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TECOM - PROPERTY DESIGN MANAGEMENT Workshop On Engineering Project Management Department December 2003 Adil Abdalla.

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1 TECOM - PROPERTY DESIGN MANAGEMENT Workshop On Engineering Project Management Department December 2003 Adil Abdalla

2 COVER-STORY Choosing the image of the knowledge village as a cover for this presentation, interprets the true story …! Sq ft 1,000,000 of built up had been delivered within 13 months, to celebrate the success of TECOM.. Dhs 109 per sq ft as construction rate was not recognized or recorded before worldwide.. No hint or tip was addressed to appreciate the efforts behind these records, which “Genies” missed.. KV represents the gap and missed-competencies between business and technical teams in TECOM.. This is the core trigger of this presentation.. The Knowledge Village…!

3 Agenda Vision & Mission; PM work-frame Design Procedures; Definitions, Sequencing, Liabilities Controls; Celebrating Success What..? How..? Ambiguities between Business & Technical staff Negative affects on both Business & Reputation Why..? Collectively exchange understanding on Design Management Practically improve both Quality & Procedures


5 REALTY VALUE CHAIN Vision Business Plan Business Plan Partner Relations Partner Relations Mission Project Management Project Management Operation Management Operation Management

6 STAKEHOLDERS Owner Client Operator Project Manager Solicitant Parties Satisfied Customers The Project of a Building

7 ENGAGEMENT BuyerSaler Service Or Product Specifications & Deliverables Proposal & Terms of Payment CONTRACT

8 BUSINESS LIFE CYCLE Building Management Construction Management Tendering Management Design Management Design Competition Inception Appointment Of a Consultant Awarding a Contractor Assessment Of Business Initiative Of Business Start Up Documents Handover Documents Tender Documents QualityProcessesProcessesMilestonesMilestones


10 PM WORK-FRAME Initiation Planning Execution Control Close-out Budget DesignConstruction Solicitation Handover Historical Records or Lessons Learned Improvements or Change Orders Continuous processes ended by signing off the handover document on execution works Ends with the appointment of the Project Manager Carried out by the Sponsor apart from Project Life Cycle No milestones are applicable

11 PROJECTIZED MATRIX The Project Business Unit CPO Functional Managers Project Manager Project Team SponsorVisionPolicyProcedures Initiation Close-out Service Provider Portfolio KPIs Program KPIs Functional KPIs Project KPIs Staff KPIs Functional UnitsMissionSLAAuditProcessesInteractions CommunicationsGlobalVerticalPMISHorizontal ReportingExecutivePerformanceProgressFollow ups StaffAcquisitionAssignmentsTasks QualityQAQCTesting Training GoalsPMPMO Capacity 4x or Dhs 100Mln Operations

12 TIPS..!! A Project Manager is a “UNIT” consists of: 1.Project ManagerDhs/Month25,000 (Salary is Dhs 17,500) 2.Clark of WorkDhs/Month 6,000 (Salary is Dhs 4,200) 3.PlannerDhs/Month15,000 (Salary is Dhs 10,500) Total46,000 PM Service is “1%” of overall construction value: Total Construction ValueDhs100,000,000 PM Service @ 1%Dhs 1,000,000 Duration of ProjectMonths20 Monthly PM ExpensesDhs50,000 A PM can “MAXIMALLY” manage 4 small projects: Review and plan updates Hours/Week/Project3 Communications Hours/Week/Project10 Reporting Hours/Week/Project2 Total allocated timeHours/Week/Project15 Total working hoursHours/Week45

13 SOW TASK UNIT Customer Task Partner Product Service Service Orientation Norms & Standards Business Plans

14 PROCESS Flow of Quality Audit Technical Approval Deliverable Or Requirement Task Unit Review Or Request CurrentStep Of WBS Document IN OUT Management Approval NextDocument Next Step of WBS Resultant No Yes Document Back To PreviousDocument Previous Step of WBS Scope Or Feasibility

15 SYSTEM PROCEDURES Partner Relations Sales Claims Acceptance Actions Disorders Needs Business Unit Scope Strategy Satisfaction BusinessAgreement BusinessPartner Initiation Execution Operations Deliverables FM HSSE EPM ZA Estimates TCCC Baselines Measurements

16 SALES Perspective Tenants Initiation & Planning Satisfaction Design Management Construction Management Facility Management Partner Relation Management BUSINESS INCUBATION


18 CONCEPTUAL DESIGN Document on architectural configuration that interprets: Design Brief, and Client’s Preferences on both Environment and Artistic Merit. Attached details highlight: Area Analysis, Initial Cost Plan, and Significant Engineering Concepts. Appointed Consultant Technical Guidelines Client’s Acceptance Formal Acceptance

19 PRELIMINARY DESIGN Document that proves incorporation Between accepted Architecture and Engineering requirements The project is tangibly measured and cost are almost realistic Parameters of specifications are set for acceptance Appointed Consultant Technical Acceptance Formal Acceptance Technical Units

20 DRAFT FINAL DESIGN Document proves Constructability of accepted designs as per the agreed specifications and areas configuration Scope, Cost, scheduling and Deliverables are clear and defined Appointed Consultant Technical Acceptance Formal Acceptance Tendering Technical Units

21 FINAL DESIGN Document generated to satisfy the Construction purposes and set reference to Accept or Reject construction works It is well preserved as Design Record and trigger of operation tasks and management Appointed Consultant Technical Acceptance Formal Acceptance Design Approval Technical Units

22 AREA ANALYSIS Document shows interpretation of area requirements that meet the business plan and the compulsory spaces required to host not only engineering c components, but also function support Document is ruled by urban regulation and parameters Appointed Consultant Client’s Acceptance Formal Acceptance Within Allowed Authority’s Acceptance Exceeding Allowed

23 COST PLAN Document generated from the rates, cost and overheads known for the various materials and services required to construct a particular premises and handing it over operational to the client The document is generally established on market prices, predictions of works required, and frequently revised Appointed Consultant Client’s Acceptance Formal Acceptance Above BudgetWithin Budget

24 CHANGE ORDERS Professional Responsibilities: PM is an “AGENT” employed to assure delivery of the project according to the “Charter”, which is “NOT” detailed descriptions. Improvements: Technical managers want to apply modifications to meet new or missed standards of industry. Changes should be within the approved budget. Client can reject if architecture will change. Meeting Business Targets: Yet, the most dispute..!! Client/Sponsor had approved a project plan, but frequently requests changes to meet certain unveiled targets. Technical units say it is too late as the project plan was already approved. Space Architecture: All tangible features of space that establish marketing and sales.

25 VALUE ENGINEERING Optimizing Performance & Cost Mainly to weight various Alternative solution for the Technical components that Maintain the quality measures And reduce overall cost Deliverable must be within approved budget Appointed Consultant Technical Acceptance Formal Acceptance Revised Cost Plan

26 COST PERFORMANCE Particular Gardiner & Theobald Cost per m2 Cost per sq ft Exchange Rate for £/ AED 21 /10/2003 Gardiner & Theobald Cost per sq ft Low £High £Low £High £ Dhs/£Low DhsHigh Dhs Office out of Town Business Park @ 2002 Excluding Partitions 36547033.943.76.10206.8266.6 * TECOM 2001 334.11 DIC 1B 585.76 DIC 1 * TECOM 2002 194.84 DMC II 202.37 DIC III * TECOM 2003 109.85 KV I 216.31 Leo B * Planned TECOM 2004 206.27 TYR 218.99 KV II Gardiner & Theobald Gardiner & Theobald is a UK Consultants, who provides international program, project, cost and construction management. G & T branch in Dubai is only performing researches and monitoring of industry index and report to HQ. Simply G&T is “Construction’s Machesney” * TECOM rates included “Partitions” and full fit-outs

27 PM QUALITY Quality Control: refers to the activities associated with the creation of project deliverables Quality Assurance: refers to the process used to create the deliverables Quality Plan: identifies the major deliverables, completeness and correctness criteria, quality control activities and quality assurance activities Quality: Only conformance to requirements and fitness of use in particular project; has nothing to do with the generally known as optimum performance


29 THE VISION Success!! TECOM ICT MEDIA FM Realty Infrastructure Inputs Beneficiaries

30 THE MISSION Success!! TECOM Quality Measures Inputs Stakeholders Analysis CRM

31 MEASUREMENTS Success!! TECOM Quality Controls KPIs Requirements Scores

32 Where We Are? Potential Customer Business Partner Customer Satisfaction AmbassadorLoyal Sales Partner Relations ServiCorp Technology Facility Management Procurement HSSE Projects Property Zoning Authority TCCC Engineering Works GrowthAttraction

33 EPM (Projects) Projects Sales FM TCCC Real Estate Service Orientation Norms & Standards Business Plans Professional PM Total Quality Management Lessons Learned SLA Improved Communication Performance Reporting Benchmarking Innovations Solicitation Framework

34 INITIATION Acceptance TERMS OF REFERENCES STANDARD BASELINE DOCUMENTS Cost Estimates Area Analysis Quality Plan Schedule Space Finishing Client Business Plan Appointment Of Consultant When EPM is only a service unit..!!

35 DESIGN DEVELOPMENT Conceptual Design Preliminary Design Draft Final Design Final Design Client EPM Client TENDER Soil Investigation Cost Plan Baseline Documents DESIGN ACCEPTANCE

36 DESIGN MANAGEMENT Approved Deliverable EPM Request ConceptualDesign GuidelinesOfBuildingDesign Approved Deliverable EPM Request IssuingFinalApprovalOnDesign FinalDesign Design AssessmentOfAdaptationToBuildingStandards Approved Deliverable EPM Request Eng. ZA FM HSSE Re-do Tender IT Eng. ZA FM HSSE IT Eng. ZA FM HSSE IT TCCC CLIENT

37 Measurements DESIGN DELIVERY Acceptance & Awarding Contract Tendering Process, Return & Analysis Design Development Cost Plan Area Analysis Specification Schedule Working Drawings Client Business Plan Consultant’s Recommendations

38 THINGS TO DO.. Organizational Development SOW + SLA + Stakeholders Analysis + KPIs + TPM HCR Development SOW + Acquisition + Appraisal + Professional Training PM Development SOW + KPIs + PM Training EPM Development SOW + KPIs + QM + Business Development + PMIS Design Management Baseline Documents + System Procedures


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