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Welcome to Pennsylvania Geography!!! Geography of PA.

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2 Welcome to Pennsylvania Geography!!!

3 Geography of PA

4 Bordering states of PA West Virginia Maryland Delaware New Jersey New York Ohio

5 Map of PA

6 PA Counties

7 In what county is Pittsburgh located? a.WestmorelandWestmoreland b.AlleghenyAllegheny c.WashingtonWashington d.ButlerButler

8 INCORRECT Click the picture to try again!!

9 CORRECT!!!! Pittsburgh is located in the heart of Allegheny County at the meeting of the 3 rivers: the Allegheny, Ohio and Monongahela Click here to move on

10 History of Allegheny County Before it was settled by Europeans, the county was mostly wilderness and uninhabited except for wandering Indians such as the Iroquois, who were the largest tribe in the area. The Allegheny River, Mountains, and County get their name from the Allegwi Indians who were also in the area.IroquoisAllegwi The first Europeans to enter the area were the French in 1749. Captain Pierre Joseph de Celeron, sieur de Blainville claimed the Ohio Valley and all of Western Pennsylvania for Louis XV of France.Europeans French1749Pierre Joseph de Celeron, sieur de Blainville Louis XV of France,_Pennsylvania

11 Important PA Facts Pennsylvania was the 2 nd state in the creation of the USA; December 12, 1787 Population, 2004 estimate 12,429,616 State Abbreviation – PA State Capital – Harrisburg Largest City - Philadelphia Area - 46,058 square miles –Pennsylvania is the 33 rd largest state in the USA =

12 PA State Flag

13 Pennsylvania's State Flag is more of a square than a rectangle. It is composed of a blue field on which the State Coat of Arms is embroidered. Draft horses are on either side of the coat of arms and the American eagle rests on the top. The scroll at the bottom reads Virtue, Liberty and Independence. Authorized by the general assembly in 1799.

14 What is the PA state flower? a.RoseRose b.TulipTulip c.Mountain LaurelMountain Laurel d.Snap DragonSnap Dragon

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16 CORRECT!!! The State Flower is the Mountain Laurel, as enacted by the General Assembly on May 5, 1933. The mountain laurel is in full bloom in mid-June, when Pennsylvania's woodlands are filled with its distinctive pink flower.

17 What is Pennsylvania’s nickname? a.The Keystone StateThe Keystone State b.The Sunshine StateThe Sunshine State c.The Big Sky StateThe Big Sky State d.The Eagles StateThe Eagles State

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19 CORRECT!!! The word "keystone" comes from architecture and refers to the central, wedge-shaped stone in an arch, which holds all the other stones in place. The application of the term “ Keystone state ” to Pennsylvania is based on its central location among the 13 colonies as well as its common industry in the north and south. First noted in Oct 1802 at a Jefferson republican victory as "the keystone in the federal union," It’s modern usage comes from the view that PA us the key position in the economic, social, and political development of the United States. Source: Rhode island island

20 State Game Bird The ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus) was approved as Pennsylvania's official state game bird by an act of the Pennsylvania Legislature on June 22, 1931. Pennsylvania has adopted an official state game bird but has not adopted an official state bird.

21 State Tree The Hemlock was a sturdy ally to the state's first settlers. Many a pioneer family felt better protected from the elements and their enemies inside log cabins made from the patriarch of Pennsylvania's forests.

22 The capital of PA is Harrisburg

23 Early History England acquired the region in 1664 with the capture of New York, and in 1681 Pennsylvania was granted to William Penn, a Quaker, by King Charles II. William Penn Philadelphia was the seat of the federal government almost continuously from 1776 to 1800; there the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 and the U.S. Constitution drawn up in 1787. Valley Forge, of Revolutionary War fame, and Gettysburg, site of the pivotal battle during the Civil War, are both in Pennsylvania. The Liberty Bell is located in a glass pavilion across from Independence Hall in Philadelphia.Declaration of IndependenceConstitutionValley Forge Revolutionary War GettysburgCivil WarLiberty BellIndependence Hall

24 PA Charter King Charles II’s charter to William Penn, granting him the New World Colony now known as Pennsylvania Resides in the Pennsylvania State Archives

25 Walking Purchase The agreement to sell the land whose boundaries were defined by the "walk" was signed on August 25, 1737, about three weeks before the walk actually took place. The questionable "walk" committed the Lenape to surrendering more land than they had anticipated

26 A 1735 portrait of Lapowinsa, the Delaware chief who signed the now infamous “Walking Purchase.”

27 PA farming industry Pennsylvania's 59,000 farms (occupying nearly 8 million acres) are the backbone of the state's economy, producing a wide variety of crops. Leading commodities are dairy products, cattle and calves, mushrooms, greenhouse and nursery products, poultry and eggs (3 rd ), a variety of fruits, sweet corn, potatoes, maple syrup, and Christmas trees (3 rd ).

28 PA FUN FACTS!!! State animal: White-tailed deer State beverage: Milk State cookie: chocolate chip State dog: Great Dane State fish: Brook Trout State insect: firefly State toy: slinky

29 PA Sports Teams


31 On what 3 rivers is Pittsburgh located? a.Allegheny, Monongahela, OhioAllegheny, Monongahela, Ohio b.Allegheny, Ohio, DelawareAllegheny, Ohio, Delaware c.Ohio, Monongahela, SusquehannaOhio, Monongahela, Susquehanna d.Ohio, Allegheny, YoughaghenyOhio, Allegheny, Youghagheny

32 INCORRECT Click the picture to try again!!

33 CORRECT!!!! Pittsburgh is located in the heart of Allegheny County at the meeting of the 3 rivers: the Allegheny, Ohio and Monongahela Click here to move on

34 What is the PA state bird? a.Bald eagleBald eagle b.GooseGoose c.ChickenChicken d.Ruffed GrouseRuffed Grouse

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36 CORRECT!!!! Click here to move on!!

37 Who was PA founded by? a.Ben FranklinBen Franklin b.George WashingtonGeorge Washington c.William PennWilliam Penn d.William PittWilliam Pitt

38 INCORRECT Click the picture to try again!! William Pitt

39 CORRECT!!!! Click here to move on!!

40 THE END!!!

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