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Public Plantronics & Enterprise UC Devices The Final Link.

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2 Public Plantronics & Enterprise UC Devices The Final Link

3 3Presentation Title / SubtitlePublic Who are we? Enterprise Experience of Industrial Voice

4 APPLYING SOUND INNOVATION ACOUSTICS DESIGN COMMITMENT We support collaboration solutions that enable people to work more effectively together, to drive user acceptance and to improve user experience PLANTRONICS CORE MESSAGE

5 This if this is the future, what replaces it?

6 Old Office Spaces Private (1) Office Team (2-6) Office Landscape / Open Plan Office Meeting Rooms Work Topology

7 HOME ELSEWHERE NEW SPACES TO WORK Quiet Rooms small enclosed spaces with acoustic privacy Quiet Areas comfortable and attractive, multiple work- settings for individuals, low noise policy Collaboration Areas comfortable and adaptable for group needs, located away from quiet areas Social Hubs relaxing ‘off-stage’ spaces with refreshments, for groups or individuals Inspiring Spaces stimulating environments such as art galleries, museums or outdoor locations Neutral Ground somewhere to hold meetings outside the corporate territory Transition Spaces public spaces used while in transit, including cafés and transport OFFICES Home or Hotel Room somewhere private, peaceful and comfortable


9 YOUR VOICE SIGNATURE -THE DIFFERENTIATOR People will soon forget what you said. They will NEVER forget how you made them feel

10 Face-to-Face versus Tele-Conversation Body Language 55% Face To Face: Mehrabian, A. (1971). Silent messages. Wadsworth, Belmont, California. Telephone: Mehrabian, Albert & Morton Wiener (1967): Decoding of inconsistent communications. Journal of personality and social psychology 6(1): 109-114. Tone of Voice 38% Message 7% Tone of Voice 87% Message 13%

11 One size does not fit all

12 One size does not fit all -Innovation is the Key

13 Is UC an UNFINISHED SYMPHONY? Mobile and PC/Deskfone are still two different worlds –Presence could be enhanced Plantronics Smart Presence –Wearing Status Presence –Action When Removed –IM Escalate to Voice –Presence Camp On –Low Battery Warning This is only the beginning..

14 ENTERPRISE UC HEADSET LIFECYCLE Plan the approach, management and leverage of best practices for a successful Enterprise UC deployment PLAN Ensure the immediate, effective and successful adoption of UC ADOPT Manage the physical deployment and timely coordinated rollout of UC DEPLOY Proactively respond to the growing demand for UC headsets across the GROW


16 16Presentation Title / SubtitlePublic ACOUSTICS DESIGN COMMITMENT A quality audio solution matched to the right work style and environment maximizes user satisfaction, productivity, and ultimately UC adoption

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