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Receptive Services Association of America 2011 Dr. Anastasia Xenias Global Travel & Tourism Team Leader US Commercial Service.

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1 Receptive Services Association of America 2011 Dr. Anastasia Xenias Global Travel & Tourism Team Leader US Commercial Service

2 National Export Initiative (March) 2010 Strategy backed by the government More exports = more jobs ­ Through the National Export Initiative (NEI), President Obama has announced a goal of doubling exports within the next five years to support two million jobs in America Services Exports: The NEI provides an opportunity to amplify the Administrations export promotion activities in support of the highly competitive U.S. services sector. Government support ­ To help achieve this goal, the National Export Initiative will provide more funds, focus, and cabinet-level coordination to grow U.S. exports. ­ Focused on three key areas: 1.Global connections 2.Credit 3.International Barriers

3 Travel Promotion Act of 2009 (signed March 2010) The Travel Promotion Act of 2009 (the Act) will have significant operational, managerial and funding impacts on the Department of Commerce. Specifically, the Act: Establishes the Corporation for Travel Promotion, a nonprofit entity, to communicate U.S. entry policies and otherwise promote leisure, business and scholarly travel to the United States. Authorizes the Secretary of Commerce, in consultation with the Secretaries of State and Homeland Security, to appoint the Corporations board of directors, review and approve the Corporations annual objectives, and transmit the Corporations report to Congress. Funds the Corporation from the collection of a fee assessed on travelers from visa waiver countries in the completion of a form under the DHS requirement for the Electronic System of Travel Authorization (ESTA).

4 NEI Report to the President January 2011 – Tourism Recommendations Continuing to improve data and measurement. The travel and tourism statistical system produced by Commerce is a model for service industries. The system allows for the measure of exports, imports, contribution to the economy, consumer behaviors, employment, and others. The Travel Promotion Act calls for increased data collection to provide relevant data at the State level. Increasing demand by promoting travel to the United States. The Travel Promotion Act of 2009 creates the Corporation for Travel Promotion, which will be funded through fees on travelers from Visa Waiver Countries and matched by the private sector. The Corporation will play a key role in promoting travel to the United States and in coordinating travel promotion activities by States and localities and by the private sector. Eliminating barriers inhibiting travel and tourism to the United States. The Departments of Commerce and State, DHS, and the USTR will continue to work to lower market barriers in key markets such as China, Brazil, and India through bilateral agreements and dialogue through frameworks such as the JCCT. A key element in the success of this strategy is increasing access to the visa application process for potential travelers in these countries.

5 U.S. Department Of Commerce International Trade Administration Tourism Resources Commercial Service 105 U.S. Offices Commercial Service 151 Offices in 83 Countries

6 U.S. Commercial Service Our mission: To promote the export of goods & services from the United States, particularly by small- and medium-sized businesses To represent U.S. business interests internationally To help U.S. businesses find qualified international partners The U.S. Commercial Service is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, an agency of the United States government.

7 Our Network & What it can do for you Trade specialists in over 100 U.S. cities and 85 countries worldwide... We can... Locate international buyers, distributors & agents Provide expert help at every stage of the export process Help you to enter new markets faster and more profitably

8 US Trade in Goods and Services

9 US Services Exports

10 World Tourism Arrivals & Receipts ( ) Source: U.N. World Tourism Organization m $852b

11 Strong Arrivals Rebound

12 Strong Spending Rebound

13 Global Travel Trends (from UNWTO) Global arrivals –2010YTD up 7% over 2009YTD; –2010YTD up higher than 2008YTD; –2010EOY should finish 5%-6% higher than 2009 and as a new record; –2011 arrivals +4%. – : 5%-6% average annual growth rate. Recovery in all world regions, but emerging countries leading the way (+8% vs. +5% for developed countries). Global receipts growing at slightly slower pace: +5%-6%: –price competition; –shorter stays; –growth to value-for-money destinations. Tourism impacted by global economic environment less than other export sectors.

14 Arrivals in Millions Sources:U.S. Department of Commerce, ITA, Office of Travel & Tourism Industries; Secretaria de Turismo (Mexico); Statistics Canada. -- October 2010 forecast International Visitors to the U.S. and Projections ( )

15 Forecast of International Travelers to the United States by World Regions (000s)

16 How We Help You Attract International Visitors Destinations, attractions, CVBs, tour operators, hotels and others in the travel industry seeking to build international tourism can access the following market development programs through your local travel trade specialist.your local travel trade specialist Industry expertise Market intelligence Trade data Seminars/events in the USA Help finding partners

17 Make the Most out of International Sales Calls Are you planning an international sales trip to find distribution partners or hire a sales rep? The Commercial Service can save you time and money by pre-qualifying buyers based on your individual needs, setting up a day of one-on-one appointments, arranging transportation and logistics and getting you in the door to the people you want to meet. This flagship service, known as a Gold Key, allows you to make the most of your international visits. This service is priced between $350 and $2,300 depending on the size of your company.

18 Find Travel Distribution Partners in Target Market Looking to find qualified tour operators, wholesalers, agents, sales reps, or partners? This service gives you a list with complete contact details of up to five qualified overseas contacts that have examined your materials and have a strong interest in including your destination, products, or services in its distribution network. This service, also known as the International Partner Search, is priced between $550 and $1,400 depending on the size of your company.

19 Develop Memorable Promotional and Educational Events Do you want to make a PR splash or impress travel agents and tour operators? Use the Commercial Service to help you identify your target audience, plan a high-profile event, manage on-site logistics and access unique facilities like embassy meeting space and ambassadors residences. Hold an educational seminar, reception, exhibition or other event to build your international presence.

20 Austria CS Vienna is organizing a press luncheon on 3 February for the State of Alaska at the Ambassadors Residence. In addition, we organize in cooperation with the Visit USA Committee the annual Visit USA Seminar. A total of 24 U.S. travel suppliers will participate.

21 Increase Traffic at Your Trade Show Booths The Global Travel & Tourism Team offers a variety of services at major travel industry events, including PowWow, ITB Berlin, World Travel Market and more. Our trade event services include arranging appointments with international buyers, developing press awareness, assisting with booth logistics including translation services. If you are exhibiting internationally, check with our travel and tourism team to see what support is available to you.major travel industry events

22 UK - World Travel Mart CSUK spearheaded joint outreach to the participating U.S. exhibitors along with many Export Assistance Centers. Messages were sent encouraging the exhibitors to request meetings under the Showtime program with Trade Specialists from 15 European markets who attended WTM. CSUK prepared a Directory of US Exhibitors that was sent to over 140 UK tour operators. During a subsequent pre-event follow up the tour operators acknowledged receipt of the directory and unanimously thanked CSUK for the Directory stating that it assisted planning their visit to the show. CSUK also arranged for a visit to WTM by Deputy Chief of Mission, Barbara Stephenson, and, with assistance from our Press Office, conducted interviews with a cross section of the US exhibitors that will go on the social network You Tube.

23 Access Trade and Consumer Media Recruit Qualified FAM Participants Our Commercial Specialists can get you into contact with international media. Hold a PR event, media briefing or pitch your stories to individual reporters with the help of our in- country contacts. Bringing qualified tour operators and media is important to build awareness of your product and provide first-hand training to potential distribution partners. Work with our foreign posts to develop invitations, create lists of top targets, recruit participants, and even lead the delegation through a tour of your destination.

24 CS Guatemala will lead a Media FAM trip to California from May 15-21, 2011 Destinations include: Orange County Los Angeles Santa Barbara Carmel Napa Valley Yountville East Bay Participants: Recruiting journalists from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Chile and the Dominican Republic 2 journalists with Regional coverage

25 Develop an Effective Marketing Plan If you are just beginning to target international travelers or are looking to expand your efforts into new markets our specialists can help you. Organized in a team of travel experts, the Global Travel & Tourism Team has members located across the U.S. and in Embassies and Consulates worldwide. Team members can help you identify top international tour operators and travel agents, promote your destination to the travel trade and consumer media, and get the most out of international trade shows.

26 Profile Your Potential International Partners Looking for background information on a potential buyer or agent? Using this service, you can request specific answers to detailed questions about potential customers or partners abroad that will reduce your risk and allow you to enter new business relationships with confidence.

27 Access the Most Up-to-Date Travel Market Research The Commercial Service can provide your company with the research needed to target the appropriate market(s) for your products and develop marketing plans. In addition to existing off-the-shelf research, the Commercial Service can prepare a tailored analysis of the market for your product. Visit our market research library at The Office of Travel and Tourism Industries provides additional research on international visitation, spending data and more. of Travel and Tourism Industries

28 New !

29 Commercial Service Market Research – Ex: China Opportunities and Trends Chinese leisure travelers are likely to increasingly travel to the United States in group tours as a result of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed by both countries in Dec Chinese travel agencies are now allowed to partner with U.S. companies to organize and market packaged group leisure tours to the United States, and U.S. travel destinations are able to advertise in China. The U.S Department of Commerce forecasts that the United States will host 579,000 Chinese travelers by 2011, an increase from 525,000 in In 2009, total U.S. travel and tourism service exports to Chinese travelers was $3.5 billion. This value of travel and tourism exports is calculated by totaling all spending by Chinese people on short term visits to the United States, with the average Chinese tourist spending about $6,000 USD per visit. Click here to watch our Travel & Tourism Market Insight !

30 Commercial Service Market Research – Ex: Korea Best Prospects General travelers: Korea sends more travelers than Australia, Italy, and China. All time favorite destinations among Korean travelers are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC and Las Vegas, and their trip length is usually about 7 days. Popular attractions are Disney Land, Universal Studios, Sea World, the Grand Canyon and fashion outlets, such as Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in New York, etc. Family: Most families with children prefer to travel to Guam, Saipan, Hawaii and California, where the flying time is not as long as to Midwest and East coast, and they can enjoy various water sports and outdoor activities. Alaska is another destination popular among the high-income brackets of senior citizens and working professionals, and travel there is often packaged as cruises leaving from Seattle or Vancouver. Honeymooners: the U.S. Embassy in Seoul has created a special Hawaiian Honeymooners Travel Program that streamlined the visa application process for Korean honeymooners wishing to travel to Hawaii. There is about 300,000 couples getting married a year in Korea, thus, the market potential Hawaii holds for Honeymooners is high. Also, as Hawaii honeymooners visit Hawaii during its off peak seasons where it is a wedding peak season in Korea, between April to June and between September to November, and as the honeymooners packaged tour is about 30% more expensive than regular packaged tour, Hawaii greatly benefits from this group. Incentive Travel: Many Korean companies reward their employees with incentive travel and mostly visa free destinations have been enjoying the business, as companies carefully pick destinations that will not impose any problems for any of their employees in getting to the destination. This is a very lucrative market, as the company sponsors not only their employees but their family members as well. Gold Misses: single women, aged 25 – 35, who have the freedom to travel and the income to spend.

31 Keep Up with Emerging Markets and Industry Trends via Webinars The Global Travel & Tourism Team offers online webinars on key issues facing the travel industry and information on key markets. These webinars will feature industry experts and provide you with the opportunity to ask questions. We will be announcing the dates of these webinars, so check back here to register for these events.

32 Webinars In Case You Missed It: Webinar: International Travel & Tourism Market Forecast for Travel to the United States Due to popular demand, on Thursday January 27, 2011 at 4:00pm EST, the U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Travel and Tourism Industries (OTTI) and the Commercial Service Travel & Tourism Team will present, for the second time, a webinar on international travel and tourism markets focused on OTTI's five-year Travel Forecast by country. The January 27th webinar will enable participants to get a better understanding of the forecast for each of the top ten and other select visitor origin markets, including the assumptions behind the forecasts. In case you missed it when first presented in December, please join us for the next of these travel and tourism industry webinars. The details: Thursday January 27, :00pm EST, 1:00pm PST for one hour Event Cost: $50 Webinar call-in & log-in information will be sent after registration is received. Interested participants may register here:

33 Catalog Shows and Visit USA Events In cooperation with Visit USA Committees around the world, and independently, the Commercial Service offers numerous additional travel trade promotional activities every year above and beyond the large trade shows (although we support those too) We can distribute your literature without you traveling at allsometimes for free!


35 The Visit USA Committees from Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama have scheduled their International Trade Show to take place from August 22-26, This is a great event that will include a 3 Country stop show in one week! International CVBs and Travel and Tourism service providers who wish to participate may take advantage of exhibiting in all of them and marketing in three of the largest markets for T&T in Central America.

36 Italy SHOWCASE USA-ITALY is the only marketing exhibition exclusively dedicated to promote Italian tourism towards the United States. Created by the Visit USA Association Italy and the U.S. Commercial Service Italy, SHOWCASE USA-ITALY gives the Italian Travel Industry the opportunity to keep up to date with the great variety of Made in USA travel products and destinations. On this unique occasion, U.S. exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet high-quality Italian companies and organizations, all focused on the promotion of tourism to the United States of America. Typically, Italian tour operators and incentive planners, in addition to media representatives, participate. Our team will provide participants matchmaking appointments with Italian companies, logistical assistance, on-site business counseling and support, as well as a pre-event briefing. The next edition will take place in Milan on November 10-12, 2011, right after WTM in London. The format from 2010 won't change and participation costs will be available at Pow Wow: – 2010 Basic Package of USD $2,800 – included exhibition, market briefing, two nights hotel, meals and sightseeing tour of Venice

37 Denmark Join the Discover America Catalogue Distribution Program at Ferie for Alle (Vacation for All) February 25-27, 2011 in Herning, Denmark. Your material will be distributed at the Discover America booth an integrated area of the USA pavilion. The booth is staffed by Travel & Tourism Specialists from the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen. Send us your PR material and we will do the rest! CS Staff will showcase your destination and distribute your brochures and PR items to visiting consumers, tour operators, travel agencies and journalists. This is an easy and affordable opportunity to increase your visibility and attract your share of the 250,000 Danes who travel to the United States every year. Each participating US travel and tourism firm will receive a top Buyers list of Danish tour operators and agencies with the catalogue program as an added value. This list contains the top 10 Buyers and contact information to the Product Manager in each company. Participation fee: $300.00; Registration deadline: February 21, All material and payment must arrive by February 23, 2011.

38 Croatia In 2010 the U.S. Booth attracted hundreds of regional travel industry and media professionals and thousands of members of the general public interested in U.S. destinations. In addition to providing travel and tourism advice and information about the United States in general, the U.S. Booth was proud to specifically promote over thirty U.S. destinations and cities. This year's CroTour International Tourism Fair will be held in Zagreb from March , The U.S. Commercial Service Croatia is organizing a U.S. Pavilion to highlight U.S. destinations, where we will showcase and distribute promotional literature. This is a unique opportunity to reach travelers throughout the growing South East European market and expand your company's exposure in a cost-effective, highly targeted manner. By participating in this campaign, you will receive: 1. No-cost promotion at the U.S. Pavilion at the CroTour International Tourism Fair, the premier travel and tourism show that attracts regional tour suppliers, held March 23-26, 2011; 2. Press releases on U.S. destinations sent to daily newspapers, magazines and other publications; 3. Publicity in travel industry newsletters and publications on U.S. destinations; and 4. Exposure at the U.S. Embassy's Library. To participate, you will need to send a promotional destination DVD, 50 to 100 promotional packets and 10 press kits (optional) with photo CDs to share with interested journalists. We also welcome destination posters for the booth decor. We need to receive your materials by March 10, Before we send you the mailing address (U.S. address where you can send your material), please register at:

39 Russia MITT is Russias #1 travel show with an attendance of over 79,000, 74% of whom are travel trade professionals. The U.S. Commercial Service will display your product literature in the Visit USA Pavilion at MITT and experienced Russian-speaking Commercial Service Industry Specialists will respond to inquiries. After the show, we will send you a complete list of companies that expressed interest in your product or in doing business with your firm. Cost is $300. For details visit and register by Feb 19. For more information about the catalog show, Visit USA Pavilion at MITT- 2011, or how we can facilitate your visit to the exhibition, please contact Gulnara Kenzhebulatova, Commercial Specialist, Commercial Service Moscow

40 Kazakhstan KITF 2011 Atakent Expo, Almaty, Kazakhstan April 2011 KITF is the leading event for the travel and tourism industry in Kazakhstan and Central Asia with over 500 exhibitors from 36 countries and anticipated 6,500 visitors. Over the last 11 years, KITF has welcomed thousands of travel professionals from national tourism organizations, airlines, tour operators, service providers, hotels, travel agencies and much more. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet with Kazakhstans travel industry network and get acquainted with the Central Asian market. – U.S. Department of Commerce | International Trade Administration | U.S. Commercial

41 Australia Australia is a key source of overseas visitors to the United States and ranks as the eighth-largest market. In 2009, Australia set a new arrivals record -- over 720,000 Australians visited the United States representing a 5% increase compared to Of the top 10 overseas source markets, Australia was one of only two countries registering growth in Australians are FIT visitors and travel throughout the United States, staying on average 24 nights, visiting the West Coast, the East Coast and everything in between. The Visit USA Expos are a major event in Australia's travel industry calendar. Australian travel agents are influential in the decision-making process and buying patterns of Australian travelers. Travel agents play a large role in making international travel bookings, especially to the United States. Participate in the 2011 Visit USA Expos and bring your destination or product to over 800 travel agents and more than 100 travel trade and consumer media in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. February 21 Brisbane Media Lunch February 21 Brisbane Travel Agent Evening Expo February 22 Melbourne Media Lunch February 22 Melbourne Travel Agent Evening Expo February 23 Sydney B2B Event with Tour Operators February 23 Sydney Travel Agent Evening Expo February 24 Sydney Media Marketplace and Lunch February 24 Sydney Travel Industry Evening Function February 28 Perth Travel Agent Evening Expo Further information on the seminars is available from Commercial Specialist Monique Roos,

42 Qatar The Commercial Service in Doha, Qatar is requesting official videos from U.S. destinations to be presented in the waiting area of the consular section of the embassy to encourage visa applicants travel to and within the U.S. Qatar Airways has direct flights to New York City, Washington DC and Houston. Videos from these three cities and surrounding areas would be especially interesting. All U.S. states and convention and visitors bureaus are invited to participate. For more information contact

43 Global Travel & Tourism Team

44 How to contact us Anastasia Xenias, PhD. Senior International Trade Specialist Global Travel & Tourism Team Leader US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration US Commercial Service 33 Whitehall Street, suite 22A New York, NY Tel: Fax:

45 OTTI contacts Contacts: Julie Heizer, Deputy Director for Outreach, OTTI, +1(202) , or at: Ron Erdmann, Deputy Director, Research, OTTI, +1 (202) , or at: Richard Champley, Program Manager & Senior Analyst, ,

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