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3 Overview  Global PET producer- Annual capacity of 1.1 Million MT  3 manufacturing sites in India, 1 integrated site in UAE, 1 site in Bahrain & an upcoming site in Belgium  Listed on the BSE and NSE in Mumbai India Products  PET Resins: Bottle Grade, Film Grade & Yarn Grade  Polyester Yarn: Semi Dull, Full Dull, Bright, Cationic  BOPET Films: 8 mic to 350 mic for Packaging, Industrial and Electrical applications Facilities  Indian facility (Chips, Polyester Yarn) caters to the Indian market  UAE, Bahrain & Belgium facilities cater to more than 110 countries worldwide. Financial Performance Highlights  Current Turnover of US 2 Billion Backward Integration Strategy  Setting up an integrated Petrochemical plant of 1.2 MMT PTA plant at Mangalore SEZ, India JBF Group - Introduction 3

4 Business Value Chain PTA MEG Textile Grade Chips Partially Oriented yarn (POY) Specialized yarn (FDY/Micro POY) Film Grade chips PET Films Yarn manufacturers Weaving-Fabric, Garment Applications in FMCG industry JBF India Value Chain segments covered by JBF Value addition across the Polyester chain Integrating backward by setting up a PTA plant by 2015 Industry application Basic Petrochemicals Polyester Value ChainApplications Solar Panels, Packaging + Other Applications Bottle Grade chips 1.0 MT Polyester melt 0.86 MT 0.34 MT JBF RAK JBF BAHRAIN 4

5 PET Value Chain Oil Paraxylene (PX) Ethylene PET ResinBOPET Film Continuous Polymerization Process Yarn & Fiber Oxygen (O 2 ) PTA Ethylene Oxide (EO) MEG Water(H 2 O) 5

6 Key Milestones POY ProductionTexturising Incorporated in India’s Leading Polyester Texturisers 1982 – 94 Entered yarn manufacturing in 1996, capacity 18,000 MT/ Expanded to 36,000 in Chips Production Backward integration into chips production Expanded to 72,000 in Nov Scale Up New Site Setup Sarigram; 216 KTA textile grade chips Overseas Expansion Commissioned Ras Al Khaima UAE plant; Capacity: 400 KTA grade chips and BOPET Film capacity of 110 KTA Inorganic Growth Acquired Microsynth Fabrics, Saily in India Backward Integration Backward integration by setting up a 1.12 MMT p.a PTA plant in Mangalore JBF Global Europe SPRL 390 KTA PET Resin Plant in Geel, Belgium EU Project Bahrain Project JBF Bahrain 90KTA BOPET Film Plant 6

7 JBF RAK LLC - UAE Technology Providers – CP- CTIEI SSP- UOP Sinco Capacity – 400,000 TPA Products – Bottle Grade Resin, Film Grade Resin and Yarn Grade Resin 7 JBF RAK RESIN PLANT

8 8 Technology Providers – Dornier, Germany Capacity – 110,000 TPA Thickness - 8mic to 350mic Products – Packaging Grade Films Optically Clear Films Electrical & industrial Grade Films Metalized Films ALOX Coated Films JBF RAK BOPET FILM PLANT JBF RAK LLC - UAE

9 JBF RAK BOPET Film Capabilities Parameters Line I (Thin Film) Line II (Thin Film) Line III (Thick Film) Line IV (Thick Film)Metalizers(2)Alox (2) MakeDornier GV (K5000) GV (K4000) Deckle Width8.7 Mtr 4.2 Mtr6.0 Mtr2.5 Mtr Film Thickness – Corona TreatmentOne Side NOOne / Both SidePlazma CoaterOne Side One / Both Side Co extrusion3 layer Primary SlitterAtlas Max. Slit Width2500 mm 2900mm 3000mm2440mm Secondary Slitters Atlas 9

10 ARYALOX – Transparent High Barrier Printable Films Excellent Water Vapor transmission rate with 1 gm/m^ 2 /day. Excellent Oxygen barrier properties with 1.5 cc/m^ 2 /day. Exceptional clarity. Haze levels from 1.5 % to 4 %. Environment friendly recyclable film. Could replace PVDC coated as well as EVOH laminated films. Special coated surface for improved printability and lamination. 10

11 JBF – Touching Daily Lives 11

12 JBF – Touching Daily Lives 12 THIN BOPET FILMS

13 JBF – Touching Daily Lives 13 THICK BOPET FILMS

14 JBF Quality Assurance Our comprehensive quality management system ensures that each and every product we produce will meet or exceed its defined requirements for our customers. 14

15 JBF Bahrain S.P.C. Total Investment USD 200 Million State of the Art BOPET Film Lines Total Capacity 90,000 MT per annum 15 COMMISSIONED FIRST THIN FILM LINE ON 8 TH OCTOBER 2013

16 JBF Global Europe S.P.R.L, Geel, Belgium PET Annual Capacity 390,000 MT Targeted Sales within EU Co-Location at BP PX/PTA Complex Long Term Off Take of Feedstock 16

17 JBF Petrochemicals Limited, Mangalore, India PTA Annual Capacity 1,200,000 MT Co-Location with Refinery & PX unit 17

18 Vision To be amongst Top 5 Integrated Global Polyester Producers with a turnover of USD 5 Billion Strategy Global Manufacturing Expertise – Footprints across globe in proximity to feed-stocks, major consumption & growth centres JBF Group – Year

19 JBF Group in MMTPA Polyesters 1.2MMTPA PTA US $5 Billion Turnover 200 KTPA BOPET Film 19

20 JBF Group in Latin America 20 Contac our Agent in México Guillermo Torrijos at Phone Nextel Skype gtorrijosm


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