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Mary Kate Wisnieski.  Passed in 1987  Sex Discrimination  Federal funding.

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1 Mary Kate Wisnieski

2  Passed in 1987  Sex Discrimination  Federal funding


4  Men’s Gymnastics  6 men’s sports; 10 women’s sports  Football effects funding distribution

5  Scholarships  Allows for women’s athletics to survive  Diverse opportunities

6  Remove football  Sports for profit  Numbers realistic and proportional

7 "Diamond Reflections: Cyclone Baseball, 1892-2001." Diamond Reflections. N.p., 2001. Web. 04Nov. 2012.. "Iowa State University Athletics." N.p., 2012. Web. 1 Nov. 2012.. "UC Davis News & Information :: Title IX Fact Sheet." UC Davis News & Information. The Regents of the University of California, Davis Campus, 11 Apr. 2012. Web. 04 Nov. 2012..

8 Excellen t GoodFair Needs Work Context Purpose: perceptive definition of central question, visual & verbal; scope is narrow, question consistent throughout x Substance Development: sufficient summary & insight; slides focused & yet fully developed; mix of verbal & visual information x Sources: appropriate for topic, pertinent in placement, and accurately cited; quotations & data introduced correctly x Organization Thesis: a thesis, early or late, that clearly states both sides of question & its mediation x Introduction and Conclusion: overview of organization given at the beginning; conclusion sums up key points x Relationship: relationship of ideas clear; coherent; visual cues guide us through presentation x Style Visual Style: clear & to-the-point text on-screen; same for data on-screen; the verbal component fits the visual x Verbal & Sonic elements: engaging presence, name given, neither too colloquial nor too formal; no mumbling; any other use of sound (music, video) fitting x Conventions & Correctness  free from data errors  free from word errors (SP, etc.) x Response Team Response: Questions in class & written responses demonstrate understanding; response helps enhance presentation (rated “Excellent,” “Good,” or “Fair.”) x

9 Overall Comments: Like a number of others, this presentation skimped a bit, damagingly, on the mediation. That slide is nothing but text on blank page. My notes record you briefly filled in the gaps between your three titles, but you’ll remember I asked for information on man’s basketball, which certainly costs less than football but still puts a tremendous strain on available funds, & cuts into other men’s sports. That belonged in the mediation. As for sonic elements, you’ll see what the Response team has to say about those “uhms.” Surely, too, your Works Cited requires some source regarding sports funding. On the other hand, your commitment to the subject & your good spirits shone through, & I disagree w/ the respondents about the Baseball photo — that belonged. B+

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