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United Nations Office of Funds and Programmes Cape Verde.

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1 United Nations Office of Funds and Programmes Cape Verde

2 Formally launched on 1 January 2006 The Cape Verde Joint Office has ONE: ▪ Common Country Programme for the 4 ExCom agencies ▪ Common operations service for the 4 ExCom agencies ▪ Budget ▪ Representative for the 4 ExCom agencies – also the RC The 1 st Joint Office – Cape Verde

3 ▪ It is located in the UN House with other UN Agencies ▪ Cape Verde was also the first country to apply HACT The 1 st Joint Office – Cape Verde

4 Strong Government leadership in UN reform Donors’ openness to UN reform Agencies (and their staff) commitment to UN reform Necessary conditions include

5 Common Country Programme Derived from UNDAF and harmonised programme cycles Focus on Cape Verde’s priorities e.g. Graduation from LDC status Country Programme designed through participatory approach Linked to MDGs, PRSP

6 Common Country Programme Key pillars: Human capital development and reform of the social sector Managing the environment and natural disasters Promoting economic growth and opportunities for the most vulnerable groups Strengthening democratic governance

7 How to balance ‘One UN’ while retaining Agency identities, brands and fund-raising capacities What happens to savings from reduced transaction costs? Reporting requirements Challenges

8 Costs of running the Office in 2006 were 75% of what it cost in 2005 when the 4 Agencies were functioning separately, without cutting jobs Delivery of the programme was over 80% and the visibility of the mandate, mission and results of each of the 4 Agencies was maintained Funds mobilised from donors e.g. $3.5 mn from Luxemburg in January 2007 Learning opportunities and career development for staff now from 4 Agencies and staff welfare and moral top priority Achievements to date

9 Support of the host Government for UN reform is critical to success Regional Directors’ teams involvement and support vital in guiding UN country teams in designing such reforms Country Office staff should be part of the process from the outset and their concerns addressed with regular feedback. Lessons learned to date

10 Annual report - a challenge The annual reports of each agency are based on the nature of programme and operations and accounting systems Each agency has different reporting requirements and formats Each agency has different donor requirements Issues to be addressed

11 Implementation of a Monitoring and Evaluation system involving all the stakeholders (methodology, tools) Establishment and collection of information on baseline for the programme evaluation and identification of key inidcators Strengthening field monitoring visits and M&E culture among programme staff Issues to be addressed (continued)

12 Next steps…. Moving towards “Delivering as One UN” Tools and guidance for managing transition to One UN Clarity in roles of ROs and HQs in process of One UN Office plan to support One UN office transition processes 8 Offices selected as pilot for One UN and Delivery as One in 2007 including Cape Verde GOAL

13 Challenge One Programme including CPAP and common programme of non-JO Agencies Critical message to governments: UN reform does not imply a reduction in UN programme

14 Thank You !

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