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Brendan Madden Presented By Tom Sawyer Software Graph Visualization and Analysis.

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1 Brendan Madden Presented By Tom Sawyer Software Graph Visualization and Analysis

2 Introduction to Tom Sawyer Software Technology and Products – Tom Sawyer Perspectives Demonstration of advanced Data Visualization and Social Network Analysis Questions and Answers Agenda

3 Company – Leading provider of software for building enterprise- class data visualization and social network analysis applications – Specialist in graph visualization, layout, and analysis Operations – American Company based in Berkeley, California International Offices in Australia, Israel, Latvia, Mexico, and Turkey Worldwide 24/7 customer support – Working for more than twenty years Tom Sawyer Software

4 Target Markets

5 Data Management Embarcadero Technologies, OpenText, and Progress Software Defense and Intelligence Booz Allen Hamilton, Canadian Defence, Cataphora, DSTL, Forensic Technologies, Fintrac, Government of Austria, German Criminal Police, Government of Singapore, Israeli Police, Ness, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Siemens, Semantic Research, Social Science Automation, and the U.S. Navy Engineering Design AUDI, General Electric, Intel, LG Electronics, Rolls Royce, Siemens EMIS, U.S. Army, Intel, and Volvo Enterprise Business Alcatel, Astea, IONA, Maersk Logisitics, Macys, Nestle, Oracle, Primus, Sonic Software, and TIBCO Financial Services Bank of America, Bank Nationale de Paris, Bank of Portugal, Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bundesbank, DST Technologies, Fair Isaac, Morgan Stanley, Nice Actimize, SAP, and UBS Energy ESRI, General Electric, and GuildOne Life Sciences Affymetrix, Amgen, Aventis, BG Medicine, Bilkent University, Biocrates GmbH, Case Western, DuPont, GlaxoSmithKline, and Integrative Bioinformatics Manufacturing Boeing and Sescoi Movie Making Alias and DreamWorks SKG Networking BMC, British Telecom, Check Point, Cisco Systems, Computer Associates, cVidya, EMC, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Micromuse, Nokia Siemens Networks, Nortel Networks, Oracle, Riverbed Technology, Qwest, RAD, Siemens, Symantec, Teracom, Telenor, Telstra, and TEOCO Software Engineering Compuware, Embarcadero Technologies, EZ Legacy, Metrowerks, and Oracle Current Customers

6 Targeted Usage Models Network Topology Logical and Geographical Schematics, Flows, and Dependencies Link Analysis

7 Structured Unstructured Semi- structured GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, XML, Print Data Export and Print Services Visual Interaction Data Visualization Data Modeling Model and Data Integration Social Network Analysis Reference Architecture

8 Tom Sawyer products are used to build sophisticated data visualization and analysis applications Tom Sawyer Perspectives – Graphics-based application design – Data Integration, Visualization and Analysis Tom Sawyer Software Products

9 Design Once and Deploy Perspectives Project Software Platform Tom Sawyer Perspectives StructuredWeb DataUnstructured Semi- Unstructured

10 Design Once and Deploy to Multiple Targets – Desktop, Web, Tablet, Mobile Scalability for enterprise level data sets Federated data and model integration – Federated update and commit – APIs, XML, Text, SQL, RDF, NoSQL, REST, JSON, and Web Services Rule-driven filters – Integrator filters – View filters Rule-driven views – Drawings, Maps, Trees, Tables, and Properties – Rich composite graphics with level of detail support – Multi-threaded updates Tom Sawyer Perspectives

11 Efficient visual query over large data sets – Overview, Zooming, Panning, Navigation, Search, Drill-down and Nesting – Undo/Redo, Add, Delete – Synchronized Views Scalable Layout – Global, incremental and constraint-based layout Nested drawings, integrated labeling, and advanced auto-routing – Circular, hierarchical, orthogonal, and symmetric drawing styles Social Network Analysis – Centrality, Clustering, Network Flow, Path Finding, Root Cause and Impact Analysis Temporal Analysis – Timelines and time-based filtering Multi-page printing – Print Preview and Printing Persistence – Save drawings Tom Sawyer Perspectives

12 Deployment – Easier IT administration No client-side installs – Improved Security No plugins required No Java Applets required – Browser Clients Standards-Based – CSS, JavaScript, and HTML Supports Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox – Touch Interfaces and Mobile browsers upcoming Rich Web Graphics, Tablets, and Mobile Devices Browser Detection – HTML5 in newer browsers, Image Maps in older browsers Tom Sawyer Perspectives


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