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PH and Redox. 2. Hair will dissolve completely___. a very strong acid only a very strong base only either a strong acid or a strong base.

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1 pH and Redox

2 2. Hair will dissolve completely___. a very strong acid only a very strong base only either a strong acid or a strong base 4.even in a very weak acid an acid or a base of ANY strength

3 3. A sample of pure water contains ___. 1.more OH – ions than H + ions 2.more H + ions than OH – ions 3.only H 2 O molecules and NO ions of any kind 4.equal numbers of OH – and H + ions 5.only H + ions and NO OH – ions

4 4. A pH of 1.0 or 2.0 BEST represents ___. 1.a strong acid 2.a weak acid 3.a strong base 4.a weak base 5.a neutral solution

5 5. When a substance has had its pH adjusted to that of hair or skin it is advertised as being ___. 1.alkaline 2.acidic 3.neutral 4.pH balanced 5.a detergent

6 6. Mildly acidic solutions ___ 1.cause the hair to dissolve 2.are good for cleaning the hair 3.should never be used on the hair 4.cause the hair’s cuticle to swell 5.make the hair’s cuticle smooth

7 7. What portion of a strand of hair would have the lowest pH? 1.nearest to the scalp 2.nearest to the end 3.about in the middle between the scalp and the end 4.This is a trick! Hair is solid and has no pH value!!

8 8. In order to check the pH of a substance that substance must contain ___. 1.dry mixtures 2.combustible mixtures 3.water 4.acid 5.viscous mixtures

9 9. On the pH scale, neutral ___. pH 0 pH 7 pH 14 4.different for every substance 5.occurs when there is more H + than OH –

10 10. An acid ___. 1.Might have a pH of 10 2.Could be used to neutralize pure water 3.could be used to neutralize a base 4.Could be used to neutralize something that was alkaline 5.Both 3 and 4 are correct

11 11. A solution becomes more basic as ___. 1.the OH – ion concentration decreases 2.the OH – ion concentration increases 3.the H + ion concentration increases 4.the alkalinity decreases 5.None of the above are correct.

12 12. Hair has a pH of about 14. 1.TRUE 2.FALSE

13 13. A substance that has gained oxygen or lost hydrogen has been: 1.neutralized 2.atomized 3.oxidized 4.reduced 5.buffered

14 14. A product that has been pH balanced to match the skin’s pH ___. 1.will definitely cause an allergic reaction. 2.will definitely not cause an allergic reaction. 3.may still cause an allergic reaction.

15 15. The pH of healthy, normal skin is: 1.very basic 2.very alkaline 3.very acidic 4.a little acidic to a little basic 5.Both 1 and 2 are correct

16 16. pH is actually an abbreviation for ___. 1.plenty of hydrogen 2.plenty of hydroxide 3.positive health 4.potential hydroxide 5.potential hydrogen

17 17. Ammonium thioglycolate is a commonly used ___. 1.oxidizing agent 2.reducing agent 3.buffer 4.acid 5.None of the above

18 28. The sulfur bonds of hair are very sensitive to changes in pH between 2 and 9. 1.TRUE 2.FALSE

19 19. A buffer is ___. 1.someone who will get between you and a friend when you have a fight 2.something that changes pH 3.something that decreases pH 4.something that resists changes in pH 5.something that increases pH

20 20. A solution with a pH of 10 is ___ times less acidic than a solution with a pH of 6. 1.10 2.100 3.1,000 4.10,000 5.100,000

21 21. A solution is basic when ___. 1.OH – concentration is greater than H + concentration 2.OH – concentration is less than H + concentration 3.OH – concentration is equal to the H + concentration 4.OH – concentration is at zero 5.OH – concentration has been neutralized

22 22. A neutralization reaction is a reaction in which ___. 1.Combustion occurs 2.Only oxidation occurs 3.Only reduction occurs 4.Water ionizes 5.And acid and a base cancel each other out

23 23. Bleaching, coloring, permanent waving and straightening all depend on ___. 1.the weather 2.oxidation-reduction reactions 3.combustion reactions 4.the size of the dye molecules 5.the will of the stylist

24 24. When a reaction releases heat it is said to be ___. 1.heterogeneous 2.homogeneous 3.exothermic 4.endothermic 5.thermophilic

25 25. Perborate and persulfate are both ___. Sodium perborate 1.reducing agents 2.oxidizing agents 3.alkalizing agents 4.double agents 5.secret agents

26 26. Hair Relaxers tend to have ___ pH numbers. 1.acidic 2.very small 3.neutral 4.very large 5.nonexistent

27 27. Hair has no buffering capacity since it is not covered by the acid mantle and is, therefore, more apt to be damaged by changes in pH. 1.TRUE 2.FALSE

28 28. When an acid and a base are mixed the products are always salt and water. This type of reaction is called a(n)___ reaction. 1.combustion 2.neutralization 3.ionization 4.Acid 5.Base

29 29. A substance with a pH of 5 is __ times more basic than a substance with a pH of 4. 1.20 2.100 3.10 4.1,000 5.15

30 30. ___ is the hydronium cation. 1.O + 2.H 3 O + 3.OH + 4.OH – 5.H –

31 31. Which of the following represents an anion? 1.NH 3 2.H + 3.CO 3 2+ 4.OH – 5.any charged atom or molecules

32 32. The chemical equation shown below correctly represents ___. H 2 O → H + + OH – 1.a neutralization reaction 2.the formation of a hydrogen peroxide 3.a reaction in which salt and water are the products (formed) 4.nothing 5.the ionization of water

33 33. A combustion reaction is the rapid ___ of a substance accompanied by heat and light. 1.neutralization 2.ionization 3.oxidation

34 34. The pH scale is ___ which means it increases by multiples of 10. 10 x 10 = 100 100 x 10 = 1,000 1,000 x 10 = 10,000 10,000 x 10 = 100,000 etc. 1.Algebraic 2.Geometric 3.Mathematic 4.Logarithmic

35 34. The H + concentration of an acid is ___ the H + concentration of pure water 1.greater than 2.less than 3.equal to

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