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IHWO Online Communications Sophie Montagne. 60 th anniversary celebrations Access the 60 th birthday gifts page and blog.

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1 IHWO Online Communications Sophie Montagne

2 60 th anniversary celebrations Access the 60 th birthday gifts page and blog

3 60 th anniversary celebrations Gifts for Teachers Free teaching materials Lesson plans Games Grammar exercises Things I wish I had known Session and LOW videos Mailing list

4 60 th anniversary celebrations 60 th gifts booklet History of IH 60 things I wish I had known… Game lesson plan Professional development articles Download and use: Customise design for your school Print it for your teachers Use at marketing events and fairs

5 60 th anniversary celebrations We need reports on all 60 th celebrations from around the network Find out how other schools have been celebrating

6 IHWO on Pinterest Photos of IH schools through the years Add your own!

7 IH Experience Facebook 1,960 Likes Mainly for students

8 IH Experience Facebook Our competition winners: Tell Us Your DreamsMy IH Teacher is the Best Roula from IH Beirut Sonia Debek from Poland

9 Facebook competitions Imagine IH Photos of IH logo made out of unusual objects eg shells, flowers, stationery… IH stickers! Post on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest Starts May, until August

10 Facebook activity IH Out & About Photos of IH logo in unusual settings and by famous landmarks Giant logo template will be available on IH Brandbox. Just download and print Post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Starts September, until December 2013

11 Future Facebook activity Around The World In 60 Days game 1. Schools provide photos/videos of a place or event that represents their school 2. New posts for 60 consecutive days between September and November 2013 3. Fans guess where photos are from 4. Photos are put together in a video at the end

12 Photo sharing on Facebook Post your school’s photos on our timeline! Encourage students to post on our timeline Regular themes for photo competitions

13 60 th anniversary celebrations 60 second video by teachers ‘What it means to be part of IH’ 60 second video by students ‘My Language Learning Experience’ And Lucy’s favourite idea… Create a music video cover of any song containing the word ‘DIAMOND’ eg Diamonds by Rihanna, Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley Bassey, Diamond Rings by Chipmunk

14 60 th anniversary celebrations 60 word short story competition Short story with 60 in the title 60-themed art competition – ideal for young learners (who are clearly more talented than me!) Themed competitions to run in your schools:

15 Mainly for students Content from social media

16 We need your student profiles We need ‘A Day in The Life Of’ videos HELP!



19 IHWO on Facebook 2,215 Likes Aimed at: IH staff Public face of IHWO IHWO news Schools’ news Conferences Workshops Jobs Fun stuff!

20 IHWO on Twitter 3,605 Followers Aimed at: IH staff Press Publishers EFL celebs Today’s hashtag #IHDC13

21 IH App Enter a new word: translation definition category part of speech audio clip image My Words The mobile vocab book

22 IH App Words can be entered in any language Add translations into one or two languages Search for words in any language Add an image to illustrate the word

23 IH App Teacher records the correct pronunciation Voice recording for pronunciation Student plays it back to practice

24 IH App New features! Start typing a word in Search and a list of suggestions will appear Search automatically looks at all languages Word List can be viewed so that all words in a selected language appear as a list

25 IH Photo Competition Local level Hold a competition in your school Global level Local winners entered into IHWO network-wide photo competition

26 IH Photo Competition Local competitions Run from May until 1 st July 2013 Global competition Local winners submitted to IHWO by 1 st July 2013 Global winners announced 1 st September 2013 Online photo exhibition available to download from Brandbox in September

27 IH Conferences YL Conference 2014 Would you like to host?

28 Contact me All website enquiries and technical problems Any news (newsletters, home page, Facebook) 60 th anniversary celebration reports for blog Social media queries or ideas YL Conference IH Campus queries

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