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Understanding Generation iY Suzanne Whisler ESU 4 January 4, 2013.

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1 Understanding Generation iY Suzanne Whisler ESU 4 January 4, 2013


3 That’s Me Please shout out “That’s me!” after each statement that describes you. I’m an elementary teacher. I’m a secondary teacher. I’m a guidance counselor. I’m an administrator. I have a different role that has not been described. I’ve heard about Generation iY.

4 Welcome to the Neighborhood! Introduce yourself to the folks in your neighborhood. Periodically you will be asked to share your thoughts and questions with someone from your neighborhood.

5 Introducing Generation iY Born after 1990 Defined by technology Grown up online

6 They’re a different animal.

7 Are You an Immigrant or a Native?

8 Generation iY Responses 1.C & E – Text them and Facebook them 2.B – Lady GaGa 3.A – Working on a specific project 4.B – Aging performer who was often in a lawsuit 5.C – Blues Clues 6.C – An iPod 7.C – Both 8.E – More than an hour a day 9.E – We call or text multiple times a day to talk over decisions and activities. 10.E – More than five technology devices a day

9 Immigrant vs. Native

10 “Generation iY has so much to offer, but they need direction – mentors who engage them in a relevant way, channel their energy, and provide them with the challenges they need.” ~Tim Elmore, 2010

11 Generation iY in Four Words OverwhelmedOver-connectedOverprotectedOver-served

12 Jekyll & Hyde Generation Feel special and needed... Spoiled and conceited Own technology... Expect easy, instant results Catch on to new ideas quickly... Struggle with long commitments Want to be the best... Depressed if they’re not

13 Blogs Wikipedia Google Cha Cha TextFacebook

14 Text Language Do you know the code? 1.IDK 2.NBD 3.B4N 4.LOL 5.IMU 6.KIT 7.POTS 8.KHUF 9.MUYM 10.N2K You can ask someone from your neighborhood for help.

15 Text Code Answers 1.IDK – I don’t know 2.NBD – No big deal 3.B4N – Bye for now 4.LOL – Laugh out loud 5.IMU – I miss you 6.KIT – Keep in touch 7.POTS – Parents over the shoulder 8.KHUF – Know how you feel 9.MUYM – Make up your mind 10.N2K – Need to know

16 Nudge a Neighbor State three things you now know about Generation iY that you didn’t know before with someone from your neighborhood.

17 Energetic Confident Capable Dreamers Friends Activity

18 Postponed Generation

19 Generation iY & Maturity BiologicallyCognitively Emotionally - Behind Advanced

20 Struggle of Gen iY Parents “The butterfly must experience the struggle of breaking out of the cocoon. We can disable our youth from maturing into adulthood by helping them too much.”

21 7 Lies that Disable the Generation 1.You can be anything you want. 2.It’s your choice. 3.You are special. 4.Every kid ought to go to college. 5.You can have it now. 6.You’re a winner just because you participated. 7.You can get whatever you want.

22 The Trouble with Boys

23 Reason iY Boys May be in Trouble Reason iY Boys May be in Trouble 1.Video games and other online activities 2.Inappropriate teaching methods 3.Prescription drugs 4.Damaging parenting styles 5.Devaluation of masculinity

24 Steps to Help Boys Limit and monitor screen time. Provide appropriate hands-on learning opportunities. Educate people on the effects of prescription drugs. Be careful about male bashing.

25 And... Expose them to male role models!

26 Nudge a Neighbor Share one lingering question you have about Generation iY with someone from your neighborhood.

27 Helping iY Find their Future Responsive: to display acceptance, support and patience; to be attentive to them. Demanding: to establish high standards, directing them to target those standards. “What an adolescent needs is an adult (parent, teacher, coach, etc.) to display a balance of two elements –they need them to be both responsive and demanding.”

28 3 Elements to Get Education to Stick 1.A healthy, trusting relationship with the teacher. 2.An interactive learning community. 3.A creative and innovative approach that stimulates the right brain.

29 Make Learning Epic E – Experiential P – Participatory I – Image Rich C – Connected

30 Connecting with Gen iY Make connections. Share information in a fresh way The first four minutes are crucial. Grab their head or heart. Explain the relevancy. Use images. Change up instruction. Teach less for more. Nurture vs. challenge Engage students.

31 Nudge a Neighbor Share with your neighbor how you can use the information you just learned to help Generation iY students.

32 “To connect with and influence Generation iY, we’ll likely have to adjust to them over and over again.”

33 “If you want happiness for a lifetime, help the next generation.” ~Chinese Proverb

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