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Online Professional Development in Illinois (IVS-PD): A Unique Partnership.

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1 Online Professional Development in Illinois (IVS-PD): A Unique Partnership

2 Introductions Cindy Hamblin, Director Illinois Virtual School (309) 676-1000 ext. 51 Danielle Brush Lewis, Instructional Designer Illinois Virtual School (309) 676-1000 ext. 59

3 Our presentation will include: 1.Share the mission of the Illinois Virtual School’s Professional Development (IVS-PD) program. 2.An overview and demonstration of the design considerations of the custom SIS to accomplish our professional development mission. 3.Share elements of the developer’s partnership packet. 4.A tour of current professional development courses offered through IVS-PD. 5.Questions and Answers. Presentation Highlights

4 Who is in the Audience?

5 Illinois Virtual School (IVS) IVS 5-12 Operation Enhancing Educational Opportunities in Partnership with Local Schools IVS-PD Online Professional Development Delivery System for Educators Illinois Virtual School (IVS) is a State Virtual School Program

6 The IVS-PD Story  Objective of the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) contract for IVS operation – Develop a deliverying platform for professional development. Reading First Academy Response to Intervention (RtI)  The goal of IVS was to build a delivery system (SIS and LMS) that would meet the needs of state, regional, and district partners. Organizational structure used in Illinois – RCDTS code Marketing, Branding, Fees – How do we keep it local?

7 IVS turned to BocaVox, LLC, our SIS vendor and asked........ “Can you help us build a custom information system that meets the administrative, reporting, and registration needs of local, regional and state-wide organizations wishing to deliver professional development through the IVS-PD system? ” Design Question BocaVox says “CAN DO ”

8 Considerations for statewide IVS-PD system: 1.Program flexibility 2.Organizational structure 3.Options for multiple payment methods 4.Management 5.Seamless integration System Considerations

9 Capability to support a variety of pd programs. Program Flexibility

10 Supports region, district, and school hierarchy. Organizational Structure State of Illinois Region 1Region 2District 1District 2School 1School 2School 3District 3Region3 The system provides a region, county, district, township, and school hierarchy. This comprises the state. During the application process the prospective professional development student selects the appropriate organization they operate in. This allows specific courses or offerings to be made based on their location.

11 Provides alternate payment methods at regional, district, & school level. Authorization Codes

12 Manage and report activity at the regional, district, & school level. Management 1. Filter information 2. Display information

13 Seamless Integration Student A on Section 123 completed Assignment 4 with a grade of 80 Enroll Student A in section 123 Drop Student B from Section 456 Academic information Enrollment information LMS 1 SIS for 5-12 SIS for IVS-PD

14 Option One: Partner organizations build the online PD course in the IVS-PD system. Option Two: Partner organizations contract with IVS to provide assistance in building the online PD courses. NOTE: Guidelines that address technical and quality control measures will be in place for all courses. IVS-PD Partnership Options Partner provides the content IVS provides the delivery platform

15 Common course models available: Model 1 – Self-paced Stand Alone Online Course (completely virtual) Model 2 - Facilitated Online Course (completely virtual) Model 3 – Blended Learning/Hybrid Course Model 4 – Resource Course Professional Development Options

16 Standards established for courses delivered through the IVS-PD. Content Design Development Quality Standards

17 Developer’s Technical Support Options Platinum - Collaborative Development with IVS-PD Developers

18 Tour of IVS-PD courses State-level, self-paced course created from an existing f2f training. CPDUs are granted for successful completion. The State Board of Education purchased subscriptions (authorization codes) for educators to enroll in the course. Regional, instructor-led course created for E 2 T 2 grant awardees. Unique sections of the course are created in MAESTRO for individual districts wanting to offer the course. Making the Technology Connection

19 Questions? Comments?

20 Contact Us Cindy Hamblin, Director Illinois Virtual School (309) 676-1000 ext. 51 Danielle Brush Lewis, Instructional Designer Illinois Virtual School (309) 676-1000 ext. 59

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