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B ENEFITS OF Y OGA IN PE- TEACHING Stina Hänninen Juho Määttä.

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1 B ENEFITS OF Y OGA IN PE- TEACHING Stina Hänninen Juho Määttä

2 W HAT IS Y OGA ? -Shortly: Yoga is an ancient and comprehensive training method. A hobby, what is suitable for all. focused on developing various physical and mental activity methods; balance, stretching, breathing, mental well-being, meditation (religious point of view)


4 Active yoga training develops the body’s mobility and flexibility Widely our mental and physical well-being relaxation - skills ”Self-made physiotherapy” Transfer and benefits to other sport events

5 O THER EFFECTS TO OUR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELL - BEING for children and youngsters; growing body, lack of strength, easier breathing, improving motoric skills, anatomy knowledge.. can relieve back pain Stress- control, better self-esteem, feeling individual (unique) ability to concentrate Calming down during a busy school day – more energy



8 HOW TO TEACH YOGA IN SCHOOL? Keeping Yoga often as a routine end of the class (5min) Autonomy; ”I wan’t to do moves that are suitable for me” Main aim: enthousiasm, developing – motivation and transfer to leisure time? Well taught simple routine moves nice relaxing tone of voice the end of Yoga exercise is important to use time for body relaxation

9 B ENEFITS FOR PE- TEACHER HER / HIMSELF Peace - Yoga helps students to calm down the noncompetitive spirit of yoga Calm atmosphere, better learning environment Being a positive, calm role model

10 D EVELOPING EFFECTIVE QUALITIES OF A GOOD TEACHER Learn patience and emotion- control qualities: enthusiastic, friendly, getting know the students in a calm atmosphere.. Being natural and confident Richard Gerver: Ability to make the classroom great place to learn; creating learning experiences

11 L ET ’ S TRY..

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