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PT. Integrasi Andalan Mitra

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1 PT. Integrasi Andalan Mitra
COMPANY PROFILE Jl. Danau Toba 104 Jakarta Pusat – 10210 Indonesia

2 Our System Integration Services
will help our clients marry business & technology

3 About Integrasi Andalan Mitra
We are PT. Integrasi Andalan Mitra, in short : I-am, is based in Jakarta. I-am is a consultant, system and web developer and also system integrator company. Together with our solid team, we have developed Digital Production, Hotel Reservation System, Shipment Tracking, E-commerce, providing comprehensive solutions to Medical Hospital system among many other applications on demand such as mobile application. We keep highly up to date with the latest technology and applies them to various platforms. Our principle is to deliver trustable, user- friendly and flexible system that could be adjusted from time to time to our clients needs.

4 Our Main Stream Businesses
Products Ready to Use Shipment Tracking Hotel Reservation Hospital & Clinic Point of Sales Payment Gateway Queuing System Warehouse Management To see more detail about our product, please visit On Demand Mobile Applications Various Applications E-Commerce & Website Design

5 Our Main Stream Businesses
Digital Work Mobile Apps 3D Modelling Video Production Games Development Animation Audio Production Social Media Handler Consulting Services Logistics Hospital & Clinic Business Solutions

6 Mobile Applications Our skills set to develop mobile application is proven with some of our outstanding projects. Either Ios for Apple or Android application for business solutions or just independent applications such as mini apps or games. We can do that. Infact, we already create android queuing system for hospitals as breakthrough solutions for conventional queuing system, tracking system using Java, etc. Give us your "OUT OF THE BOX IDEAS" and we discuss how to make it happen.

7 Sample of Mobile Apps – Queuing System
Our queuing system is a breakthrough application system. Developed based on Android operating system. This system supports thermal printer by wifi, ethernet and even USB connection. This application is able to integrate to TV advertising media. Our queuing system will display along clients commercials and running the queuing process at the same time.

8 Sample of Various Applications
We have experience in various on demand applications such as vehicle tracking, photography application, membership programs and other business process applications. Our skill set and knowledge in many platforms, allow us to develop many things that we have never been to do it. Enrich our technical skills and business point of view Here are some of our on demand applications Iconlife - We create application for photography business, instant photobox for stores at mall and events photo shoot connected between camera and application. Control the cameras by application remotely combine with our client products for automated editor, effects, templates, prints, duration, etc.              Shacman is truck manufacturer and we did developed online order for parts and especially truck unit order not only type of truck but also ability to choose special requirements such as color, chasis, wheels, engine, power drive, cabin, etc. And many others on demand applications. No doubt, it has been proves with our success delivery to clients.

9 i-am Digital Work A DIGITAL PRODUCTION MAKING MORE THAN WEBSITE AND ADVERTISING We have great pleasure of working for all scale projects and aiming to achieve things better. SOMETHING ABOUT US It’s actually really simple, we create digital solutions that make brands shine in a changing world. We are fanatical about everything that is digital and driven by the possibilities that lie within digital communication. If you want your next project to be ground breaking in this world of digital innovation, working with us is a good start. 

10 i-am Digital WE OFFER THE BEST SERVICES Some titles in this line
We develop and amplify communication ideas through intelligent execution and relevant technology.

11 i-am Digital WE OFFER THE BEST SERVICES Some titles in this line

12 Sample of Digital Animation
PT. GAS Digital Production We have just delivered digital production to our client, PT. GAS is a Special LPG Filling and Transportation Station (SPPEK), which is located at Wajok Hulu, Siantan, Pontianak-Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. Our digital productions are company profile, video shoot, product knowledge and HSE (Health and Safety Environment) animation. Watch also

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