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8 (800) | Technical support and IT outsourcing.

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1 8 (800) | Technical support and IT outsourcing (495) 232-0023 8-800-100-00-23

2 FY 2013: Company facts and figures

3 Technical support. Outsourcing. Outstaffing. 8000+ clients continuously supported 400+ Certified engineers 200+ Supported vendors Centralized technical support service available in online mode in all regions of Russia Full coverage of all time layers, 24x7 work. Maintenance of all customer infrastructure. Solving various cross-vendor integration problems. | | +7(495) 232-0023

4 Softline – a single entry point for solving all IT tasks Softline is a single entry point for solving all IT tasks: from software licensing to implementation of comprehensive end-to-end IT solutions, from IT specialist training to technical maintenance of customer IT infrastructure. Comprehensive approach to providing IT services. Considerable experience in implementation IT projects of various degree of complexity for companies of various sizes and market sectors, including governmental institutions, production and industrial enterprises, financial, oil and gas companies, FMCG, telecommunication companies and academic organizations. The largest staff of certified technical specialists in hardware and software solutions of more than 200 vendors in Russia.

5 Business principles Company experience and reputation Territorial presence High-qualified specialists Technical proficiency Comprehensive approach to services Unified standardized service level

6 Technical support  Providing consulting and technological services related to maintenance of existing functionality of software, hardware, appliances and IT systems.

7 Single technical support service in online mode all over Russia Support via the Internet (HelpDesk, By phone: +7 (495) 232-52-14 (round-the-clock, entire Russia) By e-mail: Full coverage of all time layers. 24x7 working mode. Axios Assyst implemented system

8 Representative offices in the cities of Russia, former USSR countries and overseas RUSSIA AND THE CIS Russia Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Georgia Kyrgyzstan Mongolia Tajikistan Turkmenistan Ukraine Uzbekistan Kazakhstan Moldova AMERICAS Argentina Chile Costa Rica Colombia Peru Venezuela Brazil Mexico Dominican Republic Ecuador Panama Puerto Rico Canada USA ASIA Cambodia India Vietnam Malaysia Indonesia Philippines Thailand Australia China EMEA Turkey Romania Spain South Africa Gulf States Angola Mozambique Nigeria Softline is always at hand and speaks your native language in 79 cities of 27 countries worldwide.

9 Unified regional business policy Single entry point Partners are working in our systems Standardized SLA Personal partner relationship managers Work summary for every quarter Monthly reporting Dedicated service manager Hardware and software database (CMDB)

10 Multi-vendor technical support... and many other vendors

11 Service level ConditionsSoftwareHardware Support time9*5, 24*7 Response time 0.5 hour, 1 hour, 2 hours, the following working day On-site engineer 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours … 3 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours … Fixed recovery time--------4 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours… Personalized support groupYes Replacement of components, delivery of equipment for temporary replacement --------Yes

12 Technical support benefits Reduction of technical support and maintenance costs in comparison with vendor support. Working hours of software developers are also included into Softline support. Flexibility, dynamic development, client-oriented approach, delivery of personalized services and solutions. Single entry point for solving tasks related not only to particular software, but to infrastructure as a whole. Engagement of vendor engineers and experts: Citrix, Symantec, VMware, Cisco, Check Point, Red Hat Linux, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Novell et al.

13 IT outsourcing  IT outsourcing is transfer of information system maintenance to specialized organizations.

14 Types of IT outsourcing Functional outsourcing – transfer of a part of IT department functions for maintenance to a service company. System service outsourcing – maintenance of customer system services. Comprehensive outsourcing – management and maintenance of operating systems, productivity applications, support of computer equipment and other tasks related to Information Technologies. Resource outsourcing – transfer of a part of IT department out of the staff (outstaffing). Service company can undertake calculation and payment of salary, tax management, human capital management, as well as personnel performance management and monitoring.

15 Outsourcing and outstaffing Outsourcing Outstaffing Task Solution Client Task Solution

16 Benefits of IT outsourcing Reduction of IT maintenance costs Growth of IT system productivity and stability Quality control over provided services Downtime minimization, business continuity Single entry point for solution of all tasks Quick response to corporate business strategy changes

17 Softline clients include

18 We are trusted We focus on long-term relationships We are recommended


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