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A N UNFORGETTABLE TRAVEL TO S COTLAND. By: Francisco Bermejo, Amanda Martínez y Pilar Pujante.

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1 A N UNFORGETTABLE TRAVEL TO S COTLAND. By: Francisco Bermejo, Amanda Martínez y Pilar Pujante.

2 S COTTISH HISTORY Scotland's colorful and compelling history is peppered with tragic yet romantic heroes, notable fighters, innovators and politicians. Often the nation's history has been defined either by fierce internecine conflict or epic struggles with its more populous and richer neighbor, England. Yet from earliest times the influences of Ireland, Scandinavia and continental Europe have been as important, particularly in aspects of Scotland's creative and cultural development. The result has been a sophistication and ambition few associate with the land of warring clans and burning castles...


4 F IRST DAY, GO TO … Orkney Is a truly unique destination. A deep sense of history can be felt in everywhere that make up the archipelago, islands where life is defined by the past and sculpted by the sea. The incomparable tranquility guarantees a few vacations of total easing, though also there are many things that to discover. Some time ago, a storm flogged the Orkneys taking a series of dunes to them and leaving to the overdraft a small village of the Age of Stone, still equipped with small furniture of stone. In the proximities he will find cemeteries with centuries of antique, megalithic circles and remains of the vikingos. The Orkneys were under Norwegian domain up to the 15th century and still there are seen vestiges of occupation in the villages and his inhabitants

5 H OUSING. No 1 Broughton, Pierowall. Bred and Breakfast.


7 O RKNEY, A REAL RELAXATION. On the southern shore of the Bay o' Skaill, in the West Mainland parish of Sandwick, is the Neolithic village of Skara Brae - one of Orkney's most-visited ancient sites and regarded by many as one of the most remarkable monuments in Europe. Old Man of Hoy. Famous headland of 137 meters of height, maybe it is the most interesting point of the Orkneys…

8 S ECOND DAY, GO TO … Highlands A natural environment that continues preserving all his original beauty. The beauty of the mountains, the silence of the big extensions of heather, the sights that stop without speech, the excentricismo of the coast with his fascinating bays and hiscalm fishing and the exotic captivation of the islands to the bottom... The whole world should visit this region at least once in his life. It possesses a moderate climate and of few rainfalls, the western coast makes us fascinated with his beauty, which allows us to forget us of the exterior world looking at a few landscapes that spread up to the infinite.

9 H OUSING. Tordarroch Wing, Inverness. Self Catering.


11 H IGHLAND, P URE AIR IN FULL NATURE. Skye’s island. His landscapes are of the most beautiful of Scotland The Lake Ness. Could you find Nessy?

12 T HIRD DAY AND FOURTH DAY, GO TO … Angus y Dundee. “ The heart of Scotland” “the country of the giant trees”... The high tops of the legendary mounts Grampianos and the wooded hills offer a few panoramic exceptional sights. The calm rivers and lakes of Perthshire's county suppose an unforgettable adventure for the fans of the cane of going fishing. They form train a coastal region where the 'peace' and the 'tranquility' are the sovereign queens, with covered mounts of heather, passable forests, big glens, magnificent sandy beaches, picturesque fishing villages, cities and historical villages and infinity of testimonies of a Celtic past and a present innovator

13 H OUSING. Balmuirfield House, Dundee. Bred and Breakfast.

14 H OUSING. Castleton House Hotel, Angus. Self Service.


16 A NGUS Y DUNDEE, T HE HEART OF S COTLAND. Dundee's cultural neighborhood: go to shopping specializing purchases for the Westport, visit the Sensation Science Centres, he enjoys some movie or exhibition in the Dundee Contemporary Arts or visits Dundee's famous Rep Theatre. Pictavia: Center of information where there is narrated the history of the former Pictish tribes of Scotland, a warlike village that lived errant in Angus does almost two thousand years

17 F IFTH DAY AND SIXTH DAY, GO TO … Edimburgo. The city of the excellent festivals, it is the ideal destination to give you an elopement of a few days. The old town of the city bimilenaria relies magnificent copies of the artistic elegance of the period that it finishes in the 17th century, whereas the modern part is the perfect example of an urban development guessed right planning.

18 H OUSING. The Howard

19 E DIMBURGO AND T HE REGION OF THE L OTHIANS “The Haggis” The haggis is the most former Scotch plate based on meat, spices and flour of oats that constitutes a rich delicacy, rarely(strange) simultaneously that exquisite.

20 E DIMBURGO AND T HE REGION OF THE L OTHIANS National gallery of Scotland: You will be able to contemplate works of the biggest artists of the world, of the Renaissance up to the current importance, in these five galleries distributed by the city. Edimburgo and the ghosts: Below the Royal Mile of Edinburgh there spreads a network of sinister underground alleys, left and fallen in the oblivion for centuries...

21 SEVENTH DAY, GO TO … Glasgow. It is a great British city for the architecture, the culture and the purchases. Several ancient buildings have turned into modern and showy malls and his many museums lodge an enormous variety of collections of art.

22 H OUSING. Hilton, Glasgow.


24 G LASGOW AND T HE VALLEY OF THE C LYDE. Glasgow Science Centre: In this attraction honoring yields itself to the science and is one of the most popular of Scotland thanks to his interactive and dynamic approximation that has in it count both the children and the adults.

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