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Independent Representative (IR) registration Walkthrough – World Plan.

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1 Independent Representative (IR) registration Walkthrough – World Plan

2 Objectives of Training To equip IR with the basic knowledge of QuestNet internet tools such as E-store virtual office so that you can educate your downlines. To let IR have better understanding of our standard operation procedures & smooth processing so that you can develop your network in a better way.

3 IR registration click “Join us” button for IR registration

4 Validate referrer 1. Fill in your referrer’s IR no. 2. Choose country & IR nature 3. click “Next” button AD063829

5 Confirm your referrer 1. Your referrer’s name shows 2. click “confirm” to continue NAVEEN KUMAR.K.R

6 Fill in personal details 1

7 Fill in personal details 2

8 Fill in placement information Fill in placement IR no. & click “verify placement” 003 - Right HY780246 TONNEVOLD BODIL

9 Confirm placement Click “Continue” Here shows upline’s name HY780246 TONNEVOLD BODIL

10 Registration package options 1

11 Registration package options 2

12 Select payment option

13 Pay by Ecard 1.Input Ecard no. & pincode & click “Validate” 2. Click “Confirm”

14 Pay by credit card 1

15 Pay by credit card 2 Click this box & Click “Confirm” after filling in your credit card info

16 End of Successful Registration: Your IR Receipt Remember to print your receipt for reference

17 Print the receipt for your reference

18 End of Presentation

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