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Using the PM Benchmark Kit correctly

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1 Using the PM Benchmark Kit correctly
Welcome to Using the PM Benchmark Kit correctly Assessment is based on good observations and identifying the cues and strategies a pupil uses when processing print. Assessment is not teaching.

2 Assessment should be robust and reliable. Building the Curriculum 5
The PM Benchmark Kit should only be used for assessment. The PM Benchmark Kit is a comprehensive reading resource which provides a range of assessment information. It is important that teachers become familiar with the PM Benchmark Kit texts and procedures before administering the resource!!!

3 M S V Meaning (M) - Does it make sense?
Structure (S) - Does it sound right? Can I say it like that? Visual (V) Does it look right? M S V

4 Jack wanted to play with Sam.
Jack dog to play with Sam M S V wanted 2. Jack had to play with Sam M S V wanted 3. Jack went to play with Sam M S V wanted 4. Jack wanted to play at Sam’s M S V with Sam M S V

5 Some reading strategies to look out for:
Self-correcting means the pupil is monitoring his/her reading Using punctuation Repeating or rerunning Sounding out

6 Three part assessment Reading records – the pupil sits beside the teacher and reads the text using the book. The teacher annotates the record sheet. The teacher has to be objective ie no teaching or prompting. Retelling – after pupils have read the text Questions – the teacher asks pupils after reading. Pupils may refer to the text to locate answers. The teacher records verbatim the responses on the record sheet, scoring correct answers.

7 Conventions for taking a running record
Accurate reading √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ Substitution went (child) want (text) Repetition R or √ √ √ √ R Self correction went SC want Omission - come Insertion come - Told want T Appealed A thought Blends m-a-n (recorded as error ONLY if complete word not said)

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