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Why are rivers bendy?.

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1 Why are rivers bendy?

2 Lesson Objectives: To investigate why rivers are “bendy”.
To understand how a meander and ox-bow lake develops.

3 Starter: Describe what you see. Think, pair, share
What do you think is going on? Think for 30 seconds. Then spend 1 minute discussing your ideas with your partner You will then feed back to the whole class your answers.

4 Why does the river bend? Hint: remember what process’ we looked at last lesson.

5 Hyperlink - a river in action

6 Activity 1:_________ You have now had the meander process explained to you and have watched it in action. You must now copy down the following diagram including; all the key words and their explanations Give your diagram an appropriate title ‘ The process of a meander bend’ 6

7 7

8 Activity 2: Glossary Meander= A winding curve or bend of a river Ox Bow lake= A crescent-shaped lake formed when a meander of a river or stream is cut off from the main channel. 8

9 Activity 3: How a meander and ox – bow lake are formed
In your resource booklets you should have a series of diagrams. In the corner of each you need to write a number so that it shows the journey of a meander and ox bow lake. Use a pencil (You cannot have a spare sheet!) Remember to record in your books that the activity is in your booklet.

10 Activity 3: How a meander and ox-bow lake forms.

11 Activity 4: Meet Albert I’m Albert…and I’m rather confused. I invented a time machine and travelled forward in time to 2000 from 1880 – my shack has moved and I don’t know why?

12 Activity 4: Letter to Albert
Write a to Albert explaining what has happened to the river. Tell him about meanders, water speed, erosion, deposition and ox-bow lakes.

13 How will I be successful in my email?
You must include the key words meander, erosion, deposition and ox – bow lake. You should describe what each of the words means. You could explain the links between each process and ultimately what has happened to his shack!

14 Personal Study: You are to create 3 questions each on how meanders and Ox Bow lakes are formed. These questions will be used in class to quiz your friends (and maybe even the teacher) Remember you need to write the answers to your questions too! 14

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