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Healthcare IT PR 101 a.k.a. Everything you ever wanted to know about healthcare technology public relations, but were afraid to ask because you thought.

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1 Healthcare IT PR 101 a.k.a. Everything you ever wanted to know about healthcare technology public relations, but were afraid to ask because you thought you were supposed to know the answer already… April 7, 2014

2 What is considered part of public relations? Planning and strategy Positioning/messaging News releases /media alerts Pitch development Trade show support Awards Crisis communications News monitoring and analysis Analyst relations Investor relations Thought leadership Content development Article/ case study / white paper writing Speaking opportunities Media kits Media training Measurement and reporting 2

3 I think PR is going to be effective for my organization, what do I do first / next? 1. Positioning and messaging 2. Strategy 3. Inventory of assets: Thought leaders Thought leadership concepts News Data 4. Budget 5. Internal vs. external resources 6. Media lists 7. Editorial calendar 8. Speaking / awards calendar 9. Rough map of next six months 10. Go! 3

4 Can I have a copy of my media list? Yes! 4

5 Should I do a press releases? Is a release the right vehicle? What should they be about? News Momentum (wins, growth, hires, partnership) Offerings (new products and services) Issues (maybe) What shouldn’t they be about? Does anyone read them? Will they get coverage? Not always, may need to set expectations. How often should I do them? Will they be good for my SEO? 5

6 What makes a good press pitch? Aligned with focus of publication, issue and reporter/editor Significant or buzz worthy Timely (just / is about happen, or ties into something that just / is about to happen) Brief Easy to understand No sales pitches: Customers Data Experts “Consultants” Delivered thoughtfully, politely, persistently, and with ability to discuss topic and flexible approaches 6

7 How do I build good relationships with key reporters? Give them what they need Offer credible, interesting pitches Be flexible Know what you are talking about Do your homework Empathize Meet them Don’t let them down Stay classy 7

8 How do I know if I should engage a PR firm? You have more to do than you and your team can do You feel like you are leaving opportunities on the table You want a resource that is more flexible than a hire You want to leverage existing relationships vs. building your own You have budget You need another marketing voice at the table internally 8

9 What is the right division of labor with between the agency and the client? Resources, politics and culture will largely dictate this, but try to: Do the things you need to do Herd senior leadership, liaise with sales, cajole customers, negotiate budgets, etc. …and have the agency do what they are best at Writing releases, pitching media, drafting abstracts, handling logistics, etc. Divide up the rest as budgets and skillsets allow 9

10 What kind of care and feeding does an agency require? To get the most out of your agency investment, you need to provide: Time Content, ideas and feedback Customers, thought leaders and data Good communication A collaborative approach. Ask don’t tell Succeed and fail as a team Polite professionalism, occasional gratitude Humor and perspective help a lot too In return, you should get: Hard work and responsiveness Results Good ideas Professional insight and guidance Professionalism, gratitude, humor and perspective 10

11 How do I measure the success of my PR program? Some popular approaches: Set goals you know you can crush Measure what you can easily measure Measure things that look good to the board/CEO Measure what matters (vs. competition, by message, etc.) Does your organization buy into the value of PR? If yes, then measure the quality and quantity of your PR Quantity is easy Quality is subjective but critical Benchmark and stretch If no, then you have to quantify impact on sales, which is tricky 11 I shall not attempt to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within the shorthand description "hard-core pornography“ …But I know it when I see it. Justice Potter Stewart, Jacobellis v. Ohio (1964)

12 How do I get my company to see the value of my/my agency’s work? Classic rookie mistake: assuming everyone gets how useful the PR program is Always be selling the value of the program, communicating, soliciting feedback Leverage those PR results as much as possible Internal email distributions Individual article promotion to sales with guidance on how to use Lots of reporting 12


14 About Aria Marketing Founded in 1999, healthcare’s integrated, full-service communications agency Healthcare consulting firm roots (Gartner Healthcare) drive our thought leadership approach The premier source for first-class strategy, creative, PR, social media, interactive and writing under one roof Experts in launching healthcare technology companies and executing comprehensive communications programs that distinguish brands and help achieve business goals Experience with all healthcare B2B segments Right-sized to tackle today’s challenges and tomorrow’s by offering strategic creative and PR counsel from senior management, as well as full-service tactical support Our growth comes primarily from word of mouth referrals 14

15 Some Current and Former Aria Clients 15

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