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Purchase Order Export / Import Guidelines Presenters name.

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1 Purchase Order Export / Import Guidelines Presenters name

2 Export Purchase Order  Purchase order needs to show exactly what information/documentation is needed for importation  Customs in various countries have their own requirements that go beyond the “normal” export documentation. –Without this information, goods can arrive in country and get stuck in customs.

3 Export Purchase Order Continued  Sitech’s preferred freight forwarder should be indicated on the P.O. –Contact Name –Street Address where forwarder wants goods shipped, including postal code – No P.O. Boxes –Phone number –Instructions for getting the freight to the forwarder should be included, if required. If nothing is noted, Export will allow the freight fowarder to arrange the pick-up.  The specific port (airport) to which we need to ship should be indicated.  The in country broker’s name, address and telephone number should be indicated on the purchase order.  Sitech’s VAT, EIN, Tax ID should be indicated on the purchase order.  Valuation –All line items must have a value for customs purposes. While a product may be given free of charge, the real value must be used as the value for customs. This will not bill the customer. –The value cannot be below our cost to produce or buy the good.

4 Export Purchase Order - more  Specify the agreed upon Incoterms 2010. –Title and risk of loss or damage to the Products pass to the Buyer when Trimble delivers the Product to the shipping carrier. –Software products: only title to the media will pass –Trimble will deliver the Product freight prepaid: provided that Buyer will pay or reimburse Trimble for all costs of carriage, freight, insurance (if applicable), taxes, duty and other related shipping charges.  If shipped on a prepaid basis – Trimble chooses the carrier.  If freight is going collect, the account number needs to be listed on the P.O.  The e-mail address, phone number, and complete ship to address of the Sitech location Trimble is shipping to should be on the purchase order.

5 PO Special Instructions  Include special instructions – required documentation, special verbiage, routing instructions and Letter of Credit numbers (if applicable and available at the time the P.O. is created).  If completed export documents are to be emailed to certain individuals after shipping to facilitate pre-customs clearance – please note on the P.O.  China orders only –CR Number is required for shipment.

6 Export General information  Replacement orders are sent with incoterms 2011 DDP – Deliver Duty Paid named place of destination.  Cash in Advance orders must be sent on a collect basis unless freight charges have been added to the order and included in the CIA amount.  Letters of Credit – if any order is placed with Letter of Credit terms, Trimble has a very specific policy for opening the L/C. The policy should be obtained prior to opening a Letter of Credit.  EPCI form – Enhanced Proliferation Control Initiative. –Required for countries as listed on the following slide.

7 Country Group D AfghanistanArmeniaAzerbaijan BahrainBelarusBurma CambodiaChina (PRC)*Cuba EgyptGeorgia*Iran IraqIsraelJordan Kazakhstan*North KoreaKuwait KyrgyzstanLaosLebanon LibyaMacauMoldova OmanPakistanQatar RussiaSaudi Arabia*Syria TaiwanTajikstanTurkmenistan Ukraine United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan VietnamYemen *Embargo Countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria – shipment prohibited from the United States

8 Export Procedures  Buyer is informed that sale and delivery of Products in an export situation may be subject to export regulations of the United States or other countries.  Buyer warrants that it will not export or re-export directly or indirectly, any Product in violation of any law or regulation, (including, without limitation, any law or regulation of the United States Government or any agency), or to embargoed or otherwise restricted countries, or sell Products to companies listed on the denied persons list published by the United States Department of Commerce.  Buyer further warrants that it will not export or re-export any Product with knowledge that it will be used in the design, development, production or use of chemical, biological, nuclear or ballistic weapons. Laws and regulations change frequently. It is Buyer's responsibility to know the law pertaining to export/import procedures in the country of destination of the Product.  Buyer will defend, indemnify and hold TRIMBLE harmless against any liability (including attorneys’ fees) arising out of Buyer’s failure to comply with the terms of this paragraph.


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