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Confidential0 UB Global Engineering Business May ‘09.

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1 Confidential0 UB Global Engineering Business May ‘09

2 The UB Group A conglomerate with a turnover exceeding US$ 4.0 billion The 3rd Largest Spirits Company in the World – With 17 Millionaire Brands India’s Largest Beverage Alcohol Group – Market Share of Spirits - 61% Beers - 46% Diversified into – Aviation, Engineering, Fertilizers, Research etc – Largest Airline Company in India

3 UB Conglomerate Alcohol Beverage - Spirits - USL - Beer – UBL - Wine Aviation - Kingfisher Airlines Fertilizers - Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers International Business - UB Global Infrastructure Development - UB City Media - OK! - NDTV good times, - Cine Blitz, HI! Blitz Engineering - UB Engineering Research & Development - VMS RF

4 UB Global An International Business Division exporting- Beverage Alcohol Processed Foods Leather Footwear Medical consumables Apparel Engineering Consumables Largest Indian exporter of alcoholic beverages – Exporting to over 75 countries Winner of several accolades from the Government of India (GOI) – – Export Excellence Award from Karnataka Chamber of Commerce (‘08) – APEDA Award of GOI, for 9 consecutive years

5 Indian Subcontinent – In a Nut Shell Indian Subcontinent – In a Nut Shell Factors Favoring - Global Manufacturing Hub Economy People Inherent strengths Large Market Size Attract Large Investment Positive GDP Growth Large Labor Population Skill Intensive Young Population Good Quality at Lower cost Creativity – Not Copy World class Engineering & IT infra Positive for Low Cost Manufacturing Positive for a Global Manufacturing Hub

6 Source : IMF The GDP of economies in 2013 In Billion US $ Indian Subcontinent Outlook for the future – India among the Top INDIA 12th largest economy in the world in 2008 9th largest economy in the world by 2013 Brazil

7 Indian Subcontinent Indian Subcontinent Favorable Factors & Facts India produced 30% of world's manufacturing value-added (MVA) output at the end of 2008 The Growth rate of MVA rose from 6.9% in ’00-‘05 to 12.3% in ’05-’07 India is among the Top 12 Manufacturers in the world A Technologically Advanced Low Cost Manufacturing Country Source: UNIDO's International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2009 Machined gears Machined car exhaust manifold Wiring harness Car seat cover Skill intensive parts Labour intensive parts Finished aluminium cylinder block Chilled cast machined camshaft Parts evolving technology aggregates Battery tray Casted tow hook Steering wheel pad Steel/cast iron/ rubber intensive parts Plastic/ silicon intensive parts

8 Trends Trends Global Manufacturing Hubs Source: ACMA & Darden School Global Manufacturing HUB US INDIA W. Europe Japan 4 Tigers: S. Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore Mexico E. Europe China 1970’s onwards Industrial Manufacturing has spread to countries with Large Population & Lower Costs

9 Indian Subcontinent - Factors Favoring Indian Subcontinent - Factors Favoring Political Factors Economic Reforms Year 1991 & 1996 Economic Liberalization Year 1991 Government of India led Globalization  Economic Reforms post 1996..  The Golden Quadrilateral Greater connectivity resulting from aggressive integration of road network  Open Sectors for Foreign Direct Investment Benefiting local firms with exposure to superior technology Facilitating international trade and transfer of knowledge & skills  Special Economic Zones established With support infrastructure for improved efficiency and lower cost To bring expertise for the country's exports sector To provide an internationally competitive and hassle free environment for exports  Free Trade Agreements SAFTA, ASEAN, APTA, MERCOSUR, etc

10 ….. Emerging INDIA – Best Place to Source!

11 Association with UB Group Association with UB Group Capabilities & Benefits to You ?  Diversified Product Portfolio – One Stop-Shop for all components Electrical Components - CFL, Insulated Wires, Brass Accessories etc Industrial Components – Flow Control Valves, Filters and Strainers etc Automotive Components – Forgings, Castings, etc Lead Acid Batteries – for Automotive, Telecommunications, Railways, UPS etc Custom Made Leather Upholstery etc  Inspection Components to be Certified by reputed third party Quality Assurance and Inspection agency Components supplied will be from TS and ISO certified vendors TS 16949 Deming Award 9 Japan Quality Medal 1 TPM Award 4

12 Association with UB Group Association with UB Group Capabilities & Benefits to You ?  A large diversified conglomerate with an Excellent record of Corporate Governance  Strong track record of building enduring Customer Relationships  Robust Experience of excellent manufacturing practices  Cost Efficient sourcing from High Quality manufacturing points TS 16949 Deming Award 9 Japan Quality Medal 1TPM Award 4

13 Achuth Das UB Global, Level 15, CANBERRA, UB CITY, #24, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore – 560 001, India Tel: +91 80 22111600 Fax: +91 80 22111604, Extn: 237 Email: May we help you ! May we help you ! Contact


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