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Spring 2011 Career Fair Information/ Checklist  Feb. 1 & 2—Wednsday & Thursday  ARC  Business Professional  Bring I Card  Update your I-Link.

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2 Spring 2011 Career Fair Information/ Checklist  Feb. 1 & 2—Wednsday & Thursday  12pm-4pm@ ARC  Business Professional  Bring I Card  Update your I-Link Account  UIN is now required  RSVP to Career Fair  Print out sufficient resumes  Do research prior to focus on companies/ internships of interest

3 A few things to keep in mind…

4 Purpose of a Resume  Your Resume MUST get you an interview  It’s the final test.  Once you get the interview, resume sets the tone  Always remember: Actions = Results  This is what employers respond to

5 The BIG Question  What can YOU DO for the company?  Remember: employers hire people to do particular jobs  Do career research and select jobs that you will be able to add value to a company

6 The Winning Resume Formula  Strong ACTIONS = RESULTS content  One Page  Professional Layout  Easy to Read  Quantify Skills and Accomplishments

7 Components: Must Have Headings  Career Objective  If you know it, state it  Education  Summary Of Qualifications  Professional Experience  Work History  Optional Headings:  Computer Skills  Honors/Awards  Community Activities  Related Training  ***Note: Your resume is constantly changing, along with headings. Throughout college you’ll have honors/awards/activities/etc; whereas in the future, you’re more apt to have experience/ qualifications/etc.  Another tip: Make modifications at the end of every semester. It’ll make your life easier

8 Common Errors  Lying can ruin your career  Avoid at all cost  Exaggerations/ hyperboles included  Spelling  Spellcheckers don’t think  Typos scream  Being general doesn’t cut it  Specifics, originality  Must be quick, easily readable format  Employers scan, not read

9 Common Errors Cont.  Include important credentials (ex. computer skills, applicable education or training to the position)  Never assume employers know  Too much is too much; less is more  Drop off useless stuff (pictures, interests, no “I,” past salaries, “references upon request,” “Resume” at the top, high school information, personal information)  Not paying attention to how it all looks  Don’t be lazy  Professionalism = KEY = FORMAT!

10 Common Errors Cont.  Missing important parts  Summary of qualifications section advisable  *** MUST: Name, address, phone number  Relying on technology  Reformatting BEWARE  Recommended to mail a copy too  Emailed resumes are often negated  Fancy designs don’t always impress  Most employers claim designer paper, borders, and graphics are a negative influence  Plain, easy-to-read is the way to go  Gimmicks won’t substitute for content  Negative effect; meat of resume is what gets an employers interest not designer papers, oversized envelopes, Fed-Ex shipment, or even candy/flowers/cookies… yes people do this!

11 The Path to Success  Put yourself out there and take a chance  Dream big  See your value or no one else will  Set goals, establish a plan, and act on your dreams  Concentrate on the goal and keep focus  Persevere  Commit and go for it!

12 Looking for that perfect word? Your search stops here.

13 Accomplished activated, adjusted, administered, advised, analyzed, assigned, attained, chaired, conceptualized, conducted, consolidated, contracted, coordinated, decreased, delegated, designed, developed, devised, directed, established, evaluated, executed, facilitated, formulated, hired, implemented, improved, incorporated, increased, initiated, interviewed, invented, investigated, led, managed, negotiated, organized, oversaw, planned, presided, prioritized, produced, recommended, recruited, reorganized, reviewed, scheduled, strengthened, supervised

14 Addressed, arbitrated, arranged, authored, collaborated, corresponded, developed, directed, drafted, edited, educated, enlisted, explained, formulated, influenced, interpreted, lectured, mediated, moderated, motivated, negotiated, persuaded, promoted, publicized, reconciled, recruited, spoke, stipulated, taught, translated, wrote

15 Accumulated, calculated, catalogued, clarified, collected, critiqued, designed, diagnosed, evaluated, examined, extracted, identified, inspected, interpreted, interviewed, investigated, organized, reviewed, summarized, surveyed, systemized

16 Assembled, built, calculated, computed, constructed, designed, devised, engineered, fabricated, formulated, maintained, operated, overhauled, programmed, remodeled, repaired, solved, surveyed, trained, troubleshooter, upgraded

17 Adapted, advised, clarified, coached, communicated, coordinated, developed, educate, enabled, encouraged, evaluated, explained, facilitated, guided, informed, initiated, instructed, persuaded, researched, stimulated, trained

18 Acted, advertised, conceptualized, created, demonstrated, designed, developed, directed, established, founded, illustrated, instituted, integrated, introduced, invented, marketed, originated, performed, planned, presented, produced, recommended, revitalized, shaped, sold

19 Assessed, assisted, clarified, coached, counseled, demonstrated, diagnosed, educated, effected, expedited, facilitated, familiarized, guided, referred, rehabilitated, represented, served

20 Approved, arranged, calculated, catalogued, changed, classified, collected, compiled, computerized, dispatched, executed, formulated, generated, implemented, informed, inspected, maintained, manipulated, modified, monitored, operated, organized, prepared, processed, purchased, recorded, retrieved, screened, specified, synthesized, systematized, tabulated, validated

21 Now… Once you landed the interview, here are some questions!

22 Potential Questions (Over 30!)  What are the day-to-day responsibilities I’ll have in this job?  Whom will I be supervising?  Could you explain your organizational structure to me?  What is the organization’s plan for the next five years, and how does this department or division fit in?  Will we be expanding, brining on any new products or new services that I should be aware of  Could you describe to me your typical management style and the type of employee that works well with you?  What are some of the skills and abilities you see as necessary for someone to succeed in this job?  What challenges might I encounter if I take on this position?  What are your major concerns that need to be immediately addressed in this job?  What are the areas in the job that you’d like to see improved upon?

23 Questions Cont.  What are the areas in the job that you’d like to see improved upon?  What is your company’s policy on providing seminars, workshops, and training so the employees can keep up on their skills or acquire new skills?  What is the budget this department operates with?  Are there any restraints or cutbacks planned that would decrease that budget?  What particular computer equipment and software do you use here? When was your last upgrade?  Are any new equipment purchases planned?  What personality traits do you think are necessary to succeed in this job?  Will I be working as part of a team or alone?  What committees will I participate in?

24 Questions Cont.  How will my leadership responsibilities and performance be measured? By whom?  To what extent are the functions of this department considered important by upper management?  Are there any weaknesses in the department that you are working to improve?  What are the company’s long-term goals?  What are the department’s goals, and how do they fit into the company’s mission?  What are the company’s strengths and weaknesses compared to its competition?  How does the reporting structure work here? What are acceptable channels of communication?

25 Questions Cont. (Last one, promise )  What new endeavors is the company currently undertaking?  What goals or objectives need to be achieved in the next six months? Next year?  Describe the atmosphere of the office  What types of people seem to excel here?  Can you give me an idea of the typical workload and extra hours or special needs it demands?  How does the company promote personal and professional growth?  How would you describe the corporate culture here?

26 Questions? Assistance?  Feel free to contact me!  Kedamico@ Kedamico@ Good Luck!

27 Works Consulted  Ryan, Robin. 60 Seconds & You're Hired! New York, NY: Penguin, 2008. Print.  Ryan, Robin. Winning Resumes. New York: Wiley, 2003. Print.

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