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NetPoint Pro CPE – AP.

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1 NetPoint Pro CPE – AP

2 Full indoor coverage with NPP CPE - AP
2 A new approach for indoor coverage: NPP CPE-AP Place by the window Pick up the Wi-Fi signal from the outdoor Retransmit it indoors High power Wi-Fi radio: Tx power - 25dbm (for indoor and outdoor) Similar range as with the USB CPE (WCPE-24HP-USB) Kit will include: Window mount 5dbi antenna Optional PoE adaptor WCPE-24DZ-SR

3 NPP CPE-AP Use cases (1) Most basic use case: NPP CPE-AP as bridge
3 Most basic use case: NPP CPE-AP as bridge Still two virtual Wi-Fi interfaces on the CPE-AP The CPE-AP acts as a “bump in the wire” All user’s MAC addresses are visible to the operator Sometimes required by the regulator Provides control to the operator on the service usage

4 NPP CPE-AP Use cases (2) Case 2: CPE-AP in Router mode
4 Case 2: CPE-AP in Router mode NAT and firewall function between indoor and outdoor SSIDs Router can hide multiple users behind it Hiding their MAC addresses from the metro network NPP CPE-AP can perform 8021.x Radius authentication

5 Wire Line Option 5 Wire line connectivity is also available for both modes: Router and bridge mode Has advantage over USB based CPE: Doesn’t require a driver No compatibility issues with end user’s PC No profile definition issues with end user’s PC Can be connected with longer cables USB cable length is limited to 5-12meters

6 Considerations with CPE-AP
6 The CPE-AP has some limitations The usage of a single frequency repeater halves the capacity of the base station It is strongly recommended not to allow wireless LAN traffic in the end user’s side Will eat up the base station capacity By default, the CPE-AP blocks wireless LAN traffic on the LAN side.

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