way that it can be used in the future SUE has it’s short coming but is a mechanism that has been used when no as-built exist These bullets are necessary because as-builts don’t exists. As-builts eliminate these bullets

14 Utility As-Built - History
Collect in a way that it can be used in the future SUE has it’s short coming but is a mechanism that has been used when no as-built exist These bullets are necessary because as-builts don’t exists. As-builts eliminate these bullets

15 Utility As-Built - History
In older corridors preplanning early on with design allows time for collecting exact field information on existing facilities as it specifically applies to the project Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Increasingly, Existing utilities are marked in the field by the utility and then surveyed to project coordinate system, without a future Collect in a way that it can be used in the future SUE has it’s short coming but is a mechanism that has been used when no as-built exist These bullets are necessary because as-builts don’t exists. As-builts eliminate these bullets

16 Utility As-Built Information
Present Recognizing road blocks to exchanging more complete as-built utility information.

17 Utility As-Built - Present
Focus is on the need for as-built utility information, improving safety, and cost Some utility companies are recording information during construction Electronic filing of as-built data is being used Consumers has theirs available on line where DTE is on line request for information on their website

18 Utility As-Built - Present
Recording older existing systems may not be cost beneficial Obtaining field data on the older existing systems on a project basis has become easier and more economical with technology Miss Dig has improved and now can be utilized during the design phase Older facilities will be done on a as-needed basis Design and Survey Tickets

19 Utility As-Built - Present
Utility as-built recordings are being done to a project datum and coordinate system or referencing existing features Permitted utility relocations aren’t overseen and inspected During construction an unexpected utility relocation isn’t being recorded State Plane coordinate system. No uniformity Inspections being done during the installation Changes are made and as-builts are not resubmitted during road or utility construction

20 Utility As-Built Information
Future Going forward utilizing technology in a safe and costly manner to record, store and transmit as-built information.

21 Utility As-Built - Future
Develop a process that evaluates the level of as-built data collection for each project Utilize State Plane Coordinate system Develop a standardized collection process Embrace technology for collecting, storing and transferring information

22 Utility As-Built - Future
Utilize technology to improve communication between owners, designers, and utilities Develop a central filing system within all agency’s Improve communication between utility coordination and the permitting processes

23 Utility As-Built - Future
Ownership of the information needs to be taken by all parties Expectations needs to be clearly presented during the coordination and permit process Disclaimers and the accuracy of the provided information will always be there

24 Utility As-Built Information
Next Steps By working together, getting on board and identifying opportunities, a safe and beneficial as-built process can be achieved.

25 Utility As-Built – Next Steps
Development of a Best Practices Manual for Standardization of Utility and owner agency as-built information Research other DOT’s utility as-built requirements Training within all agencies

26 Utility As-Built – Next Steps
Engage the right people in the early phases Continuous feedback and sharing of processes and information storage types Disclaimers and level of accuracy Miss Dig laws will always apply

27 Utility As-Built Information
Thank You Remember Safety is priority one! Please join our efforts by giving your comments on the meeting feedback form. Questions??

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