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Worksite Business Reports & Inspection Roger Rich, Senior VP – Worksite Ben Hastings, Agency Owner, Columbia, SC.

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1 Worksite Business Reports & Inspection Roger Rich, Senior VP – Worksite Ben Hastings, Agency Owner, Columbia, SC

2 New Agent Training Schedule

3 Provides a map to follow for transferring skills Each segment of time is a module Designed to progress the Agent from introduction to Worksite through a complete presentation and completing the Required Forms Packet Plan ahead – who will facilitate each module?

4 Inspection Process AO should step in and observe training Check for proper preparation: is the trainer fully engaged and making an impact? Is the trainee fully engaged and participating? Is progress where it should be given the amount of time spent in training?

5 Field Training Report (FTR)

6 A tool to ensure that training in the classroom is validated in the field. Inspect to ensure a high activity level is taught. Inspect to ensure that skills are being transferred.

7 Field Training Report (FTR)

8 The number of each activity at the proper participation levels should be entered in appropriate box. During field training a minimum of 85 -100 business’s should be approached. Make sure skills are being transferred and proper activity levels achieved. Should be reviewed by AO daily.

9 Field Training Report (FTR)

10 Participation levels are: 25%-Making the Gatekeeper your friend / building rapport. 50%-All of the above plus Introduction to the Business Owner. 75%-All of the above plus Completing the Flipbook Presentation 100%-Completing the entire presentation (start to finish) including handling client responses and completing the Required forms Packet

11 Field Training Report (FTR) Inspect – Are appointments being set with Business Owners too busy for a presentation at walk-in?

12 Field Training Report (FTR)

13 Results should be recorded from enrollments and discussed to ensure proper enrollment practices taught and all employees are seen. This can also serve as a tool if needed to counsel agent on the relationship of activity to results.

14 Prospect Follow-Up Sheet

15 Follow-Up Book 12 Monthly tabs and a ‘this week’ tab large enough to hold 150 prospects Supply of Prospect Follow-Up Sheets 3- hole punched Set-up book before first day in field Updated daily – and inspected by AO daily during field training

16 Worksite WAR Report

17 WAR Report Completed daily by AD Reviewed daily by AO Daily inspection point to ensure corrections are made to deviations in their infancy.

18 WAR - Section 1 Important: Do not enter any information on the Agency Summary tab. Only enter information on AD tabs. 1.Enter the week ending date 2.Enter the Agency Director name for that tab 3.Enter Agent names – when Agents work together both names should be on the same line separated by / or - 4.Enter Agent Hire Dates

19 WAR – Section 2 Section 2 Instructions: This area (all Weekly Totals) will auto- populate. Do not enter anything here.

20 WAR – Section 3 Section 3 Instructions: Note: There are (3) parts to this section; Prospecting, Presenting and Enrolling. You will fill out the information each day for each Agent in your hierarchy. Prospecting 1.Enter the number of Walk-Ins the Agent saw 2.Enter the number of Decision Makers the Agent seen

21 WAR – Section 3 Section 3 Instructions continued: Presenting 3. Enter the number of Employers the Agent Presented to 4. Enter the number of Cases Closed Enrolling 5. Enter the number of Employees seen 6. Enter the number of Sales made 7. Enter the amount ($) of AP Written

22 WAR – Section 4 Section 4 Instructions This area (AP Per Sale) will auto- populate. Do not enter anything here.

23 Certification Checklist

24 Certification ensures that all skills have been transferred to the Agent and that the Agent is self-sufficient. Not self-sufficient = Not certified

25 Ben Hastings Accountability Agency Owner, Columbia, SC Office opened in June 2013

26 Worksite Results June 17 – October 18 63 Cases Submitted 60 by FYA June – 4 July – 6 August – 12 September 28 19 Different Agents – 16 Different FYAs Closing Cases Average case is 35 Employees Smallest - 3 Employees Largest - 880 Employees

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