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PW 2011 5A Epix Jr. We study hard, but play even HARDER!!

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1 PW 2011 5A Epix Jr. We study hard, but play even HARDER!!

2 Day 1- 18 th July 2011 Brainstorming 1) What does school identity mean to you? Danish: It represents the school core values. Hasif: Something that makes the school outstanding. Wesley: What identifies us White Sandians and what makes us unique. Wei Jie: Students that rally together to make the school a better place to study, play and brainstorm. 2) What can you do to improve/ address this aspect of school identity? Danish: Encourage pupils to take part in activities to help us be known in and out of the neighbourhood. Hasif: Volunteer more for CIPs (Community Involvement Progremme) Wesley: Get more active in outer and inner school activities to make our school a more active school. Wei Jie: We should do more voluntering projects to make our school be known.

3 Day 2- 19 th July 2011 Refining our thoughts on identity. 1) About our school's Motto Loyal: To be proud of the place we belong to. 2) How well do our pupils portray or relate to these values? The pupils in our school portray loyalty by bringing pride and honour to our school by volunteering for activities e.g. CCA competition, Overseas exam(UNSW). ( They are to volunteer sincerely and not to be forced to volunteer). 3) What structures are in place to ensure these values are impressed upon our students? -There are teachers who encourage us to go on for competitions and to take part in voluntary work(CIP) so that they can bring pride to the school even if they did not win the competition.

4 Day 3- 20 th July 2011 Survey Day Qn1) Do you take part in activities to bring pride to your school? Report: 12/13 yes 1/13 no (P3 & P4) Qn2) Are you proud of being a White Sandian? Report: 13/13 yes If yes, Qn2a) What do you do to show that you are proud to be a White Sandian? Report:2/13=Respecting others. 2/13=Being a good prefect 3/13=Nonsense 3/13=Doing their best in exams and in sport competitions. 2/13=Behaving well in class when there is no teachers 1/13=picking up litter. Qn3) What does being loyal mean to you? Qn4) How do you show loyalty in your everyday life?

5 Day 4- 21 st July 2011 Brainstorm on possible solutions to address our problem

6 Day 5- 22 nd July 2011 Summary of E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

7 Day 6- Presentation Exactly what we are doing right now.


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