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Capabilities Presentation Rob Bailey Communications.

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1 Capabilities Presentation Rob Bailey Communications

2 Rob Bailey Communications (RBC) Who Are We? zOne of the most creative and hard-working agencies in the business zA generalist firm with strong expertise in numerous areas of communication including: consumer products, media, business, sports, entertainment, hospitality, corporate, and special events zAn agency quickly earning a national reputation for our media relations expertise, integrated marketing services, superior client service and innovative approach to practicing public relations zBest known for our results-driven brand of PR, and we believe that nothing else replaces strategic, feature-oriented publicity and integrated marketing to communicate a client’s image or a message

3 RBC: Why We Excel zMedia savvy: “We know news” zDevelop and manage long term image strategies zCreate fresh new perspectives for prestigious brands and companies zCrisis management

4 RBC’S Hallmark: Publicity -- “We Get It” zWe listen, learn and act as good reporters zWe use creative, strategic media placements to put clients before decision-makers zWe find and highlight news when it’s there zWe create news when it’s not there zWe add new dimension by telling clients’ stories in out-of-the- ordinary places

5 RBC MAKES PRODUCTS HOT How?... zCreate The Buzz zBuild The Momentum zManage The Program zOwn The Category

6 AmeriCo Objectives: zGenerate awareness and excitement for AmeriCo’s Pepsi and Mountain Dew Fall 2002 lines; zDevelop a strategic trade launch event that reflects the personalities and offerings of the new AmeriCo lines and secures trade media participation; zCreate awareness of the Pepsi and Mountain Dew lines in key local regions with strong retail presence.

7 AmeriCo Strategies: z Used a targeted trade media outreach as a tool to affect buyer’s perceptions and expectations about the Fall 2002 AmeriCo Pepsi and Mountain Dew branded lines, as well as AmeriCo’s marketing support plans; z Created and executed an informative trade press conference to generate effective publicity about the Fall 2002 AmeriCo Pepsi and Mountain Dew branded lines; z Capitalized on strong retail presence in key local areas to generate consumer-focused PR opportunities; zFocused on the unique aspect of a soda company getting into the apparel industry to generate local media interest.

8 AmeriCo Key Tactics: z Oversaw the planning and execution of a trade press breakfast to unveil the Fall 2002 Pepsi and Mountain Dew branded lines. The breakfast took place during Market Week in January 2002; z Liaised with all trade media to secure interviews and appointments at the largest apparel industry trade show, MAGIC, in February 2002; z Created specific newsworthy story angles about different aspects of the AmeriCo Fall 2002 line to generate advance news stories that appealed to a broad range of potential buyers;

9 AmeriCo Key Tactics: z Targeted three key retail markets (New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco) to pitch the new apparel lines to fashion editors; zWorked with local retailers, highlighted by Mervyn’s (Mountain Dew) and Wal-Mart (Pepsi) to develop cross- marketing opportunities to promote the Pepsi and Mountain Dew apparel line’s presence in the stores.

10 AmeriCo Results: z Secured feature story coverage of the clothing lines in major daily newspapers in all three target retail markets, including: New York Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle, Orange County Register, Torrance Daily Breeze and the Bergen Record. z Trade feature coverage including: Brandweek, Sportswear International, MR, License, Licensing Book, Retail Ad World, etc. z WB Morning News in New York did a four minute Pepsi/Mountain Dew fashion show. zTotal impressions for the limited outreach was 8,052,702.

11 HIT Entertainment Day Out With Thomas/Barney’s Colorful World Objectives: zDrive ticket sales and traffic at the Day Out With Thomas events and Barney’s Colorful World stage shows; zShowcase the unique appeal of both children’s properties to attract new fans and strengthen existing relationships;  Maximize awareness of the tours.

12 HIT Entertainment Day Out With Thomas/Barney’s Colorful World Strategies: zFormulate a tactical approach that is specific to the needs and objectives of each individual show, including: reviewing plans, filling in gaps of service and executing whatever tactics necessary to ensure media coverage; zWage an aggressive and tactical media relations campaign that combines a mixture of pre-event, event and post-event pitching; zFamiliarize consumers with the Day Out With Thomas experience, including the various activities offered at each event;

13 HIT Entertainment Day Out With Thomas/Barney’s Colorful World Strategies: zProvide additional support and focus on events with low tickets sales and markets that are new to the Day Out With Thomas tour; zUse media to advise fans of additional event opportunities in other markets, and/or return engagements in their market when tickets are sold out.

14 HIT Entertainment Day Out With Thomas/Barney’s Colorful World Key Tactics: z Create newsworthy story angles about different aspects of each show and the specific activities offered to generate news that appealed to a broad range of media; z Present fresh story angles to media in markets that have previously covered Day Out With Thomas; z Develop pre-event awareness through calendar event, weekend/family section and feature pitching for print, advance market radio phone interviews and b-roll dissemination and morning show in-studio appearances day of the event at TV stations;

15 HIT Entertainment Day Out With Thomas/Barney’s Colorful World Results: zMany events enjoyed near capacity. zFeatures ran in papers ranging from Los Angeles Times to the Dallas Morning News. zBroadcast coverage in markets ranged from lengthy live remotes to entertaining package pieces. zCombined coverage for both shows is in excess 1300 media placements with a total consumer impression of more than 200,000,000.

16 New York Skyride Objectives: zGenerate awareness and excitement for the relaunch of the New York Skyride in the Empire State Building within New York residents and media; zDevelop a strategic launch event that captures the feel and look of the new New York Skyride as the passport to the true New York City; zGet New Yorkers to embrace the New York Skyride as the premier vehicle for experiencing their city, instead of viewing it as a tourist destination.

17 New York Skyride Strategies: z Create and execute a VIP/media only launch event to generate effective coverage and buzz for the new New York Skyride; z Highlight the new features of the attraction, including the Twin Towers commemorative component; zFocus on the re-branding of the New York Skyride. The communication initiatives will assist in changing the perception (‘vibe’) of the ride from the old – ‘comedy and thrills’ – to the new – an entertaining attraction that celebrates the courage, spirit, landmarks and people of NYC.

18 New York Skyride Key Tactics: zWage a strategic media relations campaign that address the new positioning of the New York Skyride through gradual placement of feature stories, television placements and gossip items in New York area media outlets; zDevelop and manage a launch event that will include VIP’s, prominent New Yorkers, entertainment figures and media; z Utilize New York Skyride narrator, Kevin Bacon, as the launch event NYC tour guide.

19 New York Skyride Results: zThe event was attended by over 250 of the top VIP’s, prominent New Yorkers, entertainment figures and media in New York. zStories ran in every major paper in the New York metropolitan area including; New York Times, Daily News, New York Post, Time Out New York, Star-Ledger and Newsday. zBroadcast coverage included; WABC-TV, WPIX-TV, NY-1 and WOR-AM. zTotal New York consumer impression was 7,171,255.

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