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OK-SAFE, Inc. Overview of the 1 st Session of the 2009/2010 Oklahoma Legislature Copyright OK-SAFE, Inc. June 2009.

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1 OK-SAFE, Inc. Overview of the 1 st Session of the 2009/2010 Oklahoma Legislature Copyright OK-SAFE, Inc. June 2009

2 52 nd OK Legislature (2009/2010)… Senators: 22 Democrats 26 Republicans Representatives: 40 Democrats 61 Republicans Governor: Democrat “ Let ’ s look at this… ”

3 48 OK Senators… 13 are lawyers: 6 Democrat; 7 Republican 12 are former government employees: 7 Democrat 5 Republican The remaining 23 are financial planners, real estate, ranchers, businessmen, a computer salesman, etc.

4 101 Representatives… At least 5 are: Members of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, which provides model legislation to states

5 13 Senate Committees… 1. Agriculture and Rural Development 2. Appropriations - GCCA - Agency Assignments 1. Business and Labor 2. Education 3. Energy and Environment 4. Finance 5. General Government 6. Health and Human Services 7. Judiciary 8. Public Safety and Homeland Security 9. Retirement and Insurance 10. Rules 11. Tourism and Wildlife 12. Transportation 13. Veterans and Military Affairs

6 25 House Committees… 1. Administrative Rules and Agency Oversight 2. Agriculture & Rural Development 3. Appropriations & Budget 4. Education 5. General Government & Transportation 6. Human Services 7. Natural Resources & Regulatory Services 8. Public Health & Social Services 9. Public Safety & Judiciary 10. Revenue & Taxation 11. Common Education 12. Economic Development & Financial Services 13. Energy & Utility Regulations 14. General Government 15. Government Modernization 16. Higher Education & Career Tech 17. Human Services 18. International Relations & Tourism 19. Judiciary 20. Public Health 21. Public Safety 22. Rules 23. Transportation 24. Veterans & Military Affairs 25. Wildlife

7 Bills have to get past: House Side: Speaker of the House: Chris Benge (R) Majority Floor Leader: Tad Jones (R) Senate Side: Senate President Pro Tempore: Glen Coffee (R) Majority Floor Leader: Todd Lamb (R) In order to be heard…

8 718 Lobbyists… By Principals (2009): Banking Chambers of Commerce Telecommunication Education Insurance Medical Pharmaceuticals Law Enforcement

9 National Firms Lobbying… 3M Traffic Safety Systems AIG (yes, the same) AT&T Bank of America Chase Bank Chevron Citigroup Management Conoco Phillips Dell, Inc. Eli Lilly Corp. Exxon Mobil Corp. General Motors GlaxoSmithKline Goldman Sachs Hewlett Packard IBM J.P. Morgan Securities Kimberly Clark Microsoft Monsanto Novartis Pharmaceuticals Pfizer PhRMA (DC) Planned Parenthood Proctor & Gamble Raytheon Sierra Club Sprint Nextel

10 Other Lobbying Interests… 175 named Oklahoma “something” or other CompSource Oklahoma County Government Legislative Committee County Officers and Deputies Association OK County Fraternal Order of Police OK Transit Association OK Turnpike Authority Health Care Industry Professional Basketball Club, LLC PSO QuikTrip Corp. Spirit Bank Tarrant Regional Water The George Kaiser Family Foundation TRUST TransCanada, Alberta, CAN Tulsa County Home Finance Authority

11 Secretary of Safety & Security… 40 executive entities: 1. Adult Offender Supervision 2. Alcohol & Drug Abuse Policy Board 3. Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement 4. Amber Alert 5. Attorney General 6. Board of Tests for Alcohol & Drug Influence 7. Corrections Board 8. Crime Victims Compensation Board 9. Corrections Department 10. Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) 11. Crime Victim’s Compensation Board 12. District Attorney’s Council 13. Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Advisory Council 14. Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board 15. Driver’s License Compact 16. Driver’s License Medical Advisory Committee 17. Emergency Management Advisory Council 18. Emergency Management Department 19. Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Commission 20. Highway Safety Coordinating Committee 21. Highway Safety Office 22. Homeland Security Director, Office of (OKDHS) 24. Governor’s Executive Panel on Security and Preparedness 25. Governor’s Committee on Homeland Security Funding 26. Appellate Indigent Defense System Board 27. Chief Medical Examiner 28. Board of Medicolegal Investigations 29. State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control 30. State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control Commission 31. National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact Council 32. Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) 33. OSBI Commission 34. Pardon and Parole Board 35. Polygraph Examiners Board 36. Public Safety Department (DPS) 37. Sentencing Commission 38. Sick Leave Review Board 39. State Fire Marshall Office 40. Statewide Nine-One-One Advisory Board

12 Question… Who are the constituents?

13 “ I have a bill! ” “That’s a beak, not a bill!”

14 Legislation… 1 st Session: OK House Introduced 1,431 Bills OK Senate Introduced 1,401 Bills Total - 2,832 Introduced Bills “ Gentlemen, start your engines! ”

15 Legislation… Of the 2,832 New Bills: 264 passed in the 1 st session and became law – 9.3% of total 166 Senate bills – 62.87% of total 98 House bills – 37.12% of total 48 Senators – avg. 3.45 101 Representatives – avg. 1.03

16 Good Bills that Passed… HJR 1003 - Sovereignty; claiming sovereignty under the 10 th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (Key/Brogdon) Gov. vetoed 4/24/09 Came back as: HCR 1028 Passed both Chambers Filed with Sec. 5/14/09

17 Good Bills that Passed… SJR11 (HJR1004) – Rescinding the calls for a Constitutional Convention (Con/Con); (Brogdon/Wright) Signed by Gov. 5/12/09 HB 1330 – The 10 Commandments Bill (Ritze/Brogdon) Signed by Gov. 5/18/09 HB 1025 – Prohibiting employers & public officials from inquiring about firearms (Duncan/Sykes) Signed by Gov. 5/22/09 HB 1595 – Prohibiting abortions based on sex of child (Sullivan/Lamb) Signed by Gov. 5/21/09

18 Bad Bills that Passed (& dormant)… Passed DNA Bills: SB 611 DNA Reporting (R) SB 1102 DNA collected for misdemeanors (R) Dormant DNA bills: HB 1430 DNA upon arrest (D) HB 1505 DNA upon arrest (R) HB 2081 DNA upon arrest (R) SB 1074 DNA collection (R)

19 DNA Collection expansion… Source: Dept. of Defense Biometrics Task Force, Sept. 2008 ppt

20 Bad Bills… SB 483, allowing for the ‘direct electronic access’ bill to the computerized photo in the DPS database (Jolley /Terrill) (R) “Downstream only” – NOT Debate made no mention of existing MOU’s about information sharing OLETS/ NLETS BATF&E CARFAX National Guard OSBI U.S. Marshall’s Dist. Task Force 77 Counties 300 Cities/ Towns CJIS Germany FBI DPS

21 Bill Growing Government… HB 1170 Creates a new cabinet position, the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Expands Executive Branch; position is Governor appointed Salary: $130,000 - $160,000 All information systems routed thru this office Authors: Coffee/Derby

22 Good Bills that didn ’ t get heard… SB 587 Eminent Domain, restricting power (Brogdon) SB 758 Toll roads; removing authority for certain entities to construct toll roads (Sykes) HB 1363 Prohibiting certain ID documents (Cooksey) HB 1396 Prohibiting disclosure of SSN (Ritze) HB 2145 Creating the OK Personal Information Protection Act (Ritze) HB 2146 OK Identity Protection Act (Ritze) SB 289 Religious Freedom and Privacy Protection Act (Brogdon) – sent to Appropriations/Public Safety

23 18 Bills were Vetoed… HJR 1003 10 th Amendment HB 1326 Embryonic stem cell protection HB 1601 Attorneys fees SB 4 Proof of identity to vote SB 834 Schools, local control SB 1111 School Accountability Act SB 1123 Limiting liability Governor Henry ’ s Veto pen

24 Action… Call/email your elected officials: Invite your Legislator for coffee No more DNA bills Protest the ‘direct electronic access’ to the DPS database Request the Religious Freedom and Privacy Act be heard and passed this next session

25 OK Legislature… House of Representatives: 1-800-522-8502 Senate: 1-800-865-6490 To find your Legislator: To track bills: Go to above site, click Status of Measures

26 End of Presentation OK-SAFE, Inc. June 2009

27 Sample of some votes…




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